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Lesson 138: Driving fast at the capital.


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Lesson 138: Driving fast at the capital.

(Noboru) Yoshikawa is trying to reach (Urumi) Kanzaki as (Eikichi) Onizuka drives his bike, with lots of police patrol cars tailing them. Yoshikawa started to panic, saying that Kanzaki is not answering his call anymore, and wondered whether Kanzaki is already fainted, or worse, dead. Onizuka tells him to shut up and keep trying, as he vowed not to let Kanzaki to die that easily. The police cars started to ask them to stop their reckless driving via a loudspeaker, and Onizuka lashed at them for trying to stop him from saving somebody's life. Another patrol car joined the chase, as Onizuka declared that he doesn't care about laws right now, and invited them to arrest him if they can.

Somewhere in front of him, (Toshiyuki) Saejima is driving a police bus, and he cursed at his superiors for forcing him to become an escort for someone famous at the airport of Narita. He wondered whether his superior knows how much taxpayer money is being spent for building the airport, but blamed himself for saying it, adding that he is also depending on taxpayer money anyway, while a few policemen are talking behind him.

Suddenly he hears a loud bike engine sound, and he is puzzled that someone is actually very stupid for illegal racing in broad daylight. Then he recognized the bike engine's sound, and wondered whether what he is thinking is right. Suddenly, Onizuka passed him from behind, and Saejima asked him on what he have done right now, for making a lot of police cars to chase him. He then wondered whether Onizuka had murdered someone or caught in the act of dealing drugs, and he settled on accusing Onizuka of kidnapping charges after seeing Yoshikawa at his pillion seat. He then decided to arrest Onizuka, and he will use the reward money to treat Onizuka some food when he is inside the prison.

Onizuka lashed at him, saying that he doesn't have time to have fun with him, and explained that a student from his class is about to commit suicide. Saejima is silent to hear him, and started to accuse him of lying, asking him not to pretend to become a hot-blooded teacher, angering Onizuka. Saejima smiled, and asked Onizuka to move forward, adding that Onizuka owed him one. Onizuka is stunned to hear him, as Saejima asked him to take him to a Turkey-theme sauna service where 7 scantily clad girls will exclusively serve him.

After Onizuka get in front of him, Saejima started to fake an accident, blocking the chasing patrol cars from continuing chasing Onizuka. Onizuka looked back at the incident, and he smiled as he drives away. The policemen started to bicker, scolding Saejima who gives the excuses of losing the control of the wheel, and he wondered whether the bus had stepped on banana's skins earlier. Hearing him, the policemen started to wonder on what they should do, for letting a criminal to get away. Saejima started to smile, asking Onizuka to do his best and not to forget to take him to the bath later.

After getting away from the chasing police cars, Yoshikawa asked Onizuka whether Saejima is his friend, and commented that his biker gang friend is really helpful. Onizuka replied that Saejima is not a biker gang member, but a policeman. Yoshikawa is shocked to hear him, and asked why Onizuka's friends are all weird people, referring to the people at volume 5. Onizuka scolded him, saying that he has a high reputation, and that's why he has a lot of friends. Kanzaki is listening to their conversation via her PHS, and she started to laugh, shocking Onizuka.

Onizuka asked whether Kanzaki is still at the end of the line, and wondered whether she is laughing at him for hearing stupid things he had said earlier. Kanzaki replied that Onizuka is really a stupid person, and it makes her jealous of him. Onizuka lashed at her for still saying that he is stupid, at times like that, and Kanzaki laughed.

She then asked Onizuka whether he knows that human brains will store everything the human experienced in their lives. Onizuka replied that it's impossible, adding that he can't even remember his own PHS number, as Yoshikawa reminded him that he is reaching the speed of 180 km/h. Kanzaki then replied that what she had said is possible, and the only thing that prevents it is that inability of someone to recall it from his or her memories. She continued, saying that she have the ability to do just that, and Onizuka is amazed with her, saying that if he have the very same thing, he will not have to make synchronized dubbing of pornographic video he rented, and he is the one who are jealous with her.

But Onizuka continued, saying that it will be too troublesome anyway if she can remember everything, because unhappy memories should be forgotten. He then tells Kanzaki not to be very stubborn, and she can have alcoholic drinks to make her forget her worries even that she is still studying at middle school. He then explained when she drinks glass after glass, she will forget everything, and she will have fun, as Yoshikawa is looking suspiciously at him. Kanzaki laughed, and replied that she really likes Onizuka's understanding attitude, but she can't take it anymore, and feels tired as time passes. She then wondered whether she will be able to continue being alive, as Onizuka screams her name…

Kanzaki started to have a flashback, when she is little, she always makes prank calls at her house to her mom, posing as a kidnapper who demands ransom for the release of her daughter. But, all the time, her mother will see through the trick, and asked Kanzaki to return home ASAP, because her French language tutor had already arrived. At that time, she always feels lonely and hopes that someone will take notice of her. Sometimes, she will go to an abandoned building full with used mannequins, and she will use 2 of them to pretend that they are her parents.

She then started to remember on the numerous occasions that she was calling friend-finder telephone services as she silently thinks that she is very jealous of Onizuka, because he will always able to forget everything unhappy easily, and make efforts to reward himself often. She wished that she is just an ordinary girl, who will be able to forget everything bad like snowflakes melting under the sun. Then she will be able to remember only happy things, like going to friends' house, sleeping there while talking about their boyfriends. Then…..she fainted as Onizuka is trying vainly to call her back.

Suddenly, Onizuka realized a Cresta is behind him, and (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada is smiling devilishly, saying that at last he had captured him. He then started to list Onizuka's sins; driving fast in the highway, calling names at his superiors and more. Onizuka is silent as Uchiyamada tells him to return to the school so that Uchiyamada will be able to tell-all at the director's meeting and he then gives Onizuka the "f**k you" hand sign. Onizuka started to pull away from him, but Uchiyamada started to match his speed, shocking both Onizuka and Yoshikawa in the process.

Uchiyamada screams at him again, asking him to return to the school and confess to all his crimes with (Ryoko) Sakurai. Onizuka started to become angry, and lashed at him for trying to stop saving his student's life, as he called Uchiyamada baldy again. Hearing him, Uchiyamada screams at him for calling him bald, and that his future is hanging on what he is doing now as he asked whether Onizuka wants to disappoint him. He vowed that he will bring Onizuka no matter where Onizuka is going, because he will follow him and defeats him. He then started to laugh, as he now knows that his family, position, everything, are now secure, and he will be able to kick Onizuka out from the school too. Onizuka is seething as he hears him, as they started to drive as fast as they could to outpace each other, with Uchiyamada singing useless songs…

(Yoshito) Kikuchi and the others had returned to his house to continue to find a way to enter the website. (Kunio) Murai asked him whether he has any progress, and Kikuchi replied that he has done everything, but he still failed. (Taadaki) Kusano exclaimed that they are running out of time, as Kikuchi is silent, not knowing on what to do. (Mayu) Wakui started to become angry, and he vowed that he must find Kanzaki and force her to tell him the password, but Kikuchi replied that he can't do that, or else what Onizuka is doing will go to waste. Wakui then asked whether they can only sit and see, and Kikuchi tells him that they will do anything he can, as the website shows that they still have 65 hours.

Suddenly, and ICQ sound effect blaring at his computer, and someone called "sunakujira' is messaging him via ICQ, asking on why he is still online even after the discounted rates period is over. The person then asked whether he have any problems. Seeing it, Kikuchi started to sit back, and typing a reply that he is indeed have a problem. Others are puzzled to see on who Kikuchi is writing to, and he replied that he is communicating with a friend that shares the same hobby as his, and he smiles, as he says that maybe his friend will be able to help…


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