Damn, she is CUTE! And she looks . . . about the same age as me. It's just too bad that she's got pants on today... If it were a mini-skirt I could pretend to pick up my book and get a peek at her... - Eikichi Onizuka.
Lesson #53: The dangerous mermaid.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 7
Lesson #53: The dangerous mermaid.

In the school, a cute girl (Aoi Fukada) and another student are being interviewed. She tells the reporter that (Eikichi) Onizuka are popular amongst the female students, and also a humorous person. The interview continues, as (Kouji) Fujiyoushi commented to (Taadaki) Kusano that Onizuka has become popular. (Kunio) Murai is silent as Fukada commented that Onizuka is the 2nd most popular teacher in the school, and rumors abounds that says he received some love letters too. Suddenly, to Fujiyoushi and Kusano' shock, Murai started to comment that Onizuka has started to go overboard, because he is popular. Fujiyoushi started to guess that Murai is jealous, because Fukada is praising Onizuka, and Murai vehemently denies it, saying that he only worried that Onizuka will be fired next time if he doesn’t have some caution.

Suddenly, a T-Rex is having Fukada as lunch. But it is actually Onizuka wearing a T-Rex model. He asked her if she wanted to go watch movies with him, as an angry Murai started to beat him, for trying to take advantage over her. Onizuka evade his attempts easily, asking him why he does that. He guessed that Murai likes Fukada, and started to tell her that Murai likes her, as (Miyabi) Aizawa looked at them and smiles.

Inside the school hall, Onizuka is receiving his certificate for saving the senator daughter, and invited to give some words, as the headmaster and (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada looked at him angrily. Onizuka says that he don't know how to talk, so he will sing instead. As he started to sing, (Saeko) Iijima is disgusted with him, but Aizawa replied that Onizuka would not last long. The headmaster and Uchiyamada could only contains their anger, and Murai is angry too when he see Fukada praised Onizuka. Iijima asked Aizawa if she thinks that (Urumi) Kanzaki is crazy. She replied if it is the case, it will be good, and only she and (Tomoko) Nomura hold Kanzaki' secrets. She added that something interesting will happen, and maybe someone will die too.

In a bar, Onizuka is showing his picture singing on the assembly at (Ryuji) Danma. He commented that he would emulate Boowy (webmaster note: a rock group in Japan) next time. Danma commented that Onizuka really not suitable as a teacher. Suddenly, Danma girlfriend, (Nagisa Nagase) arrived, apologizing for being late. Onizuka asked her if she see him on TV, and she replied that she did, commented that Onizuka is famous already. Danma tells her not to praise him, because even that Onizuka is a teacher, he don't acts like one, and the students will make him an example to follow.

Nagase replied that it's doesn't matter, because Onizuka is a happy man. She then tells Onizuka that he has started to have the feeling as a teacher. Onizuka agreed, adding that all he needs is a girlfriend. But his eyes are on her large breasts, and Onizuka blushes. Suddenly he moved between her and Danma, and tells her that his only problem is finding a girlfriend. She then asked about the female students in the school. Onizuka replied that he likes beautiful women who are demure, and also have a large breasts, just like her. Danma and the bartender just looked at Onizuka suspiciously.

Onizuka added that she is every man' dream, as she asked him not to stare at her. She then commented about how hard for her to find suitable bras, and that it will fall down when she is old. Onizuka then recommended about an old way from China to prevent sagging, and he will show it now. As he started to show it to her, with perverted face, Danma punched him, and a commotion has started.

At Inokashira Park, Onizuka with a bandaged face commented that he has to be more serious when finding girlfriends. He started to outline her dream girlfriend on the sand, thinking that it must be longhaired and beautifully shaped, and also sexy. Suddenly he hears something fallen into the lake, and he sees something swimming in the lake. He wondered who is swimming at the lake in the middle of the night, thinking if it is some water monster. Suddenly he sees a woman (Kanzaki) emerges from the lake, shocking him. Kanzaki started to clear some water from her clothes, and smiles at him. She greeted him as Onizuka' beer is flowing out of his mouth.

He asked her if she is a water monster, as suddenly he hears some people are after her. She asked him to save her, as he wondered how. She then pointed at Onizuka' motorcycle and asked him if it was his, and started to board on it. Onizuka is puzzled, but he getting off anyway. As they went off, he asked her who are the people chasing her. She answered that she has stole a portable Minidisc player. Onizuka is shocked, commented that he also wanted one, as she asked him to look forward.

In the next scene, they are on a D-I-Y laundry shop, trying to dry their clothes. He then give his clothes when waiting for hers to dry, and asked her if she knows who he are. She replied that she knows, intriguing him. She says that he is a teacher. Onizuka asked how she could know, and she replied that she knows it from the TV. She started to remove her one-piece evening gown, and started to wear Onizuka' clothes, and introduced herself to the blushing Onizuka, who are thinking that Kanzaki is trying to seduce him....


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