Ugyah~ Why the hell did she have to die from a bumped butt!? Uha.. Uhahaha!? .... this isn't funny - Eikichi Onizuka.
Lesson #109 - Teshigawara lives again!

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 14
Lesson #109 - Teshigawara lives again!

In front of a shopping complex, (Suguru) Teshigawara is looking at a cricket on the trunk of a tree. Suddenly the cricket drop dead, and he murmured that the death of a living thing is really painful. He picked up the dead cricket, and started to smile.

At the school, (Eikichi) Onizuka is bathing inside a kiddy-pool in public, as (Kunio) Murai is spraying water all over him. He asked Murai to do it better, as he had paid him 100 yen, and Murai protested that for such a little money, he wanted him to do more. Meanwhile (Urumi) Kanzaki and (Tomoko) Nomura are passing them, and Kanzaki asked why Onizuka must bath in the public, as he replied for her to ask the sun instead. He commented that the day is hot, and that he missed Okinawa and wanted to be transferred there, so he can take a dip every time he feels hot.

Suddenly a bandaged (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada asked him if he likes to drink, and he forced Onizuka to drink from a can. Uchiyamada added that he should resign and work at a restaurant instead. Onizuka throws away the can, saying that it's not beer and only a wheat drink. Uchiyamada started to lash at him for throwing trash everywhere and they started to bicker, as (Ryoko) Sakurai and Itagake looked at them. Itagake asked her if it really OK for Onizuka to do it, and asked her to find solution at the board meeting. She replied that the current situation is better. Looking at Kanzaki, Nomura, Murai and (Kouji) Fujiyoushi, she asked him if he have ever see the 4th class smiles like they are now in the last 2 years.

She added that Onizuka had turned the law-breakers' class around in only 3 months, while she and the others failed even that they take a long time trying. Itagake started to protest, but she interjected that she will be prepared at the board meeting. She commented that they would need him to defuse another 'bomb'. Suddenly, someone entered the room, and she is puzzled...

Meanwhile (Tadashi) Sakurai has upgraded his peeping method, by installing live-feed camera at the female' changing room. He is amazed by the view; he cursed himself of not thinking of it before. He then planned to install more cameras, as it is safer than peeping under the toilet. He then remembers how he narrowly escaped from the police at the drainage, by using those amateur scuba-diving equipment, staying underwater until the police is gone. He cursed Onizuka, thinking that he is the worst teacher in the school history, and if it is not for him, he will be able to go to Okinawa too and peeps via the infrared goggles.

Suddenly, (Azusa) Fuyutsuki, Tadashi Sakurai and a few other teachers noticed something, and Teshigawara entered the teacher' room along with Ryoko Sakurai. The teachers are shocked as Teshigawara greeted him. Tadashi Sakurai approached him, and Teshigawara tell him that he is lucky that he is not charged at court. Ryoko Sakurai (webmaster note: I hate it when 2 people with same surname like Ryoko and Tadashi Sakurai have to appear in the same chapter, must write the full name every time) announced that Teshigawara would be starting teaching again.

Teshigawara then greeted Fuyutsuki, and Tadashi Sakurai whispered to him that he wanted to talk with him on how to make Onizuka be fired. Teshigawara is silent as Tadashi Sakurai asked him to go to a pub to talk about it, and suddenly he replied that he would not be involved in such a plot again. He added that he wants to become friends with Onizuka. Tadashi Sakurai is shocked, as Teshigawara explained that Onizuka is a rookie; so the veterans must somewhat take the responsibility to educate him. Furthermore, a teacher like Onizuka will add colors in the school too.

Teshigawara exclaimed that he had brought with him a cake and invited all to eat it, as Tadashi Sakurai protested that Teshigawara used to hate Onizuka earlier. Suddenly, Onizuka and Uchiyamada enters the teacher's room, and Onizuka pleaded for Uchiyamada to let his hand go, while Uchiyamada promised that he will not let him run just like that because he wants to lecture Onizuka. Suddenly, Uchiyamada sees Teshigawara and is shocked. He suddenly let Onizuka' hand go, and the unsuspecting Onizuka who are pulling his' held hand, has his hand thrown backwards, colliding into the back of Teshigawara' head, and his face is smashed into the cake.

Fuyutsuki and Ryoko Sakurai are shocked, and Onizuka started to apologize, blaming Uchiyamada for letting his hand go all of sudden. He started to take a piece of fabric and started to help Teshigawara clean his face. Fuyutsuki is shocked to see that Onizuka is using the fabric used to clean the floor. She tell him that and Onizuka stopped. Teshigawara removed his spectacles and started to smile, as Ryoko Sakurai noticed something fishy about him. Teshigawara started to greet Onizuka, as Onizuka is apologizing to him. They shake hands, and Teshigawara moved to his desk with veins showing in his face, and Ryoko Sakurai silently commented that he is another 'bomb'.

At his desk, he booted up his computer, and Fuyutsuki' picture is being made as a wallpaper. He smiles and opened a document, which contains an elaborate plan of killing Onizuka, and he remarked that he would bring Fuyutsuki to a perfect world.

Meanwhile, Onizuka is eating the cake Teshigawara had brought back, when suddenly (Noboru) Yoshikawa and (Chikako) Shirai barged into the teacher' room and calling for him. Onizuka offered them the cake, but they tell him to come to the class, as Yoshikawa is muttering (Miyabi) Aizawa' name...

At the hallway, the students are shocked when they see Aizawa with her newly colored hair, and they started to whisper between themselves....


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