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Lesson 132 - Sins and punishment part 2

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Lesson 132 - Sins and punishment part 2

The teachers are also panicking when the sprinkler works, as (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada runs on the hallway. He then goes to his desk and takes up a Swiss army knife, as he cursed (Eikichi) Onizuka for turning the sprinkler on, thus spreading his bacteria all over the world. He also started to make stupid accusation, saying that it is Onizuka who are saying that Yoshiko Uchiyamada is the daughter of the meat seller, by entering his house camouflaged as Eikichi the dog. He then accused Onizuka for brainwashing his wife, his daughter and the meat seller so that all of them turned against him. He started to speculate that Onizuka's hairs are actually a series of antennas emitting brainwaves. Uchiyamada then vowed that he will destroy Onizuka once and for all.

In the next scene, Uchiyamada and Onizuka are shown running on the hallway; Onizuka is holding his burned Playstation2 console screaming (Urumi) Kanzaki's name, while Uchiyamada is brandishing the Swiss army knife screaming Onizuka's name. The teacher who sees Uchiyamada started to panic, saying that Uchiyamada is running with knives to attack Onizuka. (Suguru) Teshigawara who are watching Uchiyamada, started to smile as he corrected the position of his spectacles.

The 4th class is also in chaos, as the drenched (Kunio) Murai is wondering why the sprinklers work when there's no fire in sight. Suddenly, a student remarked that the sprinkler chaos must be caused by Kanzaki (webmaster note: The fact is Miyabi Aizawa is the one who turned the sprinklers on). The student then asked whether Murai knows about the poster that defames Kanzaki. Murai is puzzled as the student whispered to him about the contents of the poster and Murai is shocked to hear him. Murai asked the student whether the thing he tells him is true, and the student replied that he doesn't know by himself either. Murai then commented that whoever pasted the poster has really gone too far, when Kanzaki suddenly interjected, saying that the content of the poster is right after all.

Murai is shocked to see her, standing with an angry face, armed with a paint can sprayer. Kanzaki then asked about the whereabouts of Aizawa, adding that if he doesn't tell her, she will kill him. She then started to make flame shooters with the spray can as the scared Murai tells her that he doesn't know either. Suddenly, Aizawa appeared, saying that she has come, and asked Kanzaki on why she is searching for her. She then started to ask why Kanzaki is looking at her menacingly, and wondered whether the sprinklers are causing Kanzaki to become angry. She then says that she has only recently arrived, so she doesn't know anything.

Aizawa then commented that Kanzaki's face is very scary, asking whether Kanzaki is suspecting her, her close friend since elementary school. Hearing that, Kanzaki started to wonder whether Aizawa really think that way, because, long ago when she is very pissed off (because of Fujimori-sensei incident presumably), it is Aizawa who comes and calmed her. But she never knows that Aizawa is just viewing her as a wounded animal, and stopped to help her. Kanzaki then branded herself as stupid, for spilling all her secrets to her just because Aizawa is doing just a little good deed to her.

Aizawa started to laugh, saying that Kanzaki is pretending that she is an actress in a soap drama. She then added that it is better if everyone knows her secrets because Kanzaki don't have to hide anything anymore. She then asked Kanzaki whether she is feeling good now, and Kanzaki replied that she do, because she doesn't have to hold back anymore, shocking Aizawa. Because Aizawa is spilling her secret, Kanzaki is now able to do anything she pleased, and that's including inflicting huge damage to Aizawa herself, which she views now as an enemy, just like Fujimori-sensei. Kanzaki then tells Aizawa to get ready, because she will make Aizawa to be shelter less all over the country.

Aizawa laughed, and asked Kanzaki whether she is able to do that anyway, adding that she doesn't believe that Kanzaki will be able to do that. Kanzaki laughed and asked Aizawa that she thinks that if she knows her secrets, she will be able to manipulate her, without fear of retribution. Kanzaki then called Aizawa as immature for thinking like that as Aizawa started to be puzzled. Suddenly, Onizuka emerges, and he weeps as he asked whether she is the one who turn the sprinkler on. He then show the burned console, saying that he have to wait in line for 12 hours to get it. Kanzaki apologized, and tells him to help her to fill an application to stop studying at the school.

She then added that she never knows that what happened today will happen, so she have to say goodbye to him because she will become the devil like she are long ago. Onizuka is puzzled to hear her as Kanzaki tells him that there's no medicine that will be able to cure her. A puzzled Onizuka asked her on what she is talking about, when suddenly (Tomoko) Nomura started to hug her from behind, screaming for Kanzaki not to go from the school. Nomura then asked Onizuka to stop Kanzaki from leaving the school, when suddenly everyone hears someone screaming Onizuka's name.

It turns out to be Uchiyamada who started to try and stab Onizuka, lashing at him for creating chaos in the school and also brainwashing her daughter's mind. Onizuka tried to calm him as the students started to panic. Suddenly Kanzaki is using the spray can to write the URL on the school windows, inverted so the passersby outside the school will be able to read it. Nomura is shocked to see the URL, as the rest of the students started to talk with each other, wondering on what Kanzaki intends to do.

(Kouji) Fujiyoushi is puzzled to see the URL. Kanzaki then throws the can away, as she bids goodbye to Onizuka. She runs, as Onizuka tries to chase her, but he is stopped by Uchiyamada. Suddenly, a mysterious hand pushed Uchiyamada forward, and he ended up stabbing Onizuka on the back. Uchiyamada is shocked as Onizuka started to panic to see that he is bleeding. The students and Onizuka started to scream that Uchiyamada had stabbed Onizuka, as Teshigawara smiles. (Azusa) Fuyutsuki who are standing behind him seems to be shocked at what she had seen, as other teachers started to move in and arrest Uchiyamada, while Onizuka is taken to the infirmary. Meanwhile, Aizawa can only stare at the window inscribed with the URL.

In the next scene, Aizawa is at home now as she wondered on why Kanzaki is using her name as an internet address. She then surfed into the address, and her face started to change. She turned around, grabbed a framed picture on the wall and smashed it to reveal a hidden camera inside it. She then rushed into the toilet downstairs, puzzling her mom and Aizawa smashed an air purifier Kanzaki had put inside the toilet at the end of volume 10 (webmaster note: I should have finished summarised volume 10 before doing this one), and another hidden camera is revealed. Aizawa started to panic as she squats on the toilet floor while Kanzaki is smelling the last breath of air somewhere…


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