Shit - why is everyone so cold! Where has the empathy of the Japanese people gone!? A female middle school student and her homeroom teacher are in a pinch.. - Eikichi Onizuka.
Lesson #23 - That bastard must be fired!

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 3
Lesson #23 - That bastard must be fired!

(Hiroshi) Uchiyamada is kneeling before 2 insurance agents to ask for compensation for his car. The agent replied that it is strange for Uchiyamada to seek compensation twice in such a short time, and wondered whether he tried to cheat. Uchiyamada pleaded, saying that they have a picnic plan in the weekend, and that he will transfer all of his insurance plans to them. The agents replied that they don't have any life insurance plans anyway, adding that there's a lot of cases like his now, and the investigation will take usually more than half a year, so he just have to wait....

Back to the school, Uchiyamada is staring at his burned Cresta, as he thinks that even if he wait for half a year, he will only get at most 80% of the car value, and how in 2 weeks after getting his new car, he have to ask for compensation 3 times. Then he remembers about his daughter's reaction after she hears the destruction of his car again. She asked on whether she will get her Prada handbag, but her mom tells her to just keep it down, saying that they aren't rich and still have to pay for the remaining 20%. She added that she actually feels strange on why Uchiyamada was feeling generous earlier, and that she had also told her friends that he would buy a ring for her. She summed that Uchiyamada can't be believed, and she asked her daughter to go to Hawaii, just by themselves.

Uchiyamada screamed, as he cursed (Eikichi) Onizuka for all the troubles he is in now. He barged into the director's room to ask for her to fire Onizuka. Instead he sees the PTA president talking angrily with the headmaster. The headmaster tried to calm her, saying that they will investigate the matter first, but she rejected his offer, saying that such a sexual harassment incident will not go unpunished, and it will become the main agenda for the emergency PTA meeting later that day. In that meeting, she will suggest the right course of action to take. She then left the room as the headmaster tried to stop her. Seeing that, Uchiyamada started to rejoice silently, thinking that the director will not be able to stop Onizuka from being fired now.

In the next scene, (Naoko) Moritaka is lying on a bed, and she seems to be aroused by something. Suddenly she started to groan sensually, and asked for someone not to do 'it' too fast. Then she seems to groan again in delight, as if she is about to reach a climax, but it turns out that a nurse is finished taking her blood in a mobile blood collection center. The nurse thanked her for donating blood, as Onizuka looked sheepishly at her from the next bed. After they finished, Onizuka asked her if she always liked to donate blood, and she replied that donating blood is her hobby. Coughing, Onizuka asked if she liked to be shot by needles, and coughed again as if the question has a different meaning. Hearing that, she replied that she does like shots, not realizing that Onizuka is thinking about those porn videos featuring nurses with their large syringes.

Moritaka talked that she have heard that Onizuka had managed to save another life, and that he leaped to prevent him from falling, commenting that no ordinary people is able to do it. Onizuka replied that there's nothing, it is just because he have strong body. He proceeded to tell her about a friend that pulled a bike from falling into a ravine with one hand, and another one who are able to lift people with also one hand as Moritaka asked him not to introduce them to her. She then turned to him, to praise about his ability to save (Noboru) Yoshikawa without any injuries when she noticed something. She started to wipe her eyes, as she does not believe on what she has seen, and Onizuka is puzzled to see Moritaka acted strangely. She then pointed at Onizuka's arm and asked him to examine it, as Onizuka realized that his right arm is swelling.

Onizuka started to panic, as Moritaka asked on when the swelling have started. Onizuka replied that he had never realized it. Moritaka examined his swelling arm, and deduced that his arms may have broken, shocking him. He started to make push-ups, saying that it's nothing anyway, but Moritaka started to drag him to the hospital, much to his protest.

Back to the school, Uchiyamada and the headmaster (plus one of the other principals) barged into the director room. (Ryoko) Sakurai and the 3rd principal are shocked to see them. She asked on what have happened, and Uchiyamada replied that the day when the 'bastard' will be fired has finally come. Meanwhile at the infirmary, Moritaka is shocked to learn from (Azusa) Fuyutsuki that Onizuka will be fired. Moritaka protested, saying that Onizuka is with her earlier in the day. Fuyutsuki explained that Onizuka had taken the picture of (Anko) Uehara's bare ass, and now a special meeting will be held to discuss Onizuka's dismissal. Moritaka started to become worried, and explained that she had forced Onizuka to be admitted at the hospital because his arm broke when he saved Yoshikawa. Fuyutsuki is shocked, and decided to find Uehara's mother to delay her action until Onizuka can come back from the hospital to explain himself. Moritaka decided that she would follow her, as both Yoshikawa and (Yoshito) Kikuchi listened to their conversation. Kikuchi turned around to see that Yoshikawa is silent.

At the hospital, a nurse entered Onizuka's room with a trolley full with medicines, announcing that his tablet time has arrived. After there's no response, she asked for Onizuka to stop pretending, adding that there's nothing wrong for staying in hospitals. She opened the curtains just to see that he is missing and the window is wide open. Seeing that, the nurse started to alarm the doctors. The doctor protested that the door is locked, and the room is on floor 4, but the nurse explained that he eloped from the windows.

Back at the school, both Fuyutsuki and Moritaka tried to reason with Uehara's mother, asking her to wait until Onizuka returns from hospital. She refused, saying that a trash like Onizuka should be burned, just like a trash (so much for pun here). She continued, saying that she will press for the school to fire him no matter what. Suddenly the door opened, and a shirtless Yoshikawa entered with the words 'Great' (katakana) and 'I am a student' (romanized English) are written on his body. Moritaka, Fuyutsuki and Uehara's mother are shocked to see him.....


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