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Lesson #105 - LOVE LOVE LOVE

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 13
Lesson #105 - LOVE LOVE LOVE

(Noboru) Yoshikawa is lying on the ground after being punched by the punk, as (Anko) Uehara screamed his name while she is being dragged by the punks. The punk subordinates exclaimed that they had prepared the car, and the punk leader exclaimed that he and Uehara could now go on vacation. Uehara protested, saying that she doesn't want to go to their vacation, but one of the subs replied that the car will be good, and she will like it. Uehara turned to see a silly looking car, which looked like more like a van. Uehara protested again, saying the car sucks.

Suddenly, one of the subordinates asked the leader on what to do with Yoshikawa, and the leader replied to just leave him there, as he will not be brave enough to do anything anyway. He turned to ask Uehara why she should like a weak person like Yoshikawa, which looked like that he is always bullied at the school, but she is holding his hand and singing happily. He asked her if she is doing voluntarily job, and guessed that in her heart, she feels embarrassed when she is with Yoshikawa. The punk leader is laughing, as Uehara is stunned and silent.

The punk leader takes Uehara to the car, when suddenly she reached for a scythe, and start swinging it at the punk leader, as she screams at them for talking nonsense. She lashed at them for belittling Yoshikawa, and lunged forward, screaming that Yoshikawa is not like what they had said. The punk leader is shocked, asking what is she trying to say, and asked her if she wanted to fight. He reached for a stick, when suddenly Uehara used a digger to wound his scalp, asking for him to apologize to Yoshikawa. Blood started flowing from the punk leader' head, and he started to become angry, asking if Uehara wants to kill people.

Uehara tell the punk leader to shut up, and as she used the scythe back to hit the punk leader, she wants them to apologize to Yoshikawa. The punk leader, busy dodging her attacks, asked if the little boy is a good person. Hearing that the punk leader called Yoshikawa 'short', she started to lash at the punk leader again, saying that there's nothing wrong with being short, and many person who are short are also handsome too. Meanwhile, the 2 subordinates are just standing silently hearing Uehara and their leader bickers, as the punk leader is amazed that she can fall for the short man, as Uehara lased at him saying that there's nothing wrong with being short.

Uehara continued, that even Yoshikawa is short, and not good-looking, likes to play video games, have a weak exam results, small frame but with big feet, have a hairstyle like a primary school student, like to watch anime and always bullied by the girls, but she didn't know why she loves her, as she drives the digger on the car, next to the punk leader' head. Then she declared, no matter what happened, she will always love Yoshikawa, so much that she will never back off, and asked the punks if they doubt her. The punks are stunned. Armed with the scythe, she asked them again if they have any doubts on her love to him.

Suddenly, the punk leader produced a tape-recorder, and stopped the recording, and started to rewind the tape, as the subordinates are starting to laugh hysterically. They started to jump around a stunned Uehara, saying that this is a real news, and that they never knows that Uehara loved Yoshikawa, as the punk leader exclaimed to them that his words are right, and that he had won. Uehara is puzzled by the punk leader' words, as the punk leader asked for 1000 yen from each of his subordinates. Uehara started to ask if they are what she thinks they are, and hearing that, all the punks started to remove their wig and masks to show that they are (Eikichi) Onizuka, (Kouji) Fujiyoushi and (Taadaki) Kusano, and Fujiyoushi exclaimed that she is right.

Uehara started to scream, and asked them why they can possibly be at the place, as both of them ignored her. Kusano asked Fujiyoushi that Uehara was used to bully Yoshikawa, as Fujiyoushi replied that he had heard of a theory in primary school that a boy will always harass the girl that they like, so Uehara must have liked Yoshikawa for a very long time. Hearing that, Uehara started to lash at them, asking them to be quiet or risked being killed by her.

Suddenly, Onizuka come from behind, and tell her not to worry, because she had already been honest to her own heart by declaring her love to Yoshikawa, adding that she should thanked him by giving him money. He walked away and started to comment about how daring her declaration is by saying ' I love him so much no matter what'. He continued, saying that when Uehara is trying to kill him with the scythe, he actually didn't know what to do at that time, and commented that must be the act of self-sacrifice for love. Uehara, embarrassed, asked him why he must take Fujiyoushi and Kusano to bully her. She commented that she is finished, and she will not return to the school again as she will become a very hot topic.

Suddenly Onizuka interjected, asking her if she still feel ashamed. Uehara is puzzled. Onizuka reminded her that she had said earlier that there's nothing wrong with being short, and also that she will love him no matter what. Uehara is stunned. Onizuka added that it doesn't matter if anyone else is saying that Yoshikawa is weak or short, as long as she loved him, and she will never care what others will say. He tell Uehara, that a true love will make her to ignore everything that happened around her, just like what she had done earlier. Uehara is silent, as both Kusano and Fujiyoushi smiles. He added, that when she declared her love, she is so innocent and so beautiful, and Uehara started to blush.

Seeing her blush, he asked her if she remembers something, and commented that it's so good being a young man. Uehara denies, but Onizuka tell her not to hide it anymore. He whispered if she can give him her used panties as a reward, and Uehara started to lash at him. Onizuka denies that it is for himself, saying that he had met an old man at a bar who had offered him 50000 yen for a piece of used panties. He added if Uehara won't give him her panties, he would accept socks too. Suddenly someone hit him at the head, and it is the oblivious Yoshikawa who has done it, shocking Uehara, Fujiyoushi and Uehara.

Yoshikawa started to beat him again, exclaiming that he has gut for beating him up, as Fujiyoushi and Kusano started to stop him. Yoshikawa, still oblivious, continued to pound at him, as Fujiyoushi exclaimed that blood had started to spurt out like a whale. Suddenly, Onizuka stands up, saying that he will kill Yoshikawa no matter what, and he started to take a chain to square it off with Yoshikawa as Uehara just looked on and smiles.

"Love will make someone to ignore everything around them..."*

At the beach after the game finished, (Kunio) Murai is playing with a lot of fireworks inside his mouth, as the other students looked at him in amazement. Suddenly he feels hot, as one of the firecrackers has being put backwards. Meanwhile (Urumi) Kanzaki is so angry at him, saying that he should help her to BBQ the fish, or else she will poison them all, as (Yoshito) Kikuchi and Yoshikawa smiles. She then asked her roommate, (Mukuba) Shirai to put some chili on the fishes, and he do just that and asked Salya if he has done it right. Salya exclaimed that he had put sugar instead, and reiterated that she is not Salya.

Shirai then commented that Kanzaki is just like his mother and both Kikuchi and Yoshikawa laughed when they hear him. Kanzaki become more angry, saying that all of them are crazy, and wondered why a beautiful girl like her have to do all the cooking, and lashed at a student for tasting the food first, and Kikuchi exclaimed that Kanzaki is acting just like a mother who are scolding her sons.

Suddenly, Onizuka brought a turtles to them, and Kanzaki, Kikuchi and Yoshikawa looked at him suspiciously. Onizuka started to brag about his capture, asking if they should cook it. Kanzaki asked if turtles can be eaten, and he replied that if tortoise can be eaten, why not it siblings like turtle, and asked Yoshikawa if he is right. Yoshikawa replied that he thinks that turtles can't be eaten and Onizuka started to act like the wounds that Yoshikawa has inflicted on him earlier has began to hurt again, and that if Yoshikawa eats the turtle, his wounds will be healed.

Meanwhile, as Yoshikawa and Onizuka bickers, Uehara is busy collecting star sparkles from the sand. (Mayuko) Asano approached her and asked on what she is doing, and she replied that she is collecting star sparkles. Asano is puzzled, saying that she can just buy one bottle for 500 yen. Uehara replied that the 'magic sand' that was sold over the counter can't be used, as teen magazines has said that only praying with the star sparkles that was self-collected will the prayer come true. Asano is stunned, started to laugh and asked her with who she is praying with, and Uehara replied that she would not tell her. Asano asked Uehara to just tell her, and Uehara reiterated her stand. Asano started to tell everyone that Uehara has started to pray about her love wish, as the students are in the uproar....

"The 14- year old Uehara has secretly fallen in love...."*

As the students are enjoying themselves at the beach, Fuyutsuki is still puzzled on why no other students had entered the hotel...



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