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Lesson #34 - The beauty contest.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 5
Lesson #34 - The beauty contest.

One of the porn film producers started to put some make-ups on (Tomoko) Nomura' face. Nomura asked them where she would be taken. One of them replied that they don't mean any harm, and that someone has asked them to take her from the station. He then asked Nomura to change clothes. After she does, he commented that Nomura was looking more beautiful than before, commented that she will become famous, as the nervous Nomura is sitting inside a van with props from a porn film scene all around her.

Nomura started to think about where they will take her to, and started to think what (Eikichi) Onizuka means about the 'create' things he said earlier. Suddenly a vibrator started to shake itself, shocking Nomura, and one of the producers started to comment about it being broken for some time. She then started to worry that she will be featuring in a porn film, thinking that a student had bring the vibrator to school and showing it at everybody. She then thought, maybe that all she can do to survive in the world, as she was stupid and slow and even Onizuka himself had remarked that her breasts are large. She then concluded that she have to sacrifice her body, just like a 'dairy cow'.

In the next scene, a smiling (Miyabi) Aizawa was greeted by both (Chikako) Shirai and (Saeko) Iijima. Iijima remarked that Aizawa clothes were beautiful, and Aizawa replied that her mother bought it for her. Shirai then apologized to Aizawa for entering her name for the beauty/talent contest without telling her first, as Aizawa commented how surprised she was when the letter of invitation was sent to her home. Shirai apologized again, as she done that because Aizawa was so beautiful, as Aizawa playfully accused her of not thinking Aizawa as a friend anymore.

Suddenly, Iijima accused Shirai that she herself actually wanted to enter the contest, and Shirai vehemently denies it, saying it's impossible because she was ugly, as Aizawa and Iijima looked at her nervously. They then arrived at the venue of the competition. Aizawa then commented about the huge number of participants, and also the spectators, and she added that she never wanted to be a star, but only to show her abilities.

Aizawa then turned around to see the whole 4th class students at the venue too. (Anko) Uehara who was also there was shocked to see her, and so are Aizawa. Aizawa then asked Uehara what are the whole class doing at the venue of a beauty/talent contest, as Uehara commented why Aizawa don't wear the school uniform. Aizawa then replied that she wanted to participate in the beauty/talent contest. Uehara then commented about when they arrived at school, just to see a note at the blackboard telling them to go to this place for a field trip, written by Onizuka, and she really wanted to know the reason why the class has to be here too.

Aizawa was puzzled about the 'field trip', when suddenly Onizuka arrived and asked them to enter the venue. (Kunio) Murai then asked him on why they should do at this place anyway. Onizuka then replied that they were in a field trip, about the subject 'Entertainment secrets: A star in the making'. Murai is puzzled with the title, and Onizuka explained that they would see an unnoticed girl who will become a great star, live. Onizuka remarked that it would be fun. Iijima and Shirai are stunned, and started to think if Onizuka was talking about Aizawa, when suddenly a voice is calling him.

The 2 porn film producers then approached him, and Onizuka asked them why they are late. One of them replied that they were held up at a police checkpoint. Onizuka then asked again if the 'package' was finished. One of them replied that he have done just what Onizuka had asked him for, making 'her' to be likeable by old men. Suddenly there was a falling thing sound, as everyone turned to see Nomura, wearing PE (Physical Education) class clothes sitting in pain, shocking everyone. Aizawa then started to ask Nomura what she is doing wearing such cloths, as Onizuka thanked the porn film producers for helping him.

Onizuka then declared, as all the main characters had arrived, they should enter the venue. A puzzled Murai then asked again about the 'girl', and asked Onizuka if he was talking about Nomura. Onizuka answered yes, the girl he was talking is Nomura. Murai was shocked, saying it will never happened, even if the Armageddon comes. The puzzled Aizawa questioned if what she heard was true, and Nomura started to grasp what have happened. She then screamed, questioned if she will become a star, as she think she will become a porn film actress instead. Hearing that Onizuka started to stare at the porn film producers, as they started to apologies. Onizuka then explained that the props were theirs, adding that they should have cleaned it earlier.

Onizuka then continued, that he told them to take her and put some make-up, as he had other things to do. Nomura then started to say that she doesn't have what it takes to be a star. Onizuka assured her that he will take care of everything, and all she has to do is to be herself. Nomura is puzzled, but silent. Onizuka then told them to enter the venue. Murai then asked Onizuka if he knows that Aizawa is also a participant. Onizuka is shocked, commenting that Aizawa is Nomura' rival, and laughed. Aizawa is fuming while Iijima and Shirai was stunned.

In the venue, all the participants started to introduce themselves. Murai, (Kouji) Fujiyoushi and (Taadaki) Kusano were blushing while they looked at the swimsuit-wearing participants. Murai then asked Onizuka if his plan would work, as Onizuka ignored him. Then Aizawa introduced herself, wearing a shiny sexy swimsuit, as Kusano and Murai were stunned when looking at her. The commentator commented that Aizawa is mature beyond her age, as he invited another participant to introduce herself. As Aizawa returned to her place, she thinks about Onizuka wanted to make Nomura a star, and vowed that she must win the contest, to show Onizuka that he was wrong.

When Nomura turn arrived, she was stammering when she started to introduce herself, much to Murai' nervousness, as the spectators laughed. Murai then remarked to Fujiyoushi that she is embarrassing. The commentator then remarked that the first round is a swimsuit competition, while Nomura is wearing PE clothes. Nomura is in panic on stage, and started to remove her clothes, revealing her school swimsuit below, much to Murai embarrassment. But the shirt she trying to remove stuck, and the contest crews helped her, as all the spectators are laughing.


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