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Lesson #97 - A turtle study expedition! GO!

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 12
Lesson #97 - A turtle study expedition! GO!

At the beach, (Azusa) Fuyutsuki are answering her students' questions using an index. (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada greeted her, and asked on what she is doing, and she replied that she is studying marine life with the students. Uchiyamada started to tell her about how he used to do the same thing when he is still a teacher in a rural area. Suddenly a student sees a blue fish and asked Uchiyamada about it. Uchiyamada explained about the fish, as Fuyutsuki and the students are marveling at the fish, while a bigger 'fish' is approaching the blue fish. Uchiyamada started to comment about how precious life could be, and tell them not to scare the fish, as its life is precious too.

Suddenly, a trident went through the fish, shocking them all, and (Eikichi) Onizuka is taking the fish out from the water. The 4th class students are applauding his skills, catching a lot of fish, and Uchiyamada started to become angry. He started to lash at Onizuka for killing the fish just after he preached about preservation of life. Onizuka ignored him, and asked if he wanted to taste the fish he has captured earlier, saying that he will make a BBQ. Then Onizuka asked (Kunio) Murai if he has prepared the BBQ holder, and Uchiyamada started to lash Onizuka for cutting the hotel' fence as a holders.

Onizuka started to BBQing the fishes, and asked Uchiyamada not to be so stubborn, and offered him the cooked fish that he captured in front of Uchiyamada. But Uchiyamada throw it away, and Onizuka started to protest at Uchiyamada for wasting food. Fuyutsuki only looked at them and smiled. As they bicker, a frowned (Urumi) Kanzaki silently approached Onizuka from behind, and started to put something inside his pants. She then commented that the room Onizuka has given to her had made her awoke all night, because the other tenants were always talking about Gundam, and tell him to prepare himself.

Onizuka is puzzled, and asked about what is she saying, when suddenly he feel pain inside his pants, and realized that Kanzaki had putted a snake inside, and now it's biting his dick. Everyone around him is shocked, as Onizuka started to panic. He asked Fuyutsuki to help him to suck the poison out from his dick, and naturally she declined. Kikuchi is oblivious to what happened, and he looked at his laptop and started to smile.

At the clinic, Onizuka is hurling obscenities to Kanzaki, as the nurse tended to his wound. Kikuchi blamed him for putting Kanzaki along with the Gundam nuts. Onizuka then wondered if the decision made via the dice was wrong, and suddenly he see something on Kikuchi' laptop screen, something about a 'treasure'. He asked about it, and Kikuchi replied that it is a topic about the most famous treasure in Japan, the Shiro Tokisada treasure, or famously known as Shiro Amakusa. He added that a net friend asked him to find more info about the Amakusa treasure. The net friend had also told him that the treasure was being concealed by Shiro Amakusa, a Christian feudal leader on the end of Shimabara revolution, somewhere near Ishigaki.

Kikuchi added, even that some parts of them are taken, there are still 20 billions yen worth of treasures left. Onizuka is stunned. Kikuchi says the net friend has concluded that the treasure must be lying around Iriomote Island. Onizuka asked if he means the Iriomote Island, next to Ishigaki, and Kikuchi acknowledged him, as the nurse listened to them. Suddenly the nurse interjected, saying that she had also heard about that treasure, saying that her grandfather had told her how the army found the treasure at the Iriomote island, but when they tried to move it, all of them died because of malaria, and all that left is a map.

Onizuka is shocked when he hears about the map, and suddenly he reached for his anus, and removed something from there. He asked if what he hold now is a map, as Kikuchi and the nurse are reeling from the map' smell. Kikuchi, still reeling, asked him how he gets hold of the map. Onizuka replied when he is being taken to Taiwan, he met a sailor of Hindi descent, and he won the map when gambling. He then put it on his anus for fear of it being confiscated, when the Taiwan' police make a body check. Kikuchi asked him why he must produce the map now, and Onizuka replied that the Hindi sailor tells him that the map is a map of a treasure somewhere in Japan.

They then opened the treasure map and compared it with the Iriomote map, and strangely, the maps have the same outlines. Kikuchi remarked that the treasure map stinks, and Onizuka replied that it was the smell of a treasure. Kikuchi started to doubt the map, but Onizuka shot back, saying that he will never let the 20 billion yen flies away just like that from him. Furthermore, now he has a lot of free labor. Kikuchi is puzzled, and with a sinister smile, Onizuka explained that he now have 40 teenagers who are spirited and young...

In the next scene, Uchiyamada is organizing the Year 3 students, so that they can go to see some coconut trees. Suddenly, he noticed that the 4th class students are missing, and he asked a teacher about their whereabouts. The teacher asked him back, saying it was him who had given them permission to go to Iriomote Island, and all of the students are taking shovels and gloves with them, to study about 'the taste of turtles' eggs'. Uchiyamada is shocked when he hears the news.

Meanwhile, Onizuka and the rest of the 4th class, are already on their way to Iriomote Island. The students are talking about the expedition, complaining that they come to Okinawa for leisure, not some turtle egg studies. Onizuka tell the students to shut up, or their marks in the coming exam will be docked. The students started to protest again by saying that egg studies is the works of students from science streams, just to be told by Onizuka that he will throw and dissidents off the boat.

Kikuchi asked Onizuka if his action of cheating them were right, saying that if the parents know, he would be screwed. Onizuka replied that the parents will be quiet themselves if Onizuka let them taste some of the treasure. Furthermore, the students believed that they are going on an egg studies trip, and warned Kikuchi that if he betrayed him, he will bury Kikuchi in a hole worth 20 billions. He started to laugh evilly, as an angry Kanzaki is looking at him from behind. Then she kicked him off from the boat, and as Onizuka are screaming for help, (Anko) Uehara and her gang looked suspiciously at them.

At the island, Onizuka is singing as he led his 'slaves'. Kikuchi commented that they still have 2 km to cover, and Murai started to protest, as (Taadaki) Kusano started to think about running away. Onizuka hears him, and started to say that nobody can escape after he has tied them all. Meanwhile, (Noboru) Yoshikawa is walking with (Kouji) Fujiyoshi at the back. Yoshikawa started to think that something is wrong, because there are no other students from other classes with them. Suddenly, someone grabbed him from behind, and dragged him into the forest. Fujiyoushi hears the commotion and turned around to see that Yoshikawa is already missing...


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