No wait, don't rush it!! At the worst if she discovers our secret motive my bluebird of happiness might escape! Play it up cool and naturally!! All.. All right! So this will be my first sexual experience that's been my heart's desire.. Ah, dick.... Hey don't be hasty.. Ah.. - Eikichi Onizuka.

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  1. Great Website Onizuka -
    Description:- A site that is similiar with here.
  2. Great Manga Application Onizuka (GMAO) -
    Description:- Used to translate GTO manga scans, but not anymore because TokyoPop had licensed the manga in North America. Now currently translating Tenjyou Tenge, Get Backers and Street Fighter manga.
  3. Urumi and Kikuchi Website -
    Description:- A GTO website that concentrates more on the anime version.
    Urumi and Kikuchi website
  4. Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO - Dickson) -
    Description:- Contains lots of screenshots from GTO drama version.
  5. Tetris No Miko GTO page -
    Description:- Contains manga summaries, characters' description and anime scripts.
    Tetris No Miko
  6. Fujisawa De Go! -
    Description:- The author official website (Japanese language). Closed now.
  7. Shonen Magazine - & Kodansha Publishing Ltd. -
    Description:- The 2 publications that serialized and published the manga, respectively.
  8. GTO #Intro -
    Description:- A GTO website in Thai language.*
    Description - A GTO website in French language.*
    French GTO
    Description:- A GTO website in Korean language.*
    Description:- A GTO website in English.
  12. The GTO Program -
    Description: Another GTO website in English.
    The GTO Program
  13. GWO - Great Website Onizuka -
    Description: A fan site dedicated to the anime show GTO (US Tokyopop version). Offering large image galleries along with a short review and in depth over-view of the series, plus links on where you can buy the series online.
  14. Welcome to Holy Forest Academy -
    Description: A GTO site that covers both of the anime and manga version produced by Tokyopop.
    GTO's Logos and Ringtones for Your Mobile
  15. GTO Polyphonic Ringtones/Color Logos [] -
    Description: A website where you can get GTO-related polyphonic ringtones and color wallpapers. Didn't see any monophonic ones though.

    * = languages I'm not very well versed with, so you should just go and visit them yourselves.


  1. Mydomain -
    Description:- DNS provider.
  2. All Hail Doraemon -
    Description:- A website dedicated to one of the most famous, if not the most famous, anime/manga in the world, Doraemon.
    All Hail Doraemon
  3. Northampton and Milton Keynes Anime Club -
    Description: An anime/manga club based on Northampton and Milton Keynes, England.



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