If we can't pass our own judgment, then who else will do it for us? Teachers? Parents? The police? Hmph! - Ai Tokiwa.
Lesson 133: The tears of an angel.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 17 - Cover: Miyabi Aizawa
(Azusa Fuyutsuki with a worried look).
Lesson 133: The tears of an angel.

(Kunio) Murai, (Kouji) Fujiyoushi and (Taadaki) Kusano are in the computer lab as (Noboru) Yoshikawa is spelling the URL to them from the doorway. They are puzzled on why (Urumi) Kanzaki scribbled the URL on the window, as they surfed into the page. When they see the website, their faces also started to change….

Meanwhile, (Naoko) Moritaka is treating (Eikichi) Onizuka's wounds, and Onizuka takes the opportunity to take a peek into her skirt. His nose started to bleed again as Moritaka exclaimed that she had heard that (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada had stabbed him with a Swiss knife, which are normally used to open wine bottles. Suddenly Onizuka commented that he never thought that Moritaka will wear such an old-fashioned yellowish panties, and Moritaka hits him on the head. She started to tightened the bandages as she lashed at him for still peeking when he is wounded, reminding him that she have some surgery knives she can easily used on him. Onizuka started to scream in pain, as he takes his turn to remind her that he is injured.

After finishing applying the bandages, Moritaka murmured on what Onizuka's body is made of, because there's only little blood seeping out from his wound, and Onizuka replied that he actually doesn't feel anything at the time when the incident happens, and he only feels just a little painful, like a bee stings him. Moritaka asked him to stop, saying that the Swiss knife is not like bees or something like that, and she switched the topic on how the sprinkler incident caused chaos on the school. She then asked Onizuka whether Kanzaki is still his student, because as far as she knows, Kanzaki has already been deregistered.

Moritaka tried to ask him whether Kanzaki would ever return to the school, when suddenly Fujiyoushi and Yoshikawa barged into the room, saying that (Miyabi) Aizawa is finished. Onizuka and Moritaka are puzzled, and Fujiyoushi asked them to follow him to the computer lab. Onizuka then asked him on what have happened, and Fujiyoushi replied that Kanzaki had designed a website dedicated to Aizawa, and after both Onizuka and Moritaka arrived at the lab, Moritaka is shocked to see the website, and asked whether the website is for…

In the next scene, (Yoshito) Kikuchi and (Mayu) Wakui are shown trying to hack into a particular website. Wakui asked Kikuchi on the progress, and he replied that he doesn't make much headway, because the website seems to be protected by few layers of protection that are usually used for protection from hackers. Wakui then smiles, saying that it seems that conventional ways will not be able to get into the website system. Kikuchi started to become worried, and asked him on what his intentions really are anyway.

Suddenly, his phone rings, and it is Onizuka on the line. Kikuchi apologized, saying that he is busy, but Onizuka lashed at him, asking him to come to the school as fast as he can, because Kanzaki had created a website dedicated for Aizawa. Meanwhile, Murai is leafing across an instruction book. Kikuchi is shocked to hear him, and agreed to come to the school. He hanged up as Wakui asked him on what have happened. Kikuchi ignored him, and started to access the website by himself, wondering what are the contents anyway.

He is greeted by a HTML H1 tag sentence, welcoming him to Aizawa's room. Both of them are shocked, as Wakui started to stammer. The phone rang again, and Fujiyoushi is asking Kikuchi to come quickly to school. More contents are revealed, now showing her picture, biodata and most importantly, the kind of men she prefers most. Kikuchi exclaimed that the pictures are secretly taken, as another paragraph formatted with <p> tag is welcoming the visitors, introducing herself as an arrogant bastard from Kichiyouji Private School, and that her private life will be revealed to all in less than 69 hours.

Kikuchi explained that Kanzaki must have planted secret cameras when she visited Aizawa, and then uploaded the pictures to the website they are seeing now. He then noticed a link to the website's message board, and it is full with messages from visitors who are anxious to wait until the period is over so they can see her more closely. Another message described on how the visitor wants to see Aizawa when she is wearing sailors uniform. Then they sees a picture of Aizawa's panties, as Wakui exclaimed that Aizawa will be screwed if all the pictures really goes live after the stipulated 69 hours. Kikuchi started to shiver, as he commented that Kanzaki is really serious this time to make Aizawa suffer. They started to see the pictures depicting Aizawa removing her clothes piece-by-piece at her bedroom, the toilet and the bathroom, stopping short at the time she is about to remove her underwear….

Meanwhile, Onizuka is setting off to find Kanzaki, who are standing silently at a train station. Switching to Aizawa's home, Aizawa locked the door with her mother asking him on what have happened from outside. She stares into the monitor depicting her picture, and hurled the mouse at the monitor (Webmaster note: She is using an iMac computer. All computers in this manga are Apple computers, with the exception of Misuzu Daimon who are using Sony Vaio loaded with Microsoft Windows). She started to panic as she squats, with her mom calling her from outside.

Back to the school, the scared Uchiyamada is being investigated in an emergency meeting for stabbing Onizuka. A teacher commented that they have to keep the issue from the media, but another one countered that the parents will surely knows about the incident from the mouth of their children. This means that the number of new student at the next intake will be decreased, and so are their income. Uchiyamada started to shiver and sweating, as the headmaster commented that maybe Uchiyamada is so tired, and asked another teacher whether he is right. The headmaster explained that Uchiyamada is on the early phases of aging, a common issue for hardworking workers.

Another teacher suggested that maybe Onizuka had actually rammed into Uchiyamada, because the wound seems to be weird. Hearing him, a teacher asked whether Onizuka is trying to get compensation from Uchiyamada later by suing him at court, and commented that if he is right, Onizuka is really a son of a bitch. Other teachers started to agree with him, viewing his past as a biker gang leader, as (Azusa) Fuyutsuki started to try to explain something to them. Suddenly, (Suguru) Teshigawara interjected, saying that he had heard it clearly that Uchiyamada was screaming for Onizuka's life earlier before he stabbed Onizuka. The teachers are shocked to hear him.

Teshigawara then explained that some of the students must have heard Uchiyamada's screaming too, and this clearly explained that Uchiyamada really have the intention to kill Onizuka. A teacher asked him on why he is making statements that is against the room sentiments, and Teshigawara countered by asking all the teachers in the room to think carefully on what they should do. He explained that no matter how hard they tried to cover the incident, the parents will know it eventually from their children's mouth, and the media will get wind to it too. And if the media knows that the school tried to cover up the incident just because to protect Uchiyamada, the school's name will surely be tarnished. All the teachers' are screwed up at that time then.

The meeting room is silent, as the headmaster declared that they have to wait until (Ryoko) Sakurai returns before a decision is made. He then commented that Uchiyamada has really caused a big trouble this time, and asked the meeting to be adjourned. The rest agreed, as Uchiyamada is wondering on why they think that he brings a big trouble to the school. He started to think on why he is sitting in the room like a convicted criminal, as he started to remember that he had stabbed Onizuka earlier.

Suddenly, he started to wonder on why he actually wants to really stab Onizuka anyway. He concedes that he had always imagined to stab Onizuka countless times, but he never means to actually do it, because such thing will jeopardise eveything that he had worked so hard for a long time. Doing that will not only destroy his reputation, but also his family's future, and he knows it all too well. He started to speculate whether his life will be over, and that he will be fired. If he does, he wondered on show he will face both his wife and daughter, taking him to the thought that he and Riyoko may have a divorce proceeding. He then wondered on why he must stab the low-life Onizuka and get a divorce as a result. He started to think on what will happen with his Cresta, mortgages, Eikichi and Yoshiko's education after the divorce. Uchiyamada started to resign himself to his fate, because everything he have now will evaporate….

Uchiyamada started to have a flashback of the future, where he is working as a taxi driver after the divorce. He asked a passenger on his destination, and the passenger tells him. Hearing him, Uchiyamada exclaimed that he knows the place well, because even that he is old, he have a good memory because he worked once as a teacher at a prestigious school. He then started to tell the passenger on how the times when he is working as a teacher were one of his golden days, because a lot of people suck him up. The passenger then asked on why he stopped becoming a teacher, and sheepishly he replied that he was fired. Silent ensues, when Uchiyamada started to change the topic, now talking about the beautiful scenario in winter near Fuji Jiyukai.

After he finished working, he arrived at his house, which is just as dirty as Onizuka's penthouse. He started to warm himself using a heater, as he exclaimed that Yoshiko is about to marry. He is glad to know that Yoshiko sends him an invitation card, but he is embarrassed to go because he doesn't want to let his prospective son-in-law knows that his father-in-law have a criminal record of stabbing someone. He started to think about the last 2 years he lived near Fuji Jiyukai and works as a taxi driver despite the fact that he have kidney failures and gallstones, and he resigned himself to live at Fuji Jiyukai until he dies because he will never be able to return to his glorious past.

Suddenly, someone barged into his room, pointing a knife on him and asked for money from him. Uchiyamada recognized the intruder as the student who lived next door. Hearing him, the intruder lashed at him for not keeping his voice down, and stabbed him repeatedly. The intruder grabs the money and runs away, leaving Uchiyamada to die before his corpse is found a week later, buried deep inside the snow, and his death becomes news headlines….

Back to reality, Uchiyamada screams that he doesn't want his live to end like that, and he barged out from the meeting room. He then sits under the stairs, thinking that he doesn't want his life to end just because of a worm like Onizuka. He started to blame Onizuka for all his problems; saying that Onizuka uses his brain waves to take over his family, and the world will end if Onizuka continues working as a teacher. Onizuka should be killed, but why he has to shoulder the responsibility of doing it.

Suddenly he noticed Teshigawara approaching him, and Teshigawara tells him that he understands how Uchiyamada hated Onizuka so much. He then explained that he himself hates Onizuka, and had planned a few times to kill Onizuka. Hearing him, Uchiyamada started to kneel, begging Teshigawara to tell him on what he should do. Teshigawara then tells him that he have an idea, that's for Uchiyamada to make a poison pen letter and faxed it to the parents, putting all the blame on Onizuka's shoulders….


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