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Lesson 130 - The old wound.

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Lesson 130 - The old wound.
(The day that spanned more than 1 volume has started here…)

(Urumi) Kanzaki is standing outside her house as she thinks about what reason she should tell her mom for going out so late. She started to think about telling her mom that she is studying with her friends, but dismissed it because her standard are much higher than them, so her mom will not believe it. She then considering about telling her mom that she was locked in at the library, but dismissed it again saying that the reason is simply ridiculous. Then she blamed herself to thinking like an adult, adding that she is thinking like she want to hide the fact that she is sleeping at hey boyfriend's house when it isn't the case. She assures herself, saying that at least she returns home and not sleeping at other places.

She opened the door and started to announce that she had returned, but she is greeted back by silence. She smiles and walked across the hallway when suddenly her mom's voice asked her from her office room about her whereabouts for the rest of the day. She started to give the excuse that she is meeting with her homeroom teacher to discuss on what high school she should go about she graduated from Kichiyouji Private School. Hearing that, her mom started to ask her whether she is speaking the truth, saying that she has investigated that her homeroom teacher, (Eikichi) Onizuka had never passed a single examination, and then asked Kanzaki to switch schools with immediate effect. Her mom added, that it took her a very long time to fix the damage caused by Onizuka and because Kanzaki is late, she can't get help from her.

Kanzaki apologized, saying that she will fix it now, but her mom tells her that she had employed the services of specialists from computers dealers. Kanzaki is stunned as her mom tells her to go and read her books instead, because next year she will be enrolled into Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her mom then exclaimed on why such teacher like Onizuka must appeared at a critical time for her. Suddenly, Kanzaki murmured that her mom had already employed specialist to fix the damage. She then tells her mom that for everything, her mom will surely employ other people to do it, and that happened since she is little.

Her mom then asked Kanzaki on what she actually wants to say, saying that if she does not do it, Kanzaki will not be able to get a good education, and that she will never be able to get good results. Her job needs her to always stare into the computer screen. Kanzaki then interjected, asking her mom on why actually she wants to 'produce' her anyway. Her mom is shocked and so are Kanzaki who didn't believe that she actually uttered that question. Kanzaki started to apologize, and offered to do everything in the house starting from next morning, from cooking to washing dishes and clothes.

Suddenly her mom interjected, saying that Kanzaki is a real smart kid, and that she should not waste her time doing such trivial things. She then added that Kanzaki should instead strived to fulfill her mom's ambitions, because, after all, she 'produced' her just for that. Kanzaki is silent when she hears her mom saying that, and her mom is shocked to see that she actually uttered the words just then. Her mom then tells her to study, and if she wants to eat, she can get some sushi from the kitchen. Kanzaki replied that she wants to sleep, because she has to get up early next morning to go to school.

Hearing her wants to go to school, her mom replied that she should not go to such a useless school but Kanzaki ignored her as she walked to her room. She entered her room and started to squat at the door, as she started to remember how she used to pile thick books near the windows so she can see the world from there. At the windows, she will be able to see a house with a large balcony, and one of the tenants is a girl about the same age as her. Her family always does BBQ sessions at the balcony, and as Kanzaki stares at them, she always wondered about the feelings to have dinner with a mom and a dad.

Kanzaki also remembers that when she is little, her mo always took her to overseas because of her mom's job requirements. Once, her mom takes her to a research laboratory at a certain university because her mom wants to meet a friend there. She remembers asking the question about the whereabouts of her father to her mom and her friend, and upon hearing that question, her mom and her friend started to look at each other and her mom simply replied that her father is a genius. At first, Kanzaki is puzzled to hear her answer, but as she walked around the laboratory, a research assistant called her and asked her whether she wants to meet her father. Kanzaki nodded and the research assistant takes her to a laboratory fridge, and the research assistant tells Kanzaki that her father is inside the fridge…

Back to the reality, the alarm clock rings and Kanzaki started to get out of bed, sweating from her dreams last night. She suddenly remembers that she has to go to the school, and when she arrived, she is greeted by (Azusa) Fuyutsuki, (Kunio) Murai, (Taadaki) Kusano and (Kouji) Fujiyoushi. She silently exclaimed that if she goes to the school, there are always classmates who will always accept her presence, plus there's someone special, that's it, (Eikichi) Onizuka. Onizuka greeted her as he brushes his teeth, and she greeted him back. She then declared that she belongs to the school, because there are always people waiting for her there.

She started to greet everyone, just to see that lots of students are looking at her with suspicious eyes. Kanzaki is puzzled, when suddenly she hears one of them exclaimed that that's why Kanzaki can become very smart. Kanzaki is shocked to hear them and surged forward. She then sees a poster filled with newspaper cuts exposing her secrets (that she is conceived via artificial insemination method with sperms of a genius) pasted on the notice board. Kanzaki is really shocked as the students started to wonder on who could have possibly pasted the poster. Kanzaki's face started to change as one of the students exclaimed that such things like 'buying' high-quality genes really exists in the world.

Fuyutsuki waded through the students and started to torn the poster away from the board. She then asked the students on who can possibly pasted such a very defaming poster, and then asked them to return to their respective classes. Fuyutsuki then asked Kanzaki to calm down, but suddenly Kanzaki swings her bag and hit the fire alarm emergency switch. The alarm started to ring as Fuyutsuki asked Kanzaki on what she wants to do. Meanwhile, someone is holding a lighter to the heat detector, and suddenly the fire sprinkler started to work, drenching both Kanzaki and Fuyutsuki. A very angry Kanzaki started to walk away, as everyone is panicking with the sprinkler drenching them all…


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