Middle school kids are still only 14 years old!? They are still kids, they wouldn't do such a suspicious thing. - Azusa Fuyutsuki.

Lesson #120 – 1 vs.100


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Lesson 120 – 1 vs.100

(Eikichi) Onizuka is facing the first challenger, and the audience is giving the challenger moral support. The challenger tells Onizuka that he works at a construction site, and his co-workers gives him the nickname “Crab”. It’s because that he only trains with his right arm, and fights with only that arm. He commented that he will defeat Onizuka in an instant, and breaks his arm like breaking woods. Onizuka ignores him, and breaks the challenger’s arm just after the signal is given. Onizuka walked away calling for the next challenger, as the challenger realized that his arm is ruined.

The second challenger rises to the stage, commenting that he, with the power of bricks will be able to defeat Onizuka. But he ended up with worse fate compared to the first one, and also the desk they are on is broken. Onizuka lashed at the audience, asking for new desk while cursing at them for lacking in calcium. The audience started to get nervous as Onizuka commented that the game started to get boring. He then asked (Mayu) Wakui to allow him to face 2 or 3 challengers at one go, and hearing him, the audience started to get angry to see Onizuka’s arrogance.

Meanwhile, (Hajime) Fukorada doesn’t believe on what he had saw, and commenting that maybe Onizuka may be able to beat 100 persons anyway. As Onizuka faces 3 challengers, the teachers stated to cheer for him, and Onizuka is still able to defeat the 3 challengers easily. Seeing at his victory, the teachers cheers for him more, and Ageha started to wonder on how Onizuka managed to defeat the 3 challengers at the same time. She started to suspect that he have bionic powers like the hero in the “Six Million Dollar man” series. Wakui replied that Onizuka would only be able to defeat them when he still has energy, and after some time, his muscles will start to cramp out. Plus, the best part is yet to come.

Suddenly, looking at Onizuka victories, an ugly-looking man with huge physique started to get mad and wanted to challenge Onizuka. But Wakui stopped him, saying a strong man like him should be kept until the end, and let the others exhaust Onizuka’s energy first. After that, he will be able to defeat Onizuka easily, and that will be a good tactic. Meanwhile, from the back of the audience, (Urumi) Kanzaki is looking at the game, as she cursed at Onizuka for not listening to her advice earlier.

In the next scene, (Suguru) Teshigawara is finished teaching (Azusa) Fuyutsuki using computers. Fuyutsuki sends him out from her apartment, as she apologized for taking a lot of his time. Teshigawara denies her allegations, saying that it doesn’t matter, and adds that he will teach her how to use ClarisWorks (webmaster note: ClarisWorks is a word processor software for Apple computers. It is now called AppleWorks. Info thanks to M. Chen <mac9@Lehigh.EDU>) next time, and also how to use photo-editing programs. Fuyutsuki thanked him and offered to escort him to the car park. He refused, saying that he can walk by himself, and that Fuyutsuki should revise what he had taught her earlier instead. Fuyutsuki replied that he is right, and vowed to place more efforts on them. She then entered her apartment, leaving Teshigawara outside.

He then tried to overhear what Fuyutsuki is doing inside from the doorway, and then walked to the apartment next door and opened the door. He entered the apartment, opens all the light and started to use a surveillance device to overhear what Fuyutsuki is doing from next door. He listened on Fuyutsuki wanted to take a bath before surfing the Internet, and Teshigawara exclaimed that his decision to move next door to Fuyutsuki really pays off. With the NASA surveillance device, he will be able to be with Fuyutsuki 24 hours a day. He then take up a newly developed picture of Fuyutsuki, as he commented that Fuyutsuki and he are together for every second.

Fuyutsuki is now taking a bubble bath, and next door, Teshigawara also takes a bath with headphones on his head hearing everything Fuyutsuki is doing. He hears Fuyutsuki commenting that bubbles baths are fun, and Teshigawara decided to try for himself later. Suddenly, he hears Fuyutsuki’s phone rings, shocking him. He promptly jumped out from the bathtub and pressed a button that enabled him to eavesdrop on the telephone.

At the end of Fuyutsuki’s line is Kanzaki, and Kanzaki tells that Onizuka is trapped at a disco, and asked Fuyutsuki to try and find (Ryuji) Danma. Kanzaki added that Onizuka is playing arm-wrestling game against 100 people, and that Onizuka will not be able to last. Fuyutsuki agrees, and Kanzaki tells her the disco’s address. Hearing their conversation, Teshigawara screams in delight that a golden opportunity has come, and he started to search for something in a closet.

He then takes out a set of poisonous darts, as Teshigawara exclaimed that when Onizuka is fighting with the others at the disco, he would silently blow one of the poisonous darts, and in the disco full with people, nobody would suspect him as the killer. He started to pack all the equipment into a backpack, as he vowed that he would kill Onizuka with the skill he had practiced when he is suspended from work (volume 7). Suddenly, he realized that one of the darts had wounded him, and he started to panic. He tries to suck the poison out by himself, but then decided to just go to the hospital for a proper treatment.

Back to the disco, Onizuka had defeated 70 opponents, much to the amazements of the audience. Some of them started to wonder whether he is human after all, and some girls started to become nervous, remembering Onizuka’s words earlier that if Onizuka wants to sleep with them, they can’t reject the proposal. Meanwhile, Onizuka’s right hand started to change colors, and his veins started to show. Wakui is asking Onizuka whether he can continue on to do arm-wrestling, and Onizuka replied while showing his middle finger to him, saying that he can takes on 100 person more easily.

Onizuka started to take 3 more opponents simultaneously, and he defeats them easily. The losing opponents are screaming from the pain of broken arms, as Onizuka started to smile….


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