A man should at least try to show his guts, right? - Eikichi Onizuka.
Lesson #180 – The end of summer part 1

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Lesson #180 – The end of summer part 1

(webmaster note: The texts in italic are monologues either from Yuki Miyamori (YM) or Urumi Kanzaki (UK). It’s hard to integrate both monologues and the contents without literally translating the monologues and inserts them straight into this chapter’s summary. There are also narrations that are best translated literally. For best experience, read between the lines).

(Yuki) Miyamori, (Shiro) Shibuya and (Noboru) Yoshikawa are inside a shop selling hunting gears to look at a crossbow (YM: When the new semester started, everyday I will surely comes to the school and never takes any day off). Miyamori exclaimed that he has always wanted a crossbow with sniper lenses, and Shibuya becomes puzzled when he hears it. Miyamori explained that the sniper lens are used to see the target from afar, and he adds that the crossbow he is holding now is also equipped with laser aiming mechanism (YM: It is not that I am afraid that I am scared of missing my studies, and certainly it is not because that I am scared of not being able to enter high school because of my bad attendance records. All of those are not the reason I go to school). Miyamori asked the shop owner to pack the crossbow for him with 10 arrows, and the owner proceeds to do what Miyamori had asked him. They then walked away from the shop with Miyamori holding a large box containing the things he had bought, as the owner tells him not to shoot birds with it and Miyamori assured him that he will not do such things (YM: The reason is maybe because that I feels that the school is fun, and that’s why my attendance record is perfect. Everyday I always wanted to come to the school, and I think what (Eikichi) Onizuka-sensei had told me is true…)

Shibuya exclaimed that he never knows that Miyamori knows a lot about crossbows, and he adds that he and Yoshikawa seems to be very good with Yoshikawa being masters of video games. Miyamori then asked him on which things he is good at, and upon hearing that Shibuya replied that he actually is not that good as them, but if he have to choose, he is only good at operating the device on his hand. Yoshikawa asked whether the device on his hand is a frequency receiver, and he is shocked to see that such devices are so slim. Miyamori then asked on what is the purpose of the device anyway, and Shibuya replied that the device is used to receive multiple types of electrical and radio waves. Miyamori asked him whether the device is an eavesdropping device and Shibuya replied that it doesn’t, but it can be used to overhear police and fire freighter radio communications (YM: When Onizuka-sensei started to teach our class, I’ve changed. Not only me but everyone likes (Yoshito) Kikuchi, (Urumi) Kanzaki, (Mayu) Wakui and Toroko (Tomoko Nomura) who I haven’t met for a very long time. Even that the process is gradual, but at least we are really changing). Shibuya then asked them to try and use the device, and they then listened to the police giving a road summons to someone, and all of them started to laugh at the very unlucky motorist.

Suddenly Yoshikawa noticed something, and asked the rest whether the pictures he sees are really the pictures of Wakui. They turned around and sees lots of Wakui’s posters on the wall promoting his new single that are due to come out. They become amazed to the fact that Wakui has really gets into the entertainment industry and becomes a singer. One of them commented that surely their class will become more famous and that if he knows earlier, he will already asked for his autographs. Meanwhile, somewhere in a night club, Wakui is giving a speech to his gang members thanking them for their support that enables him to enter the entertainment industry. He then continued, saying that his broker agent will start to make more publicity activities and he will need their help to fix any jealous troublemakers that might come his way. Wakui reiterated that their relationships are still going strong, and that he still need their support.

Wakui announced that everything they do that night in the club will be paid by his brokerage agent, and he hoped that all of them will enjoy themselves. Everyone in the club started to scream in joy, while (Ichiro) Okinoshima is shocked to hear it. He tried to voice his opinion whether such expenses are necessary but Mayu tells him not to worry. Meanwhile others in the club commented that Wakui is surely great for being able to enter the entertainment industry, and he will surely have a big chance to succeed because he not only have good looks, he also have an excellent voice to match it. Another wondered whether Wakui is still in their gang, and exclaimed that if she knows he will become what he is today, she will rape him sooner, and her friends agreed. Kikuchi who are sitting somewhere in the club commented that Wakui is now about to start, and Wakui replied that he is right, that his big “plan” for revenge that will be able to destroy the entire world will commence now…

Narration: But still, there’s someone who wants to change but unable to do so, and she falls into limbo and unable to move, thus resulting in her to be trapped in pain and suffering….

Switching now to (Miyabi) Aizawa’s home, her mother is knocking the door of Aizawa’s bedroom. She asked Aizawa on how long she wants to trap herself in her room and asked her to tell her of any problems if she indeed have any. The door suddenly opened and Aizawa who are wearing sexy clothes emerged from her room, asking her mom to move aside and not to block her way. She descended the stairs as her mom is shocked to see that Aizawa had changed her hair color again to (of all colors) BLONDE (like Onizuka ^_^). Her mom then asked on why she is dressing sexily and where she is going, but when she is ignored, she started to scream at Aizawa to stop and not to go out, but failed.

Aizawa’s mom the proceeds to call her husband at the bank where he is working, and she tells him that Aizawa has went out again and pleaded for him to return home and persuade Aizawa because she herself are stumped of not knowing on what to do anymore. Her husband bluntly replied that he is now in the midst of a very critical transaction with a important client, so whatever she wants to say to him, she have to put it away until he finished the transaction. Aizawa’s mom tried to asked him to listen to her but her husband had already puts the telephone down. Hearing the busy dial tone, she smashed the phone to the floor and screamed that she can’t take it anymore and she doesn’t want to live in the house no more.

Returning to Aizawa, one of her mobile phone rings and she received the message that tells her to wait for the caller at the 109 shopping complex front door. Aizawa then replied to the message by saying that she will do it, and turned off the phone. The 109 building comes into picture and a short bald man (webmaster note: just like Erika Nakajima teacher-cum-boyfriend) is seen waiting for Aizawa there. Meanwhile, Aizawa is looking at him from a restaurant nearby in exasperation, and she opened her mobile phone to delete an entry from her phone book. Then she comes out from the restaurant while the owner thanked her, but with a mysterious man looking at her. As she comes out from the restaurant, the mysterious man (that looks like Touru Fujisawa manga representation himself in the corny mini manga at the end of volume 19) stands up and followed her.

Suddenly the man is stopped by (Kouji) Fujiyoushi who asked hi on why he is following Aizawa all the way from Kichiyouji, and threatened to stun his with taser on his hand if the man doesn’t tell him why he is following Aizawa. Suddenly Fujiyoushi recognized the mysterious man and he is shocked to see him. The man suddenly runs away as Fujiyoushi tried to stop him while Fujiyoushi wondered to himself whether the mysterious man is really “Ogi-sensei”….

(UK: It’s have been 5 months since Onizuka-sensei started teaching in this school…) (Hajime) Fukorada is now shown pulling his shirt sleeve up exposing his armpit hair while holding a baseball bat, while Onizuka taunted him that if he is unable to hit his “Invisible Devil Baseball Ball”, Fukorada must treat him and the rest of the baseball team with ramen at Musashi district. Fukorada lashed at him, saying that there’s no such thing as invisible balls. He laughed, saying that Onizuka is joking and such things will never scared him and reminded Onizuka that he is famous at the Nippori Sports University. Meanwhile, Onizuka (the pitcher) is giving a signal with his eyes to the player behind Fukorada (webmaster note: the one who will receive the ball, sorry but I don’t know anything about baseball at all, so don’t really know how the position behind the batter should be called), and the player indicates that he understood what Onizuka is signaling to him. Onizuka prepared to pitch the ball while Fukorada claimed that according to physic laws, in-flight balls will never become invisible and that a stupid graduate like Onizuka will never understand it because after all, Onizuka comes from a low-class university. He then asked Onizuka whether he think that he is David Copperfield, and challenged him to show how the ball will become invisible.

Onizuka “throws” the ball and the receiver “received” it, much to the astonishment of Fukorada. He started to become puzzled after he failed to see the ball as the receiver returned the ball to Onizuka. Onizuka reminded him that he had told him earlier that it was the “Invisible Devil Baseball Ball” in action. Fukorada is shocked to hear him, and exclaimed that such things are impossible. Onizuka then announced that the second ball will be thrown now, as the angry Fukorada readied himself while commenting that under physic laws, such things are impossible and he have to open his eyes wide to see the ball. Onizuka then positioned himself, and while he swings his arm to throw the ball, he secretly slipped the ball beneath his trousers and in an instant, he swings his arms as if he is pitching, and the receiver clapped (??) his glove to signal that he has already “received” the ball from Onizuka.

Fukorada is stunned, and started to stammer that such things are impossible As Kanzaki, (Kunio) Murai and (Taadaki) Kusano look on. Fukorada started to protest, asking on how the ball can be invisible, and then accused that reflections from dust is the reason why he failed to see the ball. He then promised to take a more thorough look in the next attempt as Murai laughed and commented whether Fukorada still doesn’t realized about Onizuka’s deceit yet and Kanzaki replied that Fukorada is only full with muscles but his brain is full with trash. Onizuka advised him to give up, saying that Fukorada will never be able to see the ball. Hearing him, Fukorada lashed at him to shut up, saying that if he says that he will be able to see it, he will surely be able to. He then asked to be allowed to clean his eyes first, and he started to curse bloody murder.

Onizuka throws the 3rd ball, and certainly Fukorada is not able to see it (and will never be able to) and Fukorada started to curse, asking on why he is unable to see it (UK: This situation is just like when a typhoon comes, where all the adults scampered off in panic. Even that this kind of things are usually not right, but actually my heart is filled with joy.). Murai, Kanzaki and Kusano are laughing when they sees Fukorada’s stupidity (UK: In the last 5 months, I always have this same feeling, and that we never thought that when the summer ends and followed by the autumn, the season filled with stormy times will also end…. Now speaking about that, the windy autumn will also end, and it will just around the corner…).

In the next scene, (Misuzu) Daimon is looking at computer screens in the server room when Shibuya entered it. She asked about his fact-finding mission and he replied that everything is going as planned. He then continued, saying that he only have to pretend being friends with the rest of the 4th class, and all of them started to tell stories about Aizawa to him. He continued, saying that all the necessary information about Aizawa has been collected, and that he will manipulates Aizawa to break the class up, and no matter what Onizuka is doing, he will not be able to stop the break-up. Daimon commented that surely Onizuka will be shocked, and by that time, surely (Ryoko) Sakura will also panics and asked Shibuya whether she is right. Shibuya smiled as Daimon looks at Onizuka cheating on the furious Fukorada on the baseball field.

As Shibuya started to unzip Daimon’s shirt on her back, she chuckles, saying that she has been waiting for a very long time for this, and that she accepts the offer to managed the school so she will be able to take revenge on Sakurai. She continued, saying that that she wants to destroy Sakurai, because her idealism theories had already caused too much trouble. Shibuya then touched the bare backs of Daimon and leans against it, as she commented that she will be surely be able to take revenge for the scar that runs on her back.

Back to the baseball pitch, Fukorada is now using duct tapes to open his eyelids as big as possible, but he still failed to stop the 11th “invisible” balls. Fukorada started to hit the ground with the baseball bat while cursing on how he is unable to see the ball, and wondered whether he have problems with his eyes. Onizuka exclaimed that Fukorada should take them out now for a treat of ramens, and Kanzaki agreed. Fukorada lashed at them to be silent, saying that there’s a war between alpha males now, and that he will never be defeated by Onizuka who was a biker gang leader once, because he hated him from the start. Suddenly one members of the baseball team noticed something, and he tells Onizuka that his nose is bleeding. Onizuka is hocked to hear him, and sheepishly he wondered if he thinks about sex again. The club members laughed, saying that even he is an adult, his nose is still bleeding.

As Onizuka puts a tissue to stop the bleeding, Fukorada tells him that the outcome of the war lies in the next 3 balls, and promised that he will surely hit the ball fair and square, as the students asked him not to be stupid. Suddenly Kanzaki called him and he turned around to see 2 Kanzaki images in his view. The twin Kanzaki asked him on why his nose is bleeding far too often nowadays. The panicking Onizuka now really stammers to reply that maybe it because he hasn’t rented a porn videos for a very long time. Kanzaki and the others sighed when they hear it as Fukorada asked Onizuka whether he is listening to him, and if not, he will go away now (and evades from treating ramens). Meanwhile. Onizuka is standing silently wondering on what have happened to him….


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