That's not a line that I would expect from the old "2nd year 4th class" homeroom teacher tormenting group's tactician - Urumi Kanzaki.
Lesson #12- Dancing Floor.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 2
Lesson #12- Dancing Floor.

April has come. (Eikichi) Onizuka and (Azusa) Fuyutsuki are greeting each other. Onizuka the asked about her graduating ceremony, and he added that he is late coming to his university ceremony, thus he was denied entry. Fuyutsuki then asked if he has gotten his qualification, and he say yes, and so are Fuyutsuki. They then show their certificate together, but in the midst of happiness, Onizuka splits his certificate into 2 pieces, much to Fuyutsuki' shock. Onizuka, still don't realize that he torn his certificate, declared that he's a step closer to his dreams. A nervous Fuyutsuki then reminded Onizuka of what he has done, and Onizuka's happiness turned into horror.

In the coffeeshop, Onizuka is trying hard to fix his certificate, but just after he is finished, a nervous waitress spills coffee on his certificate, shocking him further. The waitress started to apologize, explaining that this is her first day at work. But the coffee then has spoiled the ink on the certificate, making it unreadable. Onizuka and Fuyutsuki are silent, before started to think ways of fixing it. Fuyutsuki commented that the certificate doesn't seem to be real, as a real certificate don't use water-based ink, and Onizuka STRONGLY disagree with that....

In the next scene, (Ryuji) Danma is driving a small truck, with Onizuka's belonging behind it, to the school. Onizuka thanked him for helping him move, and Danma replied he don't have to worry as he's free that day. Onizuka and Fuyutsuki are on the back, chatting. Fuyutsuki remarked that she wanted to see his 'house' by herself, and started to be jealous of him of being so close to the school. Onizuka then commented that he want to be a permanently appointed teacher. Danma then interjected, that as far as Onizuka hated his teachers in the past, in the end he become one too.

Suddenly, Fuyutsuki realized something, and asked Danma to stop. Danma is puzzled about stopping there, as it's only at the school gate. She disembarks and walked towards the school gate. Onizuka commented it's too far to take his property if they parked at the gate. Fuyutsuki then said that if they stepped in, they would start to become teachers, the teachers to all 1000+ students in that school. Onizuka is stunned, and Danma is puzzled. Fuyutsuki smiles at Onizuka, and so do Onizuka. Then, with a 3-count, they simultaneously stepped on into the school compound. And as they faced each other, they greeted themselves with the word 'teacher' in their greetings. Onizuka really liked it, he asked Fuyutsuki to repeat it a few times. Suddenly Danma pulled him back to reality, and Onizuka apologized for being so late.

Danma then asked where should he go. Onizuka suggested about asking the guard on duty. Onizuka then asked the guard, on where's the teacher' quarters are. The guard is puzzled, saying that there are no such things as teacher's quarters in the school. Onizuka reiterated that (Ryoko) Sakurai had told him that he will be living in the school. Then the guard for his name, and Onizuka take the chance to announce that he is Eikichi Onizuka, 22 years old, and will started to teach social studies. The guard then remembered something, and asked Onizuka to follow him.

They started to ascend a series of stairs as Danma commented that Onizuka' place is in the same building as the middle school section, and this is very rare indeed. Onizuka commented that he is surely getting the best treatment. Suddenly, the guard, facing a door, announced that he will live here. Onizuka, commented that he will live at the top-most floor, like a penthouse, opened the door just to see that it was the roof. Onizuka then asked the guard if he is required to sleep under the stars, and the guard say no. Onizuka then commented that the guard knows how to play tricks, and then asked him again about where he will live. The guard pointed to the room they are now (it’s a storeroom), and say that Onizuka will live here. Onizuka started to grab the guard collar and asked why he must live at the place where is probably a student smoking-joint. The guard then says it's under Sakurai' orders.

In the night, after Onizuka cleaned the place and put all his belongings, he started to curse Sakurai for making him sleeping at such a bad place. He commented human-right violations, and how hard for him to watch grade A videos in the future. While he is eating his dinner, suddenly he heard a voice. Onizuka is startled, and started to look around, but there's nothing but silence. Onizuka started to think that he must have been hearing things, as the results of his pent-up anger for Sakurai. He then continued to eat, but suddenly he heard the sound of a falling thing. He turned around to see a high-heeled shoe behind him. Then he started to hear the voices again and it's coming from above him....


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