Uwaa.. will my salary this month are finished to treat this good-for-nothing Onizuka? - Azusa Fuyutsuki.

Lesson 121 -13 stairs of death.


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Lesson 121 -13 stairs of death.

In 2 attempts, (Eikichi) Onizuka managed to defeat another 5 opponents; making the number of the challengers he defeated stands at 87 people. The audience started to disbelieve that Onizuka managed to defeat them all. (Mayu) Wakui replied that Onizuka has started to lose steam, because Onizuka’s hand has started to change color and that his veins is showing too, as Ageha looked at Wakui silently. Wakui continued, saying that there are 13 people left, and Onizuka has now started to ascend the “13 stairs of death”…

The 88th man, turns out to be the person Wakui have to restrain earlier, and the other chained teachers are shocked to see him. They wondered whether the man is wearing monster costumes, and that if Onizuka is fighting arm-wrestling with the monster, he will be defeated. Onizuka is silent as he looks at the 88th person babbling on how his teachers used to look down at him, and that he will defeat Onizuka easily. Suddenly, Onizuka asked whether he comes from another planet with the looks he have now, and if he is wearing costumes, he should remove it because the disco is hot. The opponent become angrier, and the teachers started to become more scared…

The game starts and the opponent doesn’t waste time to put Onizuka in a critical position. (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada started to mourn the sure loss of his Cresta, when suddenly, Onizuka cursed at the opponent, and crushed him along with the desk. All the teachers are shocked to see Onizuka’s win, and so are Ageha and the audience. Onizuka commented that only 12 people are left to be defeated and he doesn’t care whether they want to put aliens from outer space as opponents because he will win. Ageha is silent when she sees the 89th challenger arise to meet Onizuka’s challenge.

Somewhere inside the building, (Kunio) Murai and the others are tied and a guard watches them, as he wondered on the development of Onizuka’s arm-wrestling contest. Murai started to threaten the guard to release them or he will be insulted for resembling a certain character, and a sheepish (Kouji) Fujiyoushi asked Murai to stop using tasteless threats. Suddenly the door of the room is opened, and an egg is flying towards the guard. The egg hits him and breaks, showering the guard with some sort of powder. The guard started to complain about his irritated eyes, and (Yoshito) Kikuchi is shocked to see that the guard is attacked with a ‘wasabi bomb’.

As the guard is rolling on the floor in pain, (Urumi) Kanzaki entered the room, and asked on why all of them failed to escape from the guard. She then attacked the guard with a taser, making him faints. Kanzaki then wondered whether they still have any face to save after being rescued by a girl, and the feminist’s theory that says that males has started to become weaker nowadays has been vindicated. All of them are shocked to see her, and Murai asked on how she managed to find them. Kanzaki replied that she has been eavesdropping all along, and now they have to save Onizuka, because his hand may start to have internal bleeding.

As they goes out from the room, Murai asked on how they can stop the contest anyway, and that ‘wasabi bombs’ and a taser are surely not enough to stop the bloody and angry audiences. Kanzaki replied, saying that she had asked (Azusa) Fuyutsuki to contact (Ryuji) Danma. They then go out to the disco’s entrance, just to meet a breathless Fuyutsuki who had only comes alone. Kanzaki asked her about the whereabouts of Danma, and Fuyutsuki replied that she failed to contact him, so she comes first to the disco. Kanzaki countered, saying that without Danma, it’s hard to do anything and Fuyutsuki asked about the whereabouts of Onizuka. Kikuchi is silent when he hears Fuyutsuki’s question.

Back to the disco, Onizuka had defeated the 97th opponent, and called for the next opponents with signs of pain all over his face. Fuyutsuki is shocked to see him, and Kikuchi explained the situation to her. She asked for them to stop Onizuka, because the next opponent looks very tough. Someone suggested that they should make a police report, but the suggestion is shot down because police will not care about an arm-wrestling contest, which obviously is in line of the law. Meanwhile Onizuka has started the fight with the 98th opponent. The opponent tried to weaken Onizuka’s hand by moving it around, as Onizuka really feels the pain from the result of that maneuver. Sensing victory, the 98th opponent started to smile, when suddenly Onizuka lashed at him for smiling in a contest and smashed him along the desk through the stage, for another win.

The audience is shocked to see the 98th challenger being smashed into the stage, as Onizuka exclaimed that they only have 2 chances left. The audience started to panic, saying that they don’t want to be forced to listen to Onizuka’s directives. Wakui assures them, asking them to look at Onizuka’s arm. He continued, saying that Onizuka can’t even hold a cigarette properly anymore. Nevertheless, if Onizuka did able to defeat 100 people, they don’t actually have to honor the agreement and that they should storm the stage and beats him up, and Onizuka will surely lose. Ageha protested, saying that breaking the agreement is a cowardly act. Wakui countered, saying that there’s nothing wrong with doing such things. He the continued, saying that all adults are more cowardly than themselves. Then, Wakui asked Ageha that she herself has been betrayed by adults herself for believing them, so she should know how the feelings are.

Ageha started to have a flashback when as a child, a lot of adults are crying in a cremation house on an unknown corpse, as she is silent. Wakui adds that they should not care about Onizuka’s agreement, saying that in the disco, they are gods and as gods, they can do anything. Suddenly, Onizuka interjected, calling Wakui as a useless larva. He himself is not able to make a living by himself, so Wakui don’t have any rights to punish others. Onizuka continued, saying that after he defeats the next opponent, he will surely teaches a lesson on Wakui. Wakui smiles, and he replied that he would be waiting for that moment to come.

The 99th opponent, a giant wearing a hockey-mask is being escorted to the stage. The teachers started to become happy, thinking that only 2 challengers are left to be beaten, and Uchiyamada is somewhat relieved that his Cresta will be saved. The 99th opponent gets into the stage and shoved an axe on Onizuka’s neck. He tells Onizuka that he will use the axe to cut Onizuka’s arm off when he wins. Hearing him, Onizuka puts the axe away and started to challenge him…


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