Now we have no choice but to make him drink out 'Witch's Revenge Curse Potion' immediately to kill him. If we leave it like this, then he'll rape Ruruka for sure. On top of raping her, he'll do THIS and THAT . . . . - Madoka.

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GTO vol. 1

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 1 - Finished

Lesson 1: Onizuka emerged.
Lesson 2: The way of a teacher.
Lesson 3: A teacher's heaven??
Lesson 4: Happiness inside the little house.
Lesson 5: Fantasy

GTO vol. 2
GTO vol. 3

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 3 - Finished

Lesson 15: The last year 4th class.
Lesson 16: Bullying the teacher.
Lesson 17: To become a homeroom teacher.
Lesson 18: The plans to kill Onizuka.
Lesson 19: The war of video games.
Lesson 20: Having fun with the mom of a student.
Lesson 21: The eerie bun.
Lesson 22: The unlucky Cresta.
Lesson 23: That bastard must be fired!

GTO vol. 4

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 4 - Finished

Lesson 24: I am a student.
Lesson 25: Which student have fallen in love with his own mother?
Lesson 26: A bowling contest at Kichiyouji Private School.
Lesson 27: Bungee-jumping at the bridge which crossed the ocean.
Lesson 28: The under-qualified teacher.
Lesson 29: To the PE teacher, there someone stronger than you.
Lesson 30: Tomoko with big breasts but no brains.
Lesson 31: Cucumbers and eggplants.
Lesson 32: Playing "home" all alone.

GTO vol. 5

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 5 - Finished

Lesson 33: The power of love.
Lesson 34: The beauty contest.
Lesson 35: The making of a star.
Lesson 36: An advice to fire.
Lesson 37: The happiness of 51-years old Uchiyamada.
Lesson 38: That bastard knows everything.
Lesson 39: I love you.
Lesson 40: First visit.
Lesson 41: You're more beautiful than a butterfly.

GTO vol. 6

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 6 - Finished

Lesson 42: Faint, Faint, Faint again.
Lesson 43: Onizuka' IQ.
Lesson 44: The dream of living together.
Lesson 45: To become no.1 in the country.
Lesson 46: The second slave.
Lesson 47: Lick me.
Lesson 48: Gangsters exams for a high school student.
Lesson 49: Teaching the ways of education.
Lesson 50: Kichiyouji biggest crisis!

GTO vol. 7

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 7 - Finished

Lesson 51: TV hero.
Lesson 52: Teacher for life.
Lesson 53: The dangerous mermaid.
Lesson 54: The happy girl...?
Lesson 55: The cute mermaid princess.
Lesson 56: The devil mermaid princess.
Lesson 57: The dream of a girl.
Lesson 58: The final decision.
Lesson 59: The deadly game.

GTO vol. 8

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 8 - Finished

Lesson 60: Events in a day with a police named Toshiyuki Saejima.
Lesson 61: High-quality fish!
Lesson 62: A gift for the good teacher.
Lesson 63: My secret.
Lesson 64: Onizuka-sensei counselling.
Lesson 65: To erase your disappointment.
Lesson 66: To open the heart of a sad girl...
Lesson 67: My only enemy.
Lesson 68: The female magic users club.

GTO vol. 9

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 9 - Finished

Lesson 69: Poisonous biscuits of the devil.
Lesson 70: Female teacher??
Lesson 71: A place that no one knows.
Lesson 72: Do you like a beautiful mom?
Lesson 73: The beloved Fukada.
Lesson 74: Kujira may be tall, but she have a soft heart.....
Lesson 75: Son of a bitch.
Lesson 76: The payback for peeping.
Lesson 77: The way to richness.

GTO vol. 10

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 10 - Partial (paused)

Lesson 78: The way to richness.
Lesson 79: The suicide note.
Lesson 80: A tricycle patrol team.
Lesson 81: The dirty tricks EXPOSED!!
Lesson 82: Solution.
Lesson 83: Ah! The dream Okinawa trip.
Lesson 84: The plan to multiply the paycheck.
Lesson 85: The man full with spirit.
Lesson 86: Can you live just by luck?

GTO vol. 11

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 11 - Finished

Lesson 87: Benz hit till dented.
Lesson 88: Musashino abnormal hentai club.
Lesson 89: The rope and strengthening of spirits.
Lesson 90: The inverted social interaction.
Lesson 91: The judgement day.
Lesson 92: Good bye Onizuka!

Great Toroko Oppai mini-series:-

Scene 1: The most famous actress in Japan.
Scene 2: The freshie agent.
Scene 3: To make a better future.

GTO vol. 12

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 12 - Finished

Lesson 93: Morphing.
Lesson 94: Fuyutsuki changing her image.

Lesson 95: Let's go to Okinawa.
Lesson 96: Boys and girls in the same room.
Lesson 97: A turtle study expedition! GO!

Great Toroko Oppai mini-series:-

Scene 4: The office's gone.
Scene 5: The purity of a naked girl.
Scene 6: The rumours about that girl!
Scene 7: For the sake of tommorow.

GTO vol. 13

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 13 - Finished

Lesson 98: The hunt for the treasure. GO!
Lesson 99: The human livestock. GO!
Lesson 100: The adventure in the forest! GO!
Lesson 101: Love Love GO!
Lesson 102: The fear of admitting her own feelings.
Lesson 103: Anko's reformation plan.
Lesson 104: The night at Burusu.
Lesson 105: LOVE LOVE LOVE
Lesson 106: The super teacher ( Great Teacher Fuyutsuki )...?

GTO vol. 14

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 14 - Partial (paused).

Lesson 107: A life full with sadness.
Lesson 108: Events in a day with a police named Toshiyuki Saejima 2.
Lesson 109: Teshigawara lived again!
Lesson 110: The blue-haired girl.
Lesson 111: The arrival of a problem-boy!
Lesson 112: Destroy that bastard!
Lesson 113: Out of control.
Lesson 114: The man that was influenced with money.

GTO vol. 15

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 15 - Finished.

Lesson 115: The much-loved Johnny.
Lesson 116: Woman, shit and model M.
Lesson 117: The tattoed-girl.
Lesson 118: Hardcore party.
Lesson 119: Destroy the darkness.
Lesson 120: 1 versus 100.
Lesson 121: 13 stairs of death.
Lesson 122: The 100th man.
Lesson 123: Countdown.

GTO vol. 16

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 16 - Finished

Lesson 124: The loneliest heart in the world.
Lesson 125: Lost part 1.
Lesson 126: Lost part 2.
Lesson 127: The bird that flies.
Lesson 128: The lonely tropical fish.
Lesson 129: Memories that hurts.
Lesson 130: The old wound.
Lesson 131: Sins and punishment part 1.
Lesson 132: Sins and punishment part 2.

GTO vol. 17

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 17 - Finished

Lesson 133: The tears of an angel.
Lesson 134: The criminal syndrome.
Lesson 135: Mom, daughter and the poison pen letter.
Lesson 136: The blades rebound cruelly.
Lesson 137: The effect ofbeing paranoid.
Lesson 138: Driving fast in the capital.
Lesson 139: Another different value.
Lesson 140: My life.
Lesson 141: Snow on the summer.

GTO vol. 18

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 18 - Finished

Lesson 142: Our 3 1/2 months together.
Lesson 143: The patience of a middle-aged man.
Lesson 144: Lunch-box made by the daughter.
Lesson 145: Buddy, let's go adventuring 1.
Lesson 146: Buddy, let's go adventuring 2.
Lesson 147: Makoto shows up!
Lesson 148: Makoto investigation.
Lesson 149: Hello Azusa.
Lesson 150: Rhapsody of marriage.

GTO vol. 19

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 19 - Finished

Lesson 151: The cricket diary.
Lesson 152: The scrambled justice.
Lesson 153: The emotional revolution.
Lesson 154: The madness of a Tokyo University graduate.
Lesson 155: Another chance to live again.
Lesson 156: From this day...
Lesson 157: Another case is up.

GTO vol. 20

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 20 - Finished

Lesson 158 – The second semester and my room.
Lesson 159 – The melody within the pile of trash!!
Lesson 160 – The enemy that worths 200 points.
Lesson 161 – The war to save the reclusive one.
Lesson 162 – Men’s big axe.
Lesson 163 – Love tainted with blood.
Lesson 164 – The love within the panties with strawberry motif.

GTO vol. 21

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 21 - Finished

Lesson 165 – The Devil Animals Club!
Lesson 166 – The cries of an angel!
Lesson 167 – The Avenging Angel.
Lesson 168 – Golden Water of an angel.
Lesson 169 – You only knows how to teach using the book!
Lesson 170 – [Reason] - Fuyutsuki.
Lesson 171 – The punishment for an angel.
Lesson 172 – The fallen angel.

GTO vol. 22

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 22 - Finished

Lesson 173 - When meeting with the loved one.
Lesson 174 - The "Angel" Group.
Lesson 175 - Events in a day with a police named Toshiyuki Saejima 3.
Lesson 176 - The one I love likes playing video games.
Lesson 177 - Whispers of the summer night.
Lesson 178 - Summer night temple festival.
Lesson 179 - The 5cm gap.
Lesson 180 - The end of summer part 1.
Lesson 181 - The end of summer part 2.

GTO vol. 23

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 23 - Finished

Lesson 182 - The Kidnapping ...GO!
Lesson 183 - Mommy and daddy, they both are just the same...
Lesson 184 - The horrible action that was hard to be forgotten.
Lesson 185 - That scene happened in a sunny morning...
Lesson 186 - The heart-shaped cloud.
Lesson 187 - Her secret.
Lesson 188 - Friends.

GTO vol. 24

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 24 - Finished

Lesson #189: Heaven's gate.
Lesson #190: MRI and the sexy thong!
Lesson #191: If he leaves you, what will you do?
Lesson #192: The 'Angel' error.
Lesson #193: 'Angel' practical jokes.
Lesson #194: Find the true love this night.
Lesson #195: Cries of bitterness.

GTO vol. 25

Great Teacher Onizuka volume 25 - Finished

Lesson #196 : Sayonara.
Lesson #197 : Please, give me wings!
Lesson #198 : Good luck and good bye.
Lesson #199 : For you... I will...
Lesson #200 : Forever.


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