What would happen if we started out doubting our educators? Or should we believe in them and wait patiently? That's the attitude of an educator. - Ryoko Sakurai.

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This page contains information about almost every characters that appeared in the manga and drama version. Divided into several sections, just pick which one you want to read about:-


Avatars Characters Description

Name: Eikichi Onizuka | Age: 22 (25 in drama) | Blood type: B | Zodiac: Leo | Drama appearance: YES!!!

Description: The main character (why else this manga is called Great Teacher Onizuka). A biker gang leader who made the most unusual of career choices to become a teacher, and that's just because of a high-school student. Motivated by his dream of having a 16-years old wife by the time he's 40. Good at fighting and also a pervert. His stupidity is prevalent, but in the end, all his actions make sense, so far.....

Name: Ryuji Danma | Age: 22 | Drama appearance: No.

Description: Onizuka's best friend since high school. Able to think and act more sensible than Onizuka. Read more about him in Bad Company, a GTO prequel, where he is the main character....

Name: Ryuji Saejima | Age: 25 | Drama appearance: Exclusive.

Description: Basically, the 2 characters above and below fused using complex biological experiments by saurian grays-reptilians to create this freak!!!

Name: Toshiyuki Saejima | Age: 22 | Drama appearance: No

Description: Another friend of Onizuka, a sweet talker and a very corrupt cop. You'll like him that for sure. He's just fun to watch. Definitely one of my favorite characters. Touru Fujisawa occasionally throws in chapters dedicated solely for him.

Name: Erika Nakajima | Age: 16 | Drama appearance: No.

Description: A beautiful high-school student that actually makes Onizuka choose the teaching profession as a career. She appear only in the first chapter, and never to be seen again after that......

Name: Hidero Osawa | Age: 25 | Drama appearance: No.

Description: A fellow trainee-teacher like Onizuka at the same school (Musashino High School). A real pervert. A collector of girls' school uniform, especially the ones he 'devours' ^_^.

Name: Nanako Mizuki | Age: 16 (17 in drama) | Drama appearance: Yes, but quite different with what in the manga. More prominent too in the drama compared in the manga.

Description: A student in Onizuka's trainee class in the manga version, but in the drama, she is also a Kissho Gakuen (or Kichiyouji Private School) student. Anyway, in both version, she is still a daughter to a rich parent who likes to blackmail teachers with her cronies (in the drama, her cronies is Taadaki Kusano and Kouji Fujiyoushi). Pose the first challenge to Onizuka, who of course solved it successfully.


Avatars Characters' Description

Name: Noboru Yoshikawa | Drama appearance: Yes.

Description: A pathetic boy who always been bullied by Anko Uehara (Miyabi Aizawa in drama version) and her gang, and possibly others too. Onizuka saved him when he tried to commit suicide, and eventually become the first member (not the case in drama version, which honours should be given to Nanako Mizuki) of Onizuka-clan (2nd volume), eventually gaining self-confidence and self-bravery. The only person who can beat Onizuka in video games, particularly Tekken (it was Kikuchi in drama version).

Love interest (manga): Anko Uehara.
Love interest (drama): An unknown university student.

Name: Yoshito Kikuchi | Drama appearance: Yes.

Description: A computer genius, with IQ of 180. An early Onizuka-clan convert just like Noboru Yoshikawa (in 3rd volume), and from that point on become great friends with Yoshikawa. Also good in fighting (but beaten once - and he is weak in drama version). One of my favorite characters.

Love interest (manga): Ai Tokiwa.
Love interest (drama): Tomoko Nomura.

Name: Miyabi Aizawa | Drama appearance: Yes.

Description: The class monitor, and Onizuka main enemy. Something in the past make her hate all her teachers with passion, and the reason will be revealed very much later. Plus, she also have some issues with her parents. Become the last inductee of Onizuka-clan members in 24th volume.

Love interest (manga): Kouji Fujiyoushi.
Love interest (drama): Kunio Murai.


Name: Saeko Iijima | Drama appearance: Yes.

Description: Member of Aizawa's second trio group (the other one is the defunct Miyabi Aizawa-Urumi Kanzaki-Tomoko Nomura combo). Along with Chikako Shirai, become Onizuka-clan member in 13th volume, after listening to Kikuchi's advice.

Love interest: None in both versions.

Name: Chikako Shirai | Drama appearance: Yes.

Description: Another member of Miyabi Aizawa trio group. Always feels that she is out of the loop because she is ugly. Onizuka-clan member in 13th volume along with Iijima.

Love interest: None in both versions.

Name: Kunio Murai | Drama appearance: Yes, but quite different with what in the manga.

Description: A paranoid student, who love his mother Juria Murai (a 27-year old hottie) probably too much. And the fact that Onizuka is trying to hit it off with her doesn't help either. Shy around girls, especially the one he admires, but he doesn't even sure about his own feelings. Become an Onizuka-clan member in 4th volume, after an adventure on a bay bridge.

Love interest (manga): Take your pick from this list; Aoi Fukada, Fuyumi Kujirakawa or Fukada Kumiko, depending on how you intrepert the storyline.
Love interest (drama): Miyabi Aizawa.

Name: Kouji Fujiyoushi | Drama appearance: Yes.

Description: A member of Kunio Murai gang (in drama, he is one of Nanako's gang though). Have a long hair. Along with Kunio Murai, he become one of Onizuka-clan in 4th volume.

Love interest (manga): Miyabi Aizawa.
Love interest (drama): None.


Name: Taadaki Kusano | Drama appearance: Yes.

Description: Another member of Kunio Murai (Nanako Mizuki in drama) gang (in GTO, it seems that almost all groups of friends come in threes). Have a fat mother. Nothing much to say about him at least for now. Like Fujiyoushi, he become Onizuka-clan member in 4th volume.

Love interest (manga): Ai Tokiwa.
Love interest (drama): None.

Name: Anko Uehara | Drama appearance: No. Her character is fused with Miyabi Aizawa in the drama version.

Description: The daughter of the school PTA president. Always makes Yoshikawa as a bully target, because of her childhood memories. But in an outfield trip in Okinawa, she's fallen in love with him instead after he saved her in a life-threatening event. Become an Onizuka-clan member, after Onizuka gave her a lesson about love in the 13th volume.

Love interest (manga): Noboru Yoshikawa.
Love interest (drama): None (no appearance).

Name: Mayuko Asano | Drama appearance: No.

Description: A member of Uehara group. Always complement Uehara's actions, and could be just as violent as her when bullying Noboru Yoshikawa. So when Uehara become Onizuka-clan member (in 13th volume), she's naturally become one too.

Love interest: None in both version.

Name: Naoko Izumi | Drama appearance: No.

Description: Member of Anko Uehara group. Sleep like a log but have a big breast (hey, Onizuka says that you know). Along with Anko Uehara and Mayuko Asano, joined Onizuka-clan in 13th volume.

Love interest: None in both version.

Name: Tomoko Nomura | Drama appearance: Yes | Date of Birth: 25 September 1984 | Blood Type: O | Height: 157cm | 3-sizes: 87cm-59cm-85cm (36-23-33) | Fave food: Ramen and takoyaki | Dream: To become the no.1 actress in Japan.

Description: One of the closest friend of Miyabi Aizawa and Urumi Kanzaki (note: there's no Urumi Kanzaki in drama version). Have a large breast (cup F). And always slow in everything she do, either in studies and sports. Don't have a lot of friends, apart from those two who are her friends since primary school. In the end, she gained self-belief with Onizuka's help, and defeated Aizawa in a talent/beauty contest, paving the way to stardom, and also embarassing Miyabi Aizawa in front of the whole class. Obviously, she is a major character in this manga, as she have her own miniseries; GTO- Great Toroko Oppai (literally means the famous big-breast girl), in volume 11 and 12. Onizuka-clan member by 5th volume.

Love interest (manga): Eikichi Onizuka.
Love interest (drama): Yoshito Kikuchi.

Name: Urumi Kanzaki | Drama appearance: No, which is a waste of one of the best characters in manga history. Rika of GTO Drama Special is simply no match when compared to this "devil mermaid princess"

Description: Another major character in GTO and also MY FAVOURITE!!! She is an arrogant blonde (her hair IS NOT COLORED) with an IQ level of over 200. An expert of class/school terrorism, even managed to blackmail Onizuka after a VERY BIG screw-up by him. An event in the primary school make her hate all of her teachers (just like Miyabi Aizawa), adding not only Onizuka, but also Azusa Fuyutsuki, Taadashi Sakurai and Hiroshi Kochiyitani inside her list of victims. She become an Onizuka-clan member after an unique counselling session in the 8th volume, thus turning her friendship with Miyabi Aizawa into a very bitter rivalry. And I really meant it when I say bitter.

Love interest (manga): Eikichi Onizuka.
Love interest (drama): None.

Name: Mayu Wakui | Drama appearance: No.

Description: Just like Urumi Kanzaki, he's good at terrorising the school and the class. Grandchildren of Ryoko Sakurai, thus the VIP treatment he gets. Sport a very good look. Good at fighting too and a leader of a gang-biker group. Seems to have become a drug addict. Become Onizuka-clan member (much to Miyabi Aizawa annoyance) by 16th volume, after he was defeated by Onizuka in an arm wrestling contest. He then went on to become a singer, under the same management as Tomoko Nomura.

Love interest: None in both versions.

Name: Yuki Miyamori | Drama appearance: No.

Description: A 3rd Year 4th class student who never comes to school for more than 2 years. He is the son of a yakuza group leader and become an introvert boy because his friends that he trusted deserted him. Yoshikawa and Onizuka managed to talk to him to change his lifestyle, thus saving Onizuka's salary in the process. Onizuka-clan member at 20th volume.

Love interest: None in both versions.

Name: Shiro Shibuya | Drama appearance: No.

Description: One of the 2 new students that entered the 4th class at the start of the second semester. At first, he is seen as a weak boy who always been bullied, and Onizuka even risked his life to save him when he tried to commit suicide. As the story progressed, he is eventually shown to be one of Headmaster Daimon's henchmen too. And it seems that their relationship is complicated....

Love interest: None in both versions.

Name: Ai Tokiwa | Drama appearance: No.

Description: The 2nd student who entered the 4th class. One of the Headmaster Daimon's followers. Good at fighting, she even managed to floor Kikuchi after he found out that she had some sinister scheme. Even that, she is defeated in an instant by Onizuka in front of all the students in an emergency assembly, and when she wanted to take revenge, Kikuchi exacted his own revenge on her with the help of Mayu Wakui. Onizuka-clan member by 22nd volume.

Love interest (manga): Yoshito Kikuchi.
Love interest (drama): None.

GROUP: THE FEMALE MAGIC USERS CLUB (Think of the TV show "Charmed" here)

Name (from top to bottom): Ruruka Hikita, Madoka (the leader) and Miko | Drama appearance: No.

Description: These 3 are also students of the 4th class, and they are attracted to things supernatural. They gained their knowledge from cult comics, books and magazines, and get their daily fortune reading from fortune-telling slot-machines. But I must say, Ruruka Hikita is kinda cute, probably the most beautiful in GTO because of her mature looks. All of them are the main characters of a sub-plot in volume 8-9, started when Ruruka Hikita dreams that if she make a collision with a man, that man will become the love of her life. At the school, when she run to touch Itou-kun that she admires, she collides instead with the butt-scratching Onizuka. From there, all hell break loose, as one of the funniest sub-plot (IMHO) in GTO, developed. I even think, if there's someone or a group that could oust Onizuka from the school, it will be them. Even Kanzaki is nowhere as violent as they are....

Hikita's love interest (manga only): Eikichi Onizuka.


Name (clockwise from top):

  1. Mokuma Shiroi as Zeta Gundam.
  2. Haruo Tokida as Turn-A-Gundam.
  3. Urumi Kanzaki as Salya Mass. ^_^
  4. Gunjin Mishima as Gundam RX-78-2.

Drama appearance: No.

Description: All three of them (except Kanzaki) are fans of Gundam, and like to cosplay them. In the Okinawa field trip, Onizuka intentionally put Urumi Kanzaki with them in a room, giving her hell as she don't have a clue on what they're saying, even that she have IQ over 200 and mastered 5 languages. And in the test of bravery game (that Onizuka use to matchmake both Anko Uehara and Noboru Yoshikawa), again Kanzaki and the 3 of them have to team up as they are facing the terror of their lives when all the 'ghosts' are descending on's just too funny. For the side note, they worshipped Kanzaki as she have blonde hair like Salya Mass, another character from Gundam.

Love interest: None in both versions.

Student from other classes (2nd class to be particular).
Avatars Characters' description.

Aoi Fukada

Fukada Kumiko

Fuyumi Kujirakawa

Name: Aoi Fukada | Drama appearance: No | Date of birth: 2 February 1984 | Blood type: O | Height: 154cm | Weight: 43kg | 3-sizes: 82cm-57cm-84cm.

Description: The school idol and the monitor of the Year 3 2nd class. A member of the badminton club. Her dream man is 'a manly man with dark complexions' :) Go figure.

Name: Fukada Kumiko | Drama appearance: No.

Description: A close friend of Kujirakawa and also a member of manga-otaku club. I don't want to describe her too much here AS DOING THAT CONSTITUTE AS A MAJOR SPOILER. Read the manga vol.9!

Name: Fuyumi Kujirakawa | Drama appearance: No | Height: 181cm | Weight: 68kg.

Description: A member of the manga-otaku club. Excellent sportwoman, can even do a slamdunk in basketball. And probably because of Kunio Murai, she rejects all the offer she received from sports schools to stay at Kichiyouji Private School. Read the summary on the possible reason why she's fallen for Kunio Murai.

Love interest for all of them (manga only): Kunio Murai for various reasons.


Avatars Characters' Description.

Name: Azusa Fuyutsuki | Age: 22 (25 in drama) | Drama appearance: Yes, but taking Tadashi Sakurai's teacher role.

Description: A Japanese Literature teacher (she is an English teacher in drama version) who started teaching at the same time as Onizuka. A Waseda University graduate. Onizuka's possible love interest. IMHO, this character annoys me the most, and I personally feel, some of Onizuka problems are caused by her, especially in the newer part of the series. Impressed by Onizuka success, she tried to emulate him but usually failed. A major character.

Name: Hiroshi Uchiyamada | Age: 51 | Drama appearance: Yes.

Description: The disciplinary principal of the school. Hate Onizuka with a passion (another enemy of Onizuka apart from Aizawa) for a lot of reasons. He will try (although usually failed) to take every chance to oust him from the school, even using a voodoo doll to curse Onizuka at a temple. A pervert as he like to touch women' butts (Azusa Fuyutsuki is one of his victims) Another major character from the teacher's room.

Name: Ryoko Sakurai (Akira Sakurai in drama version) | Drama appearance: Yes, but the name is different.

Description: The school director (headmaster in drama). After watching Onizuka executing a German suplex on Uchiyamada, she become more interested on his techniques and abilities, thus employing him as a temporary teacher. She even covers for him once in a while ^_^.

Name: Naoko Moritaka | Age: 26 | Drama appearance: No | 3-sizes: SEC-RET!!!!

Description: The school nurse and she's HOT! Like to donate blood. And when asked by Onizuka if she like needle shots (like in those porn videos), she replied with a resounding 'yes'!!!

Name: Tadashi Sakurai (no relation to Ryoko Sakurai) | Age: 42 | Drama appearance: No, because Fuyutsuki takes his role instead.

Description: English teacher. Like to put English words in his conversation. A pervert that like to take hidden videos. Now trying to perfect his English after being lashed by Urumi Kanzaki who said that his English is weak.

Name: Suguru Teshigawara | Age:24 | Drama appearance: Yes.

Description: Math (both in manga and drama) teacher who is a graduate from Tokyo University. Hates Onizuka because he sees him as a rival to Azusa Fuyutsuki's love. Like to secretly taking Azusa Fuyutsuki pictures, and also putting surveillance devices inside her home. He have a sad past.....

Name: Hajime Fukorada (Hajime Akamada in drama) | Age: 32 | Drama appearance: Yes, but the name is different.

Description: Physical Education teacher and a graduate from Nippori Sports University (don't know is this uni is for real or not). Also have a crush on Azusa Fuyutsuki, but not as severe as Suguru Teshigawara's. Like to flaunt his body wherever a large presence of girls exists. Hate Onizuka too, not because of Azusa Fuyutsuki, but because he always beat him in sports (swimming, running and baseball).

Name: Hiroshi "Chihuahua" Kochiyatani | Age: 38 | Drama appearance: No.

Description: Chemistry teacher. Nicknamed Chihuahua because of the way he speaks. And searching for a soulmate because of his parents' nagging.

Name: Misuzu Daimon | Age: 34 | Drama appearance: No.

Description: The new headmaster, replacing the headmaster "Xavier" who has been transferred to a sister school in Hokkaido. She is a school-restructuring specialist. Of course Onizuka puts an interest on her because she have very big breasts (he called the cleavage 'Grand Canyon'). She drives a Ferrari, and always accompanied by strange-clothed followers. She is hired to become the school headmaster by the board of directors (without the consent of Ryoko Sakurai) presumably to finish off Onizuka.

Name: Itagake Kinoshita | Drama appearance: No.

Description: The mysterious person who is the secretary to Ryoko Sakurai.

Name: Itsubashi "Xavier" Maruyama | Drama appearance: No.

Description: Kichiyouji Private School headmaster before being replaced by Misuzu Daimon. Hates Onizuka too, and behaves just like Uchiyamada, although not to the extreme.


Avatars Characters' Description.

Name: Ryoko Uchiyamada | Drama appearance: Yes.

Description: Hiroshi Uchiyamada wife. A housewife, I presume. Seems to have an affair with the meat seller (manga)....

Name: Yoshiko Uchiyamada | Age: 16 | Drama appearance: Yes.

Description: The daughter. Quite cute. Even that she seems to hate his father, she actually loved him. Anyway, she just bring another headache to Hiroshi Uchiyamada in the form of Eikichi Onizuka himself (armed with a condom)....

Name: Juria Murai | Age: 27 (34 in drama) | Drama appearance: Yes, although the manga version is far more beautiful.

Description: Kunio Murai's mom. Like to play bowling, and dislike wearing bra (much to Onizuka's delight). Pretty hot too. She works at a construction company (well, she is a trucker in the drama). For all of you: she's 27 (manga) and Kunio Murai is 14 (manga), make you math!

Name: Eikichi a.k.a. Leonardo. | Drama appearance: No.

Description: A white dog with a V-shaped fringe on his head (just like the real Onizuka). Yoshiko changed his name from Leonardo to Eikichi because he don't respond to that name. Hates Hiroshi Uchiyamada with a passion, always making his life miserable at home.

Name: Nagisa Nagase | Age: 22 | Drama appearance: No.

Description: Ryuji Danma's girlfriend. Large breasts and Onizuka have make it a point to always stares at them, annoying Danma in the process. A university student that wanted to be a therapist. Onizuka always asked her to be on tape for his class lessons.

Name: Ichiro Okinoshima | Age 26 | Drama appearance: No.

Description: He is a hot-blooded artist manager who managed both Tomoko Nomura and Mayu Wakui. Sometimes he just acts at his whims without thinking, and even Nomura managed to con him in a "candid camera TV program" in the "Great Toroko Oppai" miniseries. Have a crush on Tomoko Nomura.

Name: Munakata (last name) | Drama appearance: No | An exclusivel character for the "Great Toroko Oppai" miniseries.

Description: Tomoko Nomura main agent (Ichiro Okinoshima as a second agent). Sports a yakuza-like looks and employs lots of dubious looking men, he have a high reputation of bringing his charges to stardom via unconventional means. Unpredictable, just like Onizuka himself.

Name: Mayu Hazuki | Drama appearance: No | An exclusive character for the "Great Toroko Oppai" miniseries.

Description: A famous actress previously managed by Munakata. Seems to be troubled even by a mere sight of him...

Name: Hidemi Oota | Age: 17 | Drama appearance: No.

Description: The daughter of the a education committee president,and his father is a senator. She want Onizuka to lick her feet real bad....

Name: Makoto Fuyutsuki | Age: 17 | Drama appearance: No.

Description: Azusa Fuyutsuki sister. A detective-wannabe, and a president of a detective club at her high-school. Helped Onizuka to find her sister's whereabouts after she was kidnapped.


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