Wahahaha ~ !! The famous Onizuka from the Legendary Shonan Onibaku (demon explosion) combo is the slave of a middle-school girl? - Toshiyuki Saejima.
Lesson #27 - Bungee jumping at the bridge, which crossed the ocean.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 4
Lesson #27 - Bungee jumping at the bridge, which crossed the ocean.

(Taadaki) Kusano, (Kouji) Fujiyoushi and (Kunio) Murai were each inserted into sleeping bags and hoisted up in the air. Murai screams for them to stop, but the gang is laughing, commented that they are perfect as a punching bag. Murai is panicking, after hearing that threatened to make a police report so that they will be arrested and sent to juvenile centers. Suddenly one of them punched Murai, and asking him to shut up, as they now just a punching bag. The gang member then ask another gang member to practice his punch on them, so he can prepare for the next day tournament, as Murai and Co. pleading them to stop.

Suddenly, (Eikichi) Onizuka asked them to stop. Fujiyoushi is relieved as Onizuka have come to save them. Onizuka ignored him and said to the gang that their methods not fun. The gang tries to threaten Onizuka, but Onizuka added that their way of bullying are boring, asking them how long they are in business, stunning Murai, Fujiyoushi and Kusano. Onizuka then recommended that at least they should use motorcycles to drag them along the road, and the gang sheepishly agreed. As Onizuka and the gang discussed the best way of torturing, Murai is lashing at Onizuka for provoking them, and giving them ideas, while Fujiyoushi screamed for Onizuka to release them. Immediately, Onizuka know the best idea of punishing Murai' group, by throwing them out from the bridge that crossed the ocean, with a rope like bungee jumping. Murai, Fujiyoushi and Kusano are stunned, then started to throw tantrums when they were taken to the car...

At the bridge, one of the gang throw a coin and it take 5 seconds to hear the sound of impact. They commented that if anyone falls from the bridge, a certain death is assured, and began to talk about the excitement, as Murai, Kusano and Fujiyoushi looked at them. Murai then asked if Onizuka really wanted him to jump from the bridge, and Onizuka replied that it was safe, and they use nylon rope too. Onizuka then tied Murai's legs, to his protest. Onizuka then declared that he have finished tying up, and asked the gang to start playing. Murai ask Onizuka to stop joking, and as he is taken to the edge, he started to scream for help.

Onizuka, pissed, asked for Murai to be quick, adding that he was brave at the school. He then said, how is he even after being into secondary school, still crying begging to be released, as they are the ones who started the trouble anyway. He pointed out, a man must be brave, not to show off when out of trouble, but chickened out at times like this. Onizuka assumed then, that Murai is actually just a mama-boy, just like the 'spirit of the coins' says. Murai is silent...

Onizuka added, how Murai can look after his beautiful mother, if he himself is useless, suggesting that it's better if Onizuka is looking out after her, and he will take care of her real good. Suddenly, Murai replied that he will jump, but if he does, Onizuka must not try to seduce her mom again. Onizuka smiles, as the gang members asked Murai to hurry up. Fujiyoushi can't really believe that Murai will jump, but Murai went over the rail and jumped below. The gang members and Fujiyoushi are nervous, as the rope tightened and bounced Murai back above.

The gang laughed at Murai, exclaimed how fun it is, as Fujiyoushi and Kusano can only looked at him. The hanging Murai is breathing rapidly, as Onizuka smiles as he looked at him from above. One of the gang members asked on who will be next, just to find out that Onizuka is tying the rope at his legs. Onizuka then said that now it's their turn, just like the rules. The gang started to threaten 'Doraemon', but Onizuka asked who are they calling Doraemon, as he smashed the bowling balls, shocking the gang, removing his shirts, drawing the 'Big Dipper' (webmaster note: anyone who were well-versed in astronomy will know what Big Dipper is) constellation diagram on his chest and announced that he is Kenshiro (webmaster note: the main character of the Hokuto No Ken manga created by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson, and his special move is called Big Dipper) and he will save Uria (webmaster note: another Hokuto No Ken character ) from the evil force. He then dumped the gang over the bridge, as Kusano and Fujiyoushi pulled Murai back up.

Fujiyoushi and Kusano are checking on Murai. Onizuka then praised Murai for his jumping maneuver. Murai smiles and extended his hand to shake Onizuka' hand. Onizuka is puzzled, but suddenly Murai punched him, saying that he will die if the rope breaks. They started to quarrel again, but Fujiyoushi screamed that police cars are coming. Onizuka cursed, saying if he was caught, he will surely be fired. He then wanted to take the gang's car, but Fujiyoushi replied that the car have its steering locked and the ignition key had been thrown to the sea. Onizuka then expertly breaks the steering lock, punched at the ignition slot, and hot-wiring it to start the car, calling them to get inside as Murai and Fujiyoushi gasped at Onizuka expertise, wondering how many criminal cases he has been in.....


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