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Lesson 126 - Lost part 2

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Lesson 126 - Lost part 2

A mysterious female student is being asked about (Miyabi) Aizawa, and she replied that she had known her since Year 1, and that at the time, all her classmates really likes her too because she is the kind of people that will make everyone happy. The students continues, saying that Aizawa not only good in her studies, but also very active in co-curricular activities. There's one incident, when she is an anchor runner in a relay event, she managed to stage a comeback from behind to win the race for her team. Plus, she is the class monitor and that most seniors who always likes to bully juniors also takes a liking to her. There's also an incident when she becomes members of 3 clubs, just because she don't know how to reject the club's offers! Basically, she can do anything very well, and that how she looks like when she in Year 1.

Then, all of sudden, she changed into what she today, and nobody knows what exactly the reason is (webmaster note: Volume 23 is a reveal-all volume, where you will know everything that happened). The case that turns her into what she is now is quite serious, because 3 teachers are badly beaten, and one student from the 4th class is expelled because of the incident. But what has actually happened is still a mystery. After the case, Aizawa has started to become what she is now, and she never believes in anyone anymore. There's a rumor that a teacher she really trusted betrays Aizawa, and the effect is so serious, she never believe anyone else until now.

(Eikichi) Onizuka is walking with the silent Aizawa as he sings. They then emerge from inside a lift, as Aizawa is asking Onizuka on where he wants to take her. Onizuka replied that he had told her earlier that he would take her to the house of her friend. Aizawa countered, saying that she don't have any friends that live in the luxury building they are inside now, but Onizuka interjected, saying that Aizawa should only follow him. Onizuka then rings a doorbell, as Aizawa started to think that Onizuka will sell her to an old man, and if that happened, she will attack Onizuka with the taser and screams loudly.

The door opened and someone wearing gas masks (like those who are cleaning anthrax-laced post offices in United States) appears, shocking Aizawa who are holding the taser. Onizuka greets the mask-wearer, and Aizawa asked on whom the monster is. Onizuka replied that the person is her good friend, but Aizawa countered that she doesn't have a friend that works as an alien exterminator. The person removes the mask reveals herself as (Tomoko) Nomura who started to greet them.

Aizawa is shocked to see Nomura, and Onizuka apologized to Nomura for coming very late as Aizawa and he comes from Shibuya prefecture. Nomura started to prepare sandals for them, as Aizawa asked Onizuka whether he thinks that Nomura is her good friend, and Onizuka replied that he thinks that's the way it should be. Aizawa protested, saying that it isn't true because she had severed her relationship with Nomura a long time ago. Suddenly Aizawa smells something funny, and asked Onizuka whether he smells them too. Onizuka replied that he hasn't farted, and Aizawa lashed at him, saying that she smells something burning…

She then notices something, and asked Nomura on what she is cooking. Nomura is puzzled as the soup in the kitchen behind her started to boil out of control. She then turn and was stunned to see the sight behind her, and she groaned. Aizawa lashed at her for groaning at times like that, and asked whether she is doing scientific experiments. Nomura replied that she is only cooking soups, and Aizawa lashed her again, saying that cooking soups will not involve any explosions whatsoever. She then screams for the stove to be turned off, and in the end, Aizawa is the one who have to turn them off.

She started to clean the messy kitchen as she scolded Nomura for not using her brains when she cooks. Suddenly she realized something, and throws the cleaning clothes she uses as she screams on why she should help Nomura cleans the kitchen. She then asked for the location of the toilet to clean herself, adding that she comes here because she have problems, not to help in house chores. By then, she realized that she spills all the beans and Onizuka is sneering behind her. She stopped screaming and murmured for the location of the toilet, adding that she will go after she goes there.

Onizuka groaned, saying that Aizawa is still stubborn despite the fact that she is now a nomad without any home to go. Aizawa becomes angry, asking on whom he means when he speaks about nomads. Onizuka ignored her, and commented instead that at least she should sleep at Nomura's house for the night, because Nomura really hopes that Aizawa can stay at her place. Nomura is shown cleaning the mess as Onizuka explained to Aizawa that Nomura is really worried about her since the news about Aizawa eloping from her house breaks out. Aizawa is silent as she hears him, and then replied that she will sleep at her house, but only for the night.

Nomura started to become happy when she hears her, and announced that she will make pancakes to celebrate the occasion. Aizawa started to panic, and stopped Nomura from doing it. In the next scene, Aizawa is shown cooking the pancakes, with Nomura clapping her hands when Aizawa flipped the pancakes with ease. Aizawa is annoyed, and screams for her to get out from the kitchen, because she will only distract her. She then lashed at Nomura who are looking at her from the doorway to go and not peeking at her cooking.

Nomura then replied that she really missed her. Aizawa is puzzled, and Nomura reminded her about the time when they were in elementary school, she is really stupid and can't cook when the home economic period comes. At that time, Aizawa will always help her to turn her cookery into a magnificent dish. Aizawa is silent, but suddenly she replied that she has forgotten everything about the past, stunning Nomura. Nomura tried to call her name, but Aizawa is just silent as if she tried to remember something.

In the next scene, Onizuka exclaimed that he is really full, and Nomura thanked Aizawa who are reading a book for cooking the foods for them. Onizuka commented that he never thought that Aizawa that looks arrogant can actually cook very well, and asked Nomura to go and play Dreamcast games to help digestion. Nomura started to become happy, and she asked Aizawa whether she wants to join them as Onizuka is putting all the cables up. Aizawa replied that she doesn't want to play, as Onizuka tells Nomura to just ignore the coward Aizawa who doesn't want to play. Nomura protested, but Onizuka asked her to be quick because the game is starting.

They then goes to the living room, leaving Aizawa alone in the kitchen sofa. She then lies down on it, as she started to wonder on what she is doing now. She remembered that she runs away from home to live alone, but instead she ends up at the home of a friend that she had vowed not to talk anymore, and worse, the teacher she hated most takes her there. Aizawa then decided that she would leave the house tomorrow morning.

Suddenly, she hears Nomura screaming, "I don't want to do it". She then hears Nomura exclaimed that "Onizuka should not go to that place", as Aizawa started to get up. Onizuka then can be heard saying, "You should be braver" as Nomura replied that "she can't do it, and he should stop pushing". Nomura then screams as Aizawa started to have dirty thoughts. She barged through the door to the living room, as she screams for Nomura, just to see that Nomura is fighting a monster in the game with Onizuka trying to press the buttons on her controller. Nomura complained that she has to fight the monster because of his pestering her to enter that room, but Onizuka interjected, saying that she can't proceed if she doesn't enter the room. Nomura lashed at him for pushing her controller's buttons, when they realized that a sheepish Aizawa is looking at them.

Nomura then offered the controller, and asked whether she want to play the game Resident Evil: Codename - Veronica (Webmaster note: One of the games from the Resident Evil series. Codename -Veronica is unfortunately is Dreamcast exclusive, and PS2 owners like me don't have any chance to play it after the announcement about the series being Gamecube-exclusive from now on). Suddenly, Aizawa exclaimed that she wants to go now, and Nomura tried to stop her. She hugged he from behind as Aizawa lashed at her to let her go. Nomura replied that she will not, and Aizawa screams again, saying that she wants to go, and Nomura should not mind about her.

Aizawa continued, saying that she doesn't need sympathy from anyone, and also she doesn't want to project the image that she is pathetic. Nomura replied that Aizawa doesn't look pathetic at all, and asked again whether Aizawa feels pathetic because Aizawa is with her. Hearing her, Aizawa replied that she never thinks about that, and she started to give up explaining to Nomura. Nomura then tells Aizawa to let her go in her place instead, so Aizawa will stay at the house. Aizawa started to brand Nomura as mad, but Nomura started to offer that she herself would go out there as long as Aizawa stays.

Aizawa tells Nomura again to let her hands go off her, asking on why Nomura must be so nosy. Nomura then replied that she couldn't let her go just like that. Hearing her, Aizawa asked her on why she thinks like that, and Nomura started to reply, that she does not want to let her go because she likes her very much. She continued, saying that Aizawa has always helped her, who is stupid, in doing things like sewing and cooking. So, the time for her to help Aizawa has come, because Aizawa had told her earlier when they are in elementary school that their relationship is what she called 'friendship'!

Aizawa is stunned as she tried hard to hold her tears. Meanwhile Onizuka is listening to them from afar. Aizawa then thinks that after the people she trusted most betrayed her; she never dared to believe anyone else. That's why when she failed to cry when she wanted to. It's also why when Nomura hugged her tightly from behind, she started to become really pissed of, but at the same time, she feels very comfortable too. Aizawa then started to have a flashback…

At the teacher's room, a teacher is praising Aizawa that she is very smart, and that he is very proud to have her as a student. Aizawa blushes as the teacher is talking to another teacher. The teacher then turns to her and asked Aizawa whether she wanted to go eating with him, because he wanted to introduce her to a friend….

Back to the reality, Aizawa silently think that she can't stand it anymore, and that she really hated herself for doing all the things she had done before. She then tries to ask God, on what she should do so she can return to her former self…


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