If we have a teacher just like him, we will surely have more desire to study... - Ryuji Danma.
Scene #7 - For the sake of tomorrow.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 12 - Great Toroko Oppai miniseries.
Scene #7 - For the sake of tomorrow.

(Ichiro) Okinoshima is calling for (Tomoko) Nomura to calm herself, and cursed at Munakata. Still bleeding from Munakata' shot, Nomura started to ask for forgiveness from Okinoshima, and Okinoshima retorted her, saying that Nomura has done nothing wrong. Nomura started to curse herself, for being stupid and late, and also eating all his snacks. Okinoshima asked her not to talk too much, but Nomura continued, saying that she is pleased with her lives, even that it is short, and that she managed to become an actress, wearing nice clothes and meeting a lot of people.

Okinoshima pleaded to her not to say words that looked like to be her final words, and asked Munakata to stop his car so he can take Nomura to hospital. But Nomura added, that she thanked him for making her famous, and thanked him again for everything he had given to her, as tears started to come out from his eyes. Nomura' hands started to lose her grip, and she let him go, as if she is dead. Okinoshima started to remember about the first time he met Nomura, when she told him that her hobbies is to play with dolls, and also how she commented that his name is weird. He also remembered, when asked about her dreams, that she replied by saying that she wanted to become a famous actress in Japan, and become beautiful and then married with the 'man' she loved. Okinoshima asked her about that 'man', just to be told that it was her secret.

Nomura ceased to move, and he screamed her name loudly, in tears. Suddenly, Nomura come back to 'life', saying that he is being conned, when she is pooping party ribbons all over him. Okinoshima is shocked, when suddenly camera started to flash, and Munakata' rooftop started to open, showing a host of a 'making fun of people' show talking about him. The host started to comment that today' event are very good, and Okinoshima reminds him of Shinichi Chibo, a movie star. He added that they have spent a lot for the Okinoshima' event, but it really pays off.

The host started to praise Nomura, saying that her acting looked very authentic. Meanwhile, Okinoshima is too shocked, and the host started to interview Okinoshima, who has been cheated by Munakata and Nomura. The host asked him a question, but Okinoshima is still too shocked to answer it. Looking at him, he started to review that event again, saying that it is so fun that Okinoshima never knows that he is conned until after the event' end. Meanwhile, Munakata thanked him, saying that the event will surely attracts more than 30% viewers, then Nomura' offers will come a lot, and Okinoshima will become a exemplary agent.

Okinoshima asked Nomura if everything were faked including the explosions, and Nomura replied that he is true. He then asked about the naked picture, and Munakata shows him the preview pictures from PlayHouse, showing Nomura in her room with title 'The Real Purity'. Munakata explained that it wasn't hair (‘hea’ in Japanese pronunciation) but room (‘heya’ in Japanese pronunciation, but the writing is considerably different). He added that Okinoshima is a joke for thinking that he want to take Nomura' naked picture, saying that it isn't profitable anyway, and if it does, he will do it a long time ago, but at least his attitude lets him to set up this event. Lastly, the show host asked him again on his view of this event, but his leg slipped on the wheel, and the car he is in, moved off the road, into a small forest and he ends up inside a lake, shocking everyone.

At the hospital where Okinoshima is being treated with, Munakata started to play the events back on video, as a commentator is commenting about him on the helicopter. Okinoshima is fully bandaged, and at the part where Okinoshima screamed Nomura' name after her 'death', Munakata rewinds it back for him to see. Okinoshima is angry with him for looking at the same part too many times, and Munakata replied that the part is the best, and some 38% percent of the viewers are watching the event. Okinoshima threatened to sue Munakata if he doesn't pay him compensation for the injury he had, but Munakata shows him the list of offers Nomura had got, as a result from his injury.

Okinoshima is stunned, and Munakata extend his hand to shake with Okinoshima, asking for Okinoshima that his workload will be heavier. Smiling, Okinoshima shakes his hand, and shocked when suddenly he looked that Munakata' hand had detached from his arms, and started to scream again. Suddenly, the show host appears, saying that he is cheated again, as Nomura looked from behind the door and giggled.

She started to write to (Eikichi) Onizuka, telling him that she is living each day with high spirits. She started to tell about her experience when shooting for TV ads, while everyone is talking about her being the new recruits of the super agent Munakata, as (Mayu) Hazuki looked on at her. She began to write that even she can't meet with Onizuka and the others, but she still have her agents and the workers accompanying her when she at work, and also that many fans had started to write to her, asking her to be more determined, and Okinoshima is shown watching the events again and again.

She then writes that after she become an actress, she has realized about one thing; that she must meet with everyone, and make examples from each of them, so she can move forward to bring spirits and morale to everyone she knows, and now Hazuki is shown riding in a train, while everyone around her talking about the hot-blooded Okinoshima, saying that he is so stupid, but Nomura is so cute that he want to protect her, as his friend commented that he only want to protect her breasts. Hazuki looked outside the train to see a billboard with Nomura on it, and tell Nomura silently that her journey had just begun.

Meanwhile, Nomura concluded her letter, by saying that if she has become the actress just like she had described, she wanted Onizuka to make her his wife....


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