This is why I don't like bald guys. Bald guys are dirty old men. - Eikichi Onizuka.
Lesson 128 - The lonely tropical fish.

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Lesson 128 - The lonely tropical fish. - (An unrelated picture which contains a sexy woman who are about to remove her shirt)

(Eikichi) Onizuka and (Urumi) Kanzaki are inside a train bound to the north, when suddenly Kanzaki offered him a piece of stored orange. She then added that eloping from home to marry at a faraway place will make her heart beats faster, and she pointed out at a mousedeer outside the train. Onizuka is silent as he is thinking about a scenario where a 22-years old teacher and a 14-years old student eloping from their house together. He then thinks that their case will be published in newspapers, but it's too late for him to turn back now. He then silently started to say goodbye to (Azusa) Fuyutsuki and others girls he had met, because he will start a new life with a beautiful 14-years old girl at the north of the country.

Arriving at their destination, Onizuka is puzzled to see that the stationmaster has fogs coming out from his mouth even in summer, and Kanzaki replied that he does because he is a stationmaster J. They then arrived at an old house, and Kanzaki exclaimed that they would live at the house from now on, and their future will start from there. Onizuka then commented that they should start painting the house now, as Kanzaki is deciding on the location of the bed. Onizuka then asked about how they will take their bath, and Kanzaki replied that they would use woods for cooking hot water. Onizuka asked her again on where they will get water, and she replied that they would take water from the nearby river, as Onizuka wondered whether the water from the river is clean or not.

Onizuka then exclaimed that they will start a new life, and for their love, they should make a big open-space bathroom. Kanzaki started to blush, and hugged as she says that she loves him really much and they will be together forever. She then added that she will help him cop woods, and also helped him to remove his clothes as Onizuka exclaimed that he would help her too. Suddenly, he asked her to wait, as they returned to…

…reality and Onizuka lashed at her, asking whether they are coming to the tourist historical spot at Furano just for playing. Kanzaki smiles, saying that his 'thing' has started to go up. In the next scene, they boarded an airplane as Onizuka commented that their 'mock' vacation is really expensive, and that they should go to a nearer place. Kanzaki replied that she is having fun having drinks near the big clock tower, when suddenly she remembers that she forgets to try and eat crabs. Hearing her, Onizuka lashed at her, saying that eating crab balls is just the same as eating crabs. He then adds that buying the air tickets alone have costs him a lot of money, plus he had also bought her some white nuts and ramen for her.

Arriving at the airport, Onizuka asked her whether she has understand now not to bring up serious matters like 'Let's elope from our house and marry somewhere else' just as she please. He then asked himself on why he must spend a lot of money on her, as Kanzaki is silent. She then apologizes, and Onizuka forgives her, saying that it's nothing as long as she understands. He then asked about what have happened that makes her to suggest the 'mock' vacation anyway, adding that there's must be something serious that have happened to her, and he wondered whether Kanzaki is quarrelling with her mom or something.

Kanzaki is silent, and suddenly she started to cry and screaming loudly, shocking Onizuka. She then screams for Onizuka to just leave her alone so she can go and commit suicide. Lots of people in the airport started to stare at them, as an embarrassed Onizuka started to calm her while telling the audience that there's nothing happened between them. Between sobs, she asked the panicking Onizuka whether he will takes her to Shigaia Park, and he replied that he will bring her to any park she likes as long as she stopped crying.

Suddenly Onizuka realized something about the 'Shigaia Park' phrase, and asked her whether she is talking about Shigaia Park that is located at Miyazaki prefecture. Kanzaki nodded and Onizuka asked her again whether she is talking about the park that have swimming pools on the roof, and Kanzaki nodded again. Both of them are silent for a while, when suddenly Onizuka lashed at her, asking whether she can go instead to "The Summer Park" that are nearer to Tokyo, but Kanzaki replied hat she wants to go to Shigaia Park no matter what. Onizuka is angry, asking why she must go to the Kyushu Island just because she wanted to swim, adding that she should not bully him like that.

(Webmaster note: I don't have any idea at all about all those places that are mentioned above. Just summarizing what written on my copy)

Kanzaki becomes angry and replied she will commit suicide. Onizuka countered, saying that if she really wants to die, she can go ahead and do it, because he will not care about her. Then he started to mutter on why he must follow her instructions anyway, because he is the strongest punk in Shonan prefecture. Kanzaki then brandished a mechanical pencil and started to try and commit suicide by stabbing it to her neck, as she chanted some last rites for herself, saying that she wants to commit suicide because she can't stand it being bullied by Onizuka anymore. Seeing her, Onizuka started to try and stop her, saying that he will bring her there.

In the next scene at the Shigaia Park, Kanzaki is swimming in the pool as Onizuka is sitting at the poolside bench gasping. After swimming, she then rests on one of the benches, exclaiming that swimming in the pool is real fun. Onizuka, now looks like a very badly beaten pugilist, asked her whether she is satisfied now, and she replied that she does. But she sheepishly commented that for only swimming in pools, it seems to be more fun if she swims at "The Summer Park" he mentioned earlier instead. Hearing her, he started to lash at her, saying that he had told her that earlier, but she didn't believe it.

Then, they are shown boarding an airplane again, as Onizuka is looking very dead with drools coming out from his mouth. As they arrived at the airport, Kanzaki exclaimed that darkness has fallen, so she suggested that they go to the amusement park and boards the ferris wheel, and she will pay for it too. Hearing her, he started to become angry, saying that boarding the ferris wheel will only cost her 900 yen, so she should not try to talk about it loudly either.

In the next scene, Kanzaki is marveling at the scenery from atop the ferris wheel as Onizuka is weeping at the huge cost incurred for the day. He then think that he have to eat instant noodles for the rest of the month, and wondered whether Fuyutsuki will lend him some money, and if she doesn't, he will have to resort to extortion. Suddenly, Kanzaki thanked Onizuka, saying that she really have fun that day. She then added that she never met a person like him who is patient when accompanying her when she is having fun.

She then continued, saying that when she is phoning find-new-friends telephone service, all the people she talked to only thoughts of bedding her, so she continued searching for someone who don't have evil intentions who can become her company, and someone who can laugh and cry with her. Hearing her, Onizuka retorted that she had misunderstands him, and he is probably more evil than the ones she called at the phone service. Suddenly, to his shock, Kanzaki hugged him and exclaimed that she really likes him.

She then suggested that they eloped to find a faraway place and marry there, for real. Onizuka started to blush, as Kanzaki reminded him that he had said earlier that he always intends to find an underage female student as a wife. Kanzaki then commented, that if the 'man' is him, she is willing to become his wife. She started to tighten her grasp, as Kanzaki continued, saying that she never care about being enrolled in Massachusetts Institute of Technology or whether her high IQ can be used in the right way or not. She then says that she will try to fulfill his sexual needs, because she actually wants to know how it feels to make love too. Then she says that they can rent a small apartment, and when she reached 16, she will goes out and find a job.

Onizuka is speechless to hear her, when suddenly, Kanzaki started to close his eyes, waiting to be kissed. Devils started to play with Onizuka's mind, saying that he is very lucky to have her surrendered herself to him. Onizuka protested that she is only 14, and the devil's voice started to disbelieve that Onizuka is actually saying that. The voice then exclaimed that he is lucky to marry a 14-years old girl when he is only 22. Onizuka started to calculate that when he is 30, she is only 22. The devil's voice started to wonder how the feelings will be to sleep with a 14-years old, adding that her skin must be very soft and tender, and the white skin of hers is tender anyway. The devil's voice continued, saying that her every move will satisfy him, and that he (the devil) can't stand to just imagine how the scenario will look like, and pleaded to Onizuka to lend her to him. The devil exclaimed, that after seeing him, the devil himself wanted to become a teacher…

Onizuka suddenly grasped his knees, started to get up and hacked his head to the ferris wheel's structure, shocking Kanzaki. Onizuka screams, as Kanzaki is speechless. Onizuka then stopped, and falls with blood coming out from his head. Seeing him, Kanzaki started to sit back, murmuring that he had already rejected her. But she silently thinks that his reaction is predictable, because Onizuka is a real teacher…


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