Only being recognized as a woman, always getting these perverted stares from people. - Azusa Fuyutsuki.

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GTO vol. 1

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 1 - Finished

Lesson 1: Onizuka emerged.
Lesson 2: The way of a teacher.
Lesson 3: A teacher's heaven??
Lesson 4: Happiness inside the little house.
Lesson 5: Fantasy

GTO vol. 2
GTO vol. 3

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 3 - Finished

Lesson 15: The last year 4th class.
Lesson 16: Bullying the teacher.
Lesson 17: To become a homeroom teacher.
Lesson 18: The plans to kill Onizuka.
Lesson 19: The war of video games.
Lesson 20: Having fun with the mom of a student.
Lesson 21: The eerie bun.
Lesson 22: The unlucky Cresta.
Lesson 23: That bastard must be fired!

GTO vol. 4

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 4 - Finished

Lesson 24: I am a student.
Lesson 25: Which student have fallen in love with his own mother?
Lesson 26: A bowling contest at Kichiyouji Private School.
Lesson 27: Bungee-jumping at the bridge which crossed the ocean.
Lesson 28: The under-qualified teacher.
Lesson 29: To the PE teacher, there someone stronger than you.
Lesson 30: Tomoko with big breasts but no brains.
Lesson 31: Cucumbers and eggplants.
Lesson 32: Playing "home" all alone.

GTO vol. 5

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 5 - Finished

Lesson 33: The power of love.
Lesson 34: The beauty contest.
Lesson 35: The making of a star.
Lesson 36: An advice to fire.
Lesson 37: The happiness of 51-years old Uchiyamada.
Lesson 38: That bastard knows everything.
Lesson 39: I love you.
Lesson 40: First visit.
Lesson 41: You're more beautiful than a butterfly.

GTO vol. 6

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 6 - Finished

Lesson 42: Faint, Faint, Faint again.
Lesson 43: Onizuka' IQ.
Lesson 44: The dream of living together.
Lesson 45: To become no.1 in the country.
Lesson 46: The second slave.
Lesson 47: Lick me.
Lesson 48: Gangsters exams for a high school student.
Lesson 49: Teaching the ways of education.
Lesson 50: Kichiyouji biggest crisis!

GTO vol. 7

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 7 - Finished

Lesson 51: TV hero.
Lesson 52: Teacher for life.
Lesson 53: The dangerous mermaid.
Lesson 54: The happy girl...?
Lesson 55: The cute mermaid princess.
Lesson 56: The devil mermaid princess.
Lesson 57: The dream of a girl.
Lesson 58: The final decision.
Lesson 59: The deadly game.

GTO vol. 8

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 8 - Finished

Lesson 60: Events in a day with a police named Toshiyuki Saejima.
Lesson 61: High-quality fish!
Lesson 62: A gift for the good teacher.
Lesson 63: My secret.
Lesson 64: Onizuka-sensei counselling.
Lesson 65: To erase your disappointment.
Lesson 66: To open the heart of a sad girl...
Lesson 67: My only enemy.
Lesson 68: The female magic users club.

GTO vol. 9

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 9 - Finished

Lesson 69: Poisonous biscuits of the devil.
Lesson 70: Female teacher??
Lesson 71: A place that no one knows.
Lesson 72: Do you like a beautiful mom?
Lesson 73: The beloved Fukada.
Lesson 74: Kujira may be tall, but she have a soft heart.....
Lesson 75: Son of a bitch.
Lesson 76: The payback for peeping.
Lesson 77: The way to richness.

GTO vol. 10

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 10 - Partial (paused)

Lesson 78: The way to richness.
Lesson 79: The suicide note.
Lesson 80: A tricycle patrol team.
Lesson 81: The dirty tricks EXPOSED!!
Lesson 82: Solution.
Lesson 83: Ah! The dream Okinawa trip.
Lesson 84: The plan to multiply the paycheck.
Lesson 85: The man full with spirit.
Lesson 86: Can you live just by luck?

GTO vol. 11

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 11 - Finished

Lesson 87: Benz hit till dented.
Lesson 88: Musashino abnormal hentai club.
Lesson 89: The rope and strengthening of spirits.
Lesson 90: The inverted social interaction.
Lesson 91: The judgement day.
Lesson 92: Good bye Onizuka!

Great Toroko Oppai mini-series:-

Scene 1: The most famous actress in Japan.
Scene 2: The freshie agent.
Scene 3: To make a better future.

GTO vol. 12

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 12 - Finished

Lesson 93: Morphing.
Lesson 94: Fuyutsuki changing her image.

Lesson 95: Let's go to Okinawa.
Lesson 96: Boys and girls in the same room.
Lesson 97: A turtle study expedition! GO!

Great Toroko Oppai mini-series:-

Scene 4: The office's gone.
Scene 5: The purity of a naked girl.
Scene 6: The rumours about that girl!
Scene 7: For the sake of tommorow.

GTO vol. 13

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 13 - Finished

Lesson 98: The hunt for the treasure. GO!
Lesson 99: The human livestock. GO!
Lesson 100: The adventure in the forest! GO!
Lesson 101: Love Love GO!
Lesson 102: The fear of admitting her own feelings.
Lesson 103: Anko's reformation plan.
Lesson 104: The night at Burusu.
Lesson 105: LOVE LOVE LOVE
Lesson 106: The super teacher ( Great Teacher Fuyutsuki )...?

GTO vol. 14

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 14 - Partial (paused).

Lesson 107: A life full with sadness.
Lesson 108: Events in a day with a police named Toshiyuki Saejima 2.
Lesson 109: Teshigawara lived again!
Lesson 110: The blue-haired girl.
Lesson 111: The arrival of a problem-boy!
Lesson 112: Destroy that bastard!
Lesson 113: Out of control.
Lesson 114: The man that was influenced with money.

GTO vol. 15

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 15 - Finished.

Lesson 115: The much-loved Johnny.
Lesson 116: Woman, shit and model M.
Lesson 117: The tattoed-girl.
Lesson 118: Hardcore party.
Lesson 119: Destroy the darkness.
Lesson 120: 1 versus 100.
Lesson 121: 13 stairs of death.
Lesson 122: The 100th man.
Lesson 123: Countdown.

GTO vol. 16

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 16 - Finished

Lesson 124: The loneliest heart in the world.
Lesson 125: Lost part 1.
Lesson 126: Lost part 2.
Lesson 127: The bird that flies.
Lesson 128: The lonely tropical fish.
Lesson 129: Memories that hurts.
Lesson 130: The old wound.
Lesson 131: Sins and punishment part 1.
Lesson 132: Sins and punishment part 2.

GTO vol. 17

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 17 - Finished

Lesson 133: The tears of an angel.
Lesson 134: The criminal syndrome.
Lesson 135: Mom, daughter and the poison pen letter.
Lesson 136: The blades rebound cruelly.
Lesson 137: The effect ofbeing paranoid.
Lesson 138: Driving fast in the capital.
Lesson 139: Another different value.
Lesson 140: My life.
Lesson 141: Snow on the summer.

GTO vol. 18

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 18 - Finished

Lesson 142: Our 3 1/2 months together.
Lesson 143: The patience of a middle-aged man.
Lesson 144: Lunch-box made by the daughter.
Lesson 145: Buddy, let's go adventuring 1.
Lesson 146: Buddy, let's go adventuring 2.
Lesson 147: Makoto shows up!
Lesson 148: Makoto investigation.
Lesson 149: Hello Azusa.
Lesson 150: Rhapsody of marriage.

GTO vol. 19

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 19 - Finished

Lesson 151: The cricket diary.
Lesson 152: The scrambled justice.
Lesson 153: The emotional revolution.
Lesson 154: The madness of a Tokyo University graduate.
Lesson 155: Another chance to live again.
Lesson 156: From this day...
Lesson 157: Another case is up.

GTO vol. 20

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 20 - Finished

Lesson 158 – The second semester and my room.
Lesson 159 – The melody within the pile of trash!!
Lesson 160 – The enemy that worths 200 points.
Lesson 161 – The war to save the reclusive one.
Lesson 162 – Men’s big axe.
Lesson 163 – Love tainted with blood.
Lesson 164 – The love within the panties with strawberry motif.

GTO vol. 21

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 21 - Finished

Lesson 165 – The Devil Animals Club!
Lesson 166 – The cries of an angel!
Lesson 167 – The Avenging Angel.
Lesson 168 – Golden Water of an angel.
Lesson 169 – You only knows how to teach using the book!
Lesson 170 – [Reason] - Fuyutsuki.
Lesson 171 – The punishment for an angel.
Lesson 172 – The fallen angel.

GTO vol. 22

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 22 - Finished

Lesson 173 - When meeting with the loved one.
Lesson 174 - The "Angel" Group.
Lesson 175 - Events in a day with a police named Toshiyuki Saejima 3.
Lesson 176 - The one I love likes playing video games.
Lesson 177 - Whispers of the summer night.
Lesson 178 - Summer night temple festival.
Lesson 179 - The 5cm gap.
Lesson 180 - The end of summer part 1.
Lesson 181 - The end of summer part 2.

GTO vol. 23

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 23 - Finished

Lesson 182 - The Kidnapping ...GO!
Lesson 183 - Mommy and daddy, they both are just the same...
Lesson 184 - The horrible action that was hard to be forgotten.
Lesson 185 - That scene happened in a sunny morning...
Lesson 186 - The heart-shaped cloud.
Lesson 187 - Her secret.
Lesson 188 - Friends.

GTO vol. 24

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 24 - Finished

Lesson #189: Heaven's gate.
Lesson #190: MRI and the sexy thong!
Lesson #191: If he leaves you, what will you do?
Lesson #192: The 'Angel' error.
Lesson #193: 'Angel' practical jokes.
Lesson #194: Find the true love this night.
Lesson #195: Cries of bitterness.

GTO vol. 25

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 25 - Finished

Lesson #196 : Sayonara.
Lesson #197 : Please, give me wings!
Lesson #198 : Good luck and good bye.
Lesson #199 : For you... I will...
Lesson #200 : Forever.


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