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Lesson #99 - The human livestock. GO!

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 13
Lesson #99 - The human livestock. GO!

(Noboru) Yoshikawa had jumped into the hole to go after (Anko) Uehara, as both (Naoko) Izumi and (Mayuko) Asano looked at him. He splashed into the sea, and he looked that Uehara has panicked and she started to drink water. He grabbed her and takes her to the surface, when she started to move wildly, prompting Yoshikawa to tell her to calm herself, or they will die. In panic, Uehara ignored him and continued to wiggle, kicking him back underwater, and she started to drown back. At the end they managed to get to the bank.

He asked her if she is okay, but she started to lash at him, for making her nearly drowned. He protested, saying it was he who saved her, and it makes her angrier. She started to tighten her clothes to remove the water, as Yoshikawa commented that he would not jump if he knows she will act like that. Uehara noticed that Yoshikawa is staring at her and started to lash at him, saying that he is a pervert, and asked him to get out and find a way out. He stands up and went out from the cave, as Uehara complained about her luck and started to blame Yoshikawa. She sits for a while, and after there's no response from Yoshikawa, she turned around to see that she is alone.

She started to panic, and rushed to find Yoshikawa. She started to lash at him again for leaving her alone, and Yoshikawa protested that it is her who told him to leave. Hearing that, she started to make excuses that she is a girl and that Yoshikawa must have more considerations for her. Suddenly, she hears the same voice again, and started to run at the direction where the voices come from, saying that someone has come to save them. She arrived at the mouth of the cave where they have come from above, and screams to signal their location. Suddenly, Yoshikawa realized something, and he grabbed Uehara from the back, saying that it's dangerous. Uehara protested, when suddenly, a huge wave of seawater moving at a great velocity started to shoot from inside the cave, shocking her.

Yoshikawa explained that they are tricked, saying that the voices are caused by the wind blowing inside the caves. Suddenly he realized that both of his hands are groping Uehara' breasts, and in a flash he let it go, apologizing to her, saying that he doesn't mean to grope her soft breast, and started to blame himself for talking about her breasts is soft. But Yoshikawa is shocked, when he looked at Uehara, because she looked so scared, she shivers. Stammering, Uehara started to ask about the water jet blast, and thinks about her being inside a 'Mother Nature' trap. She started to ask at Yoshikawa to save her, as she doesn't want to live at that place, and that she doesn't want to die. Yoshikawa is stunned, as Uehara screamed that she doesn't want to die at the god-forsaken place.

Meanwhile, the rest of the 4th class is looking for them. (Urumi) Kanzaki is riding on (Eikichi) Onizuka, who has become a 'horse' for her. (Taadaki) Kusano is complaining about their' whereabouts, as (Kunio) Murai tell the other not to stray from the group. They wondered on how to find them in such a large forest, when suddenly Onizuka is trying to talk, but the only sound he can speak are gibberish, as Kanzaki had put a special dog leash on his mouth. Kanzaki asked him if he wanted her to remove the leash so that he can find the missing person, and added that he can only dream of her removing it. She continues, saying that he should use his nose to find them.

(Yoshito) Kikuchi asked Kanzaki to remove the leash so Onizuka can go find Yoshikawa, and she declined as she is still angry with Onizuka for cheating, and that Onizuka will pay a lot more than what he has now. Hearing that, Onizuka started to make noise again, and he intends to ask why Kikuchi who are also a collaborator is not punished, and Kanzaki wondered if Onizuka wants to be bitten by turtles, and started to find one, as Onizuka protested.

(Kouji) Fujiyoushi commented that the sun will set, and that the search must be finished quicker, or other problems could arise. Suddenly, some students hears a noise, and they started to panic, as Kanzaki rallied the students to stand behind Onizuka, who will become a sitting duck for them, to his protest. But to their shock, Izumi and Asano emerge and they are crying. Murai asked them on where they have gone, and asked about Yoshikawa and Uehara. Asano explained that Uehara had fallen into the sea, and Yoshikawa jumped to save her. The students are shocked, and Onizuka is silent.

Suddenly, Onizuka started to stand up, grabbing Asano, and runs into the forest where both of them had come. Kanzaki, who hold the leash, is also dragged by Onizuka. She started to lash at him for using his feet, but she is completely ignored as he runs. Murai want to ask Onizuka on where they are going, and another students asked Murai if they should go to the boat. Murai complained that they still have not found Yoshikawa and Uehara, but Kikuchi interjected, saying that the student is right. He added that Onizuka will save them, and that they must return before dark, or else they can get lost too.

Back inside the cave, Uehara is following Yoshikawa. She asked if he can find a way out, and he replied that he didn't know. She started to lash at him, asking if he is a man, and adds that her mom had told her that girls' lower body can't be exposed to cold, so she need him to find a way out. Suddenly, Yoshikawa remembered how Uehara and the others tied him up and put him inside the school pool last year. It was winter, so the water is cold, and there are frogs around. Uehara replied that she had already forgotten the event, and asked him not to remind her again about such things.

Suddenly, Uehara realized that the water has become colder, and wondered if tide has come. Yoshikawa agreed, and pointed to the roof of the cave, saying that there's some weeds up there, so the tide may reach that point. Uehara exclaimed that they will not be able to breathe, and wondered if they will die. She started to think what will happened if they dies, and Yoshikawa replied that she will go straight to hell, to pay for her sins of bullying him, and she asked him about his motive. Yoshikawa tell her to be calm, as now Onizuka must have know that they are missing, and now starting to find them. Uehara complained that Onizuka would not know that they are underground.

She asked him on why he isn't scared, and he replied that maybe all of the bullying she give him has make him knows fear very well. Furthermore if he is scared too, Uehara will become a nut already. And no matter what happened, he is still a man. Uehara is stunned, and started to ask him not to pretend to be cool. Suddenly, Yoshikawa noticed something, and he dived underwater, shocking her. She started to scream, asking where Yoshikawa want to go, and not to leave her alone, as Yoshikawa emerges. He tells Uehara that underwater, he can see a tunnel with a light. He thinks that if they followed the tunnel, probably they can get back to the surface.

Uehara commented that Yoshikawa is not even sure that the tunnel will lead to safety, and Yoshikawa tell her that he will make sure of it first. Uehara is shocked, asking if he really want to dive again, but he ignored her and take a deep breath and dived back underwater to see the tunnel, leaving Uehara stranded all alone...


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