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Lesson 127 - The bird that flies.

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Lesson 127 - The bird that flies.

(Urumi) Kanzaki is being tutored by a Mathematic tutor and she doesn't seem to pay attention to the explanation the tutor gives to her. Suddenly the tutor turned to her and asked whether she is paying attention, and she replied that she does as she gives the answer to the question. The tutor then sees Kanzaki's white thigh and started to blush, when suddenly Kanzaki turned back to him and asked on what he is doing. The tutor quickly turned back to his notes, wondering on what page they are now as he sheepishly thinks that he shouldn't try to peek at women panties.

Suddenly, Kanzaki removed her panties and hovers it at the tutor's face, as she asked whether he wanted it or not. The tutor tried to snatch it from her but failed. Kanzaki then remarked that it would not be fun if she gives it to him just like that, so if he can answer a Math question she gives him, he can have it. She then started to make a very long and complex Math question (webmaster note: that I can't answer myself), as the tutor's face started to change. She then gives him 5 minutes, and left the room as she wishes him luck.

Outside the room, she started to wear her panties back as she commented that he would never be able to answer the question. Meanwhile in another room, her mom is talking with an associate about linking up to get some profits with selling and buying stocks in the stock market. She then exclaimed that their plan will succeed, and tells one of her assistants called Megumi to get a bottle of champagne to prepare for the celebration. She then hanged up, as she exclaimed that 500 million yen is now in her hands and that the workers at a rival brokerage organization will be panicking at that time, as Kanzaki is listening to her from the doorway.

Kanzaki then walked away when suddenly her mom called her. Her mom then wondered on why Kanzaki must bully her tutor again, adding that she had been working extremely hard to find someone who is able to teach her. She then gives Kanzaki a bunch of audit information, and tells her to use a computer in the kitchen to sort all the information inside the papers before 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Her mom then asked Megumi whether she has taken the champagne yet, while Kanzaki is writing something on the audit information papers. Suddenly, Kanzaki throws the information to the floor and walked away, shocking her mom.

Her mom started to protest, reminding her that she have to finish it before 2 o'clock. She then takes the papers up as she lashed Kanzaki for ignoring her directives, just to see that Kanzaki had already finished doing all the things she want on the paper. She is shocked to see it when Megumi remarked that Kanzaki is really good, because of her IQ that exceeds 200 points. Megumi added that she have reads that people like Kanzaki can solve difficult Math problems mentally. Hearing that, Kanzaki's mom started to laugh, murmuring that it seems that thing is going out of control now.

She then exclaimed that she doesn't really understands what Kanzaki is thinking nowadays, and it could be attributed to the fact that Kanzaki has been under the care of maids since she is little. In the last few months, Kanzaki always goes against her and always seems not to pay attention to anything, and her mom wondered whether Kanzaki is now in a phase where she will always like to go against parents. Her mom then continues, saying that she has talked with an associate in United States about the plan to enroll Kanzaki in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) next year, but it seems that Kanzaki herself doesn't seems to know how valuable she is. Then, her mom tells her assistants (which are all females) that women nowadays are able to stand on their own feet without any assistance from men. Also, kids nowadays will still be able to live happily without fathers, as she exclaimed that Kanzaki would be entered into MIT when she is 16. Meanwhile, Kanzaki is listening to them quietly….

She then started to remember, that since she is little, she never remembers any single occasion where her mom is able to be together with her. She only remembers that everyday, a maid is taking care of her while her own mom is inside the room to find more profits from the stock market. Everyday, she will only hears the sound of a stranger cutting the vegetables from the kitchen, and Kanzaki will monotonously eat them like a robot. Then the maid will return home, and the cycle will began again next day. Juts thinking of it, makes she really pissed off.

Suddenly her tutor appeared and exclaimed that he managed to finish it within the allocated time. Kanzaki started to check the answer as the tutor commented that the question is for the calculation of spacecraft's orbit in space, and wondered on how Kanzaki managed to know such questions. Suddenly, Kanzaki gives him the answers back and tells him to redo it again because one of the numbers is wrong. The tutor is shocked, as Kanzaki started to drink tea. He then started to do the question again, as Kanzaki commented that she is very bored.

She then started to think about committing suicide, and now considering on some possible methods. Suddenly she hears the doorbell being pushed repeatedly, and her mom started to become angry. Her mom then instructed Kanzaki to open the door, and Kanzaki walked and opened the door listlessly. She was shocked to see (Eikichi) Onizuka at the door with pain all over his face, and he brushes her aside and get into the house and inside the toilet, screaming. Kanzaki can only stands and look at the toilet door, as she started to sweat.

After a few moments, Onizuka emerges from the toilet, looking very relieved. Kanzaki is shocked to see him, and Onizuka explained that when he is passing her house after going eating mango at a friend's house, his stomach started to rumble, so he make a stop at her house. Kanzaki then started to have a peek at the toilet, and is overwhelmed by the stench that is coming from the toilet. She lashed at him for being very dirty, and Onizuka replied that he only barely managed to overcome one of the most risky situations in his life inside there.

Kanzaki's mom then asked from her room on who is coming at their house, and Kanzaki replied that the visitor is looking for her. Onizuka wondered whether there are adults in her house now, and Kanzaki replied that her mom is inside, because her mom is working from home, with home as her office. Onizuka is shocked to hear her, and started to walk to her mom's room, wondering whether the office is an artiste brokerage office. He then decided to meet with her mom as Kanzaki tries to tell him that her mom doesn't like to be disturbed when she is working.

Onizuka ignored her as he barged into the room, exclaiming that there are a lot of computers inside it. Megumi is shocked to see him as Kanzaki failed again in attempts to stop him from entering the room. Onizuka wondered whether Kanzaki's mom is running a game developer company, and asked whether they are producing games that he knows playing, like the Resident Evil series. Seeing him, Kanzaki's mom asked him about his identity, and Onizuka started to shake her hand, introducing himself as Kanzaki's homeroom teacher who is still a bachelor while Kanzaki is standing embarrassed by Onizuka's behavior.

Kanzaki's mom and Megumi are shocked to learn that Onizuka is Kanzaki's homeroom teacher, as Onizuka's prying eyes started to look inside the room further with Kanzaki trying to stop her. Kanzaki's mom then commented that she sends Kanzaki to Kichiyouji Private School because she thought that the school is a prestigious one, but instead, a teacher likes him exists in that school. She then wondered on what have happened on Japan's education system when suddenly Megumi reminded her that the time to buy back the shares would come in another 2 minutes.

Hearing her, Kanzaki's mom then asked Onizuka to get out, adding that she doesn't have time for a parent-teacher meeting anyway, because she is very busy. Suddenly, to her shock, Onizuka looks into the computer's screen and wondered whether she is running a horse-betting agency. He then sees the word 'Japan' and started to think that it refers to horses that are descendents of the late 'Son of Japan'. Onizuka then commented that the horse 'Son of Japan' is a really fast horse at its prime, and he is also shocked to see 'horses' with names like "Karibo" and "Yahoo!"

Onizuka tried to touch the keyboard, and Kanzaki's mom lashed at him for doing that, saying that she is not running a horse-betting agency. Onizuka then sees the champagne Megumi prepared and started to drink straight from it, much to Kanzaki's mom anger, as Megumi and Kanzaki can only stare at Onizuka and Kanzaki's mom bickering with each other about the champagne. Suddenly, Onizuka tripped on a lot of wires and fall, making all the computers losing power and turned off. Megumi started to panic, saying that the time to buy back the shares has come while Onizuka is complaining that there's a lot of computer wires all over the room.

Kanzaki's mom tells her assistants to put all the computers back online, or else their 2-months effort will goes down the drain. But they failed; as they see that they already lost 100 million yen. Meanwhile, Onizuka asked her on why she is betting on the horse called "Yahoo!" adding that he never hears horses with such names before. Kanzaki's mom lashed at him saying that she has told him that she is not running a horse-betting agency. Kanzaki is silent as her mom complained on who is letting Onizuka coming into the room anyway, and asked her assistants to see what they can do to recoup their looses.

One of the assistants started to scream from the toilet, and Kanzaki's mom asked her on what have happened. The assistant pointed to the unflushed toilet, as Onizuka started to remember that he had forgotten to flush the toilet earlier. Kanzaki's mom started to lash at him again, saying that no one who is borrowing toilets forgets to flush them after use, and threatened to sue him to pay 100 million yen for the loss she have earlier. Onizuka protested, saying that it's unfair for him to pay a lot of money just because he forgets to flush the toilet, and Kanzaki's mom lashed at him again, saying that she is not talking about the toilet.

Kanzaki started to laugh, seeing the destruction Onizuka had made, and started to drag Onizuka out from the room as the assistants are trying to use antiseptics to clean the toilet. Onizuka protested but Kanzaki ignored him as her mom is trying to recoup the loss back. Onizuka and Kanzaki are at the doorway when Kanzaki's mom reminded him that one of her clients is a member of parliament, and she will make him unable to teach anywhere for the rest of his life. Kanzaki then tells Onizuka to get ready to run away, puzzling him. She then shuts down the electricity main switch to the house, and then started to run away dragging a puzzled Onizuka with her as her mom screaming at her for shutting down the main power lines.

In the next scene at Inokashira Park, Onizuka complained that Kanzaki's mom really shocked him. He then asked whether being addicted to horse-racing will turn someone to behave just like her mom, as Kanzaki called him as stupid for still thinking that her mom is running a horse-betting agency. Onizuka lashed at her for calling him stupid, and started to choke at the burgers he is eating.

Kanzaki then remarked that what he has done at her house earlier is good instead, because Onizuka dared to destroy things that she herself is afraid to touch, and doing such thing is so much fun to her. Suddenly, her tutor emerges, saying that his calculation must be correct by now. Instead, Kanzaki kicked him into the lake, and Onizuka started to lash at her for harming an innocent citizen. Kanzaki replied that the tutor is a pervert, and she suddenly started to hug Onizuka, saying that she had fallen in love with him. Onizuka lashed at her, asking her to help her tutor who are inside the lake, but Kanzaki interjected, asking him to take her away so that they can marry in a distant place away for where they are now. Onizuka is stunned as a police is telling the screaming tutor that the lake he is in is very shallow…


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