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Lesson #189 – Heaven’s gate

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 24 – Cover: All main characters in Year 3 4th class, including all their teachers.
(Hiroshi Uchiyamada with a bandaged head is staring at a ‘grave’ named ‘Cresta Grave’).

Lesson #189 – Heaven’s gate – featuring a sexy Juria Murai in a 2-page spread asking the readers not to forget about her who haven’t appeared in the manga for quite some time.

(Shiro) Shibuya screams for (Miyabi) Aizawa to jump off the building, and an angry (Eikichi) Onizuka shouts back, asking on what he is doing. Unknown to him, he had barged onto Aizawa in the process, and Onizuka and the rest are stunned as Aizawa started to fall off the building. Onizuka screamed at himself, asking on why such things must happen, while a lot of students are watching Aizawa falling from their classrooms’ windows towards (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada who are standing near his Cresta on the ground level.

Meanwhile, both of Aizawa’s parents has arrived at the school just like what Aizawa wanted them to do earlier, and they asked a sweeper on the whereabouts of the 4th class. Suddenly, they hear someone screamed that Aizawa is falling down, and they are startled as they turned around just to see their daughter falling down the building.

Back to the scene, a panicking Uchiyamada screamed and exclaimed that he have to move his Cresta away, because he can’t afford to pay any compensation for the car repairs anymore. Suddenly, he have a change of mind, saying that he have to stay on because if he moved, Aizawa will surely be killed. This puts him in a dilemma on what he should do, and as time flies, Aizawa is now shown falling farther down.

Back to the top of the building, another teacher asked Onizuka on what he is doing, and that Onizuka has just pushed a student to death a few moments ago. Onizuka started to panic, and screamed that everything that has happened is just a misunderstanding. The teacher refused to buy his story, and reiterated his point that Onizuka has intentionally pushed Aizawa down with his butt, and Onizuka tried to deny his allegations. The teacher then turns around and asked his colleagues to call the police because Onizuka is truly a bastard for pushing his own student off the building. Hearing that, Onizuka screamed again that what has happened is just a misunderstanding, and he turned around as he cursed to himself.

Meanwhile, the falling Aizawa started to resign to her fate, while (Kouji) Fujiyoushi and (Saeko) Iijima screamed her name. Aizawa started to calm herself, thinking that what has happened is her fate as Shibuya started to laugh like a mad man and screamed that Onizuka had pushed Aizawa down, using his ass at that. He continued, saying that Aizawa really deserved to die and (Kunio) Murai lashed at him for saying such things. Meanwhile, Uchiyamada is now inside his car, but he is still under two minds whether to save Aizawa with his car by staying at the position he is now or to move away and saved his car because he is not eligible for any compensation anymore. Back to the falling Aizawa, she thinks to herself that she have taken upon herself great pain to confront her real self, thus she doesn’t want to leave the world the way she is in now. She then decided that she doesn’t want to die, and she screamed aloud to Onizuka that she doesn’t want to waste her life for such a petty thing.

Suddenly, she is shocked to see Onizuka jumping towards her on the air, and he managed to grab her hip. Aizawa screamed, asking on what kind of joke Onizuka is trying to play with her, as the rest of the students are shocked to see Onizuka jumping off the building to save Aizawa. The students who are watching in shock at their classrooms’ windows can only listen to Aizawa and Onizuka who can still take their leisurely time to bicker amongst themselves as they falls to the ground. Aizawa asked Onizuka on what he is doing and he replied that he is trying to save her. Hearing that, Aizawa scolded her, reminding him of the fact that he is actually falling down to the ground along with her. She screamed that they will surely die together and Onizuka countered, saying that he actually doesn’t want to do what he is doing now but he didn’t have a choice because he is the one who pushed her down with his ass. Aizawa becomes angry, and screamed that at least Onizuka should not have jumped along with her.

As they bickers (on the air), Onizuka suddenly sees a curtain being hurled towards them from one of the windows, and (Ai) Tokiwa suddenly appeared and screamed for Onizuka to grab the curtain, much to his shock. Onizuka promptly followed her advice and grabbed the curtain with one hand as he held Aizawa with the other one. The curtain started to tear apart from the momentum of Aizawa and Onizuka’ fall, but in the end the curtain managed to stop their fall. They are now dangling at the end of the partially torn curtain, and both Aizawa and Onizuka sighed in relief, simultaneously exclaiming that everyone is now safe and sound.

Suddenly, the torn curtain snapped from their combined weight, much to their chagrin, and they started to fall to the ground again as Onizuka screamed that the curtain method has failed and Aizawa lashed at him, saying that it’s too late for him to repent now. Meanwhile back to the ground, Uchiyamada is still in his big dilemma as he exclaimed that he wants to save Aizawa and ignored the considerably high amount of damage he will have to pay. (Azusa) Fuyutsuki noticed that Uchiyamada is below Onizuka and Aizawa, and she screamed at the top of her lungs, asking Uchiyamada to drive right below both Onizuka and Aizawa. Uchiyamada is silent in his car as he ponders whether he should choose between Aizawa’s life or his Cresta, and now Onizuka himself is screaming Uchiyamada’s title name.

In the moment of truth, all three of them; Onizuka, Aizawa and Uchiyamada screamed in unison, and Uchiyamada makes the decision of his life; putting his car gear into reverse, and hastily reverse his car toward the place where Onizuka and Aizawa’s impact should have taken place. Uchiyamada barely does it right, as both Aizawa and Onizuka fall right onto the air bed on the roof of Uchiyamada’s Cresta. The impact from their fall obliterates the Cresta’s structure completely, as the students at the roof and both Aizawa’s parents of the ground can only watched in horror at what have happened.

In an instant, both Onizuka and Aizawa is shown being smashed onto the wall after they rebounded from the top of the Cresta, inflicting additional injuries on both of them as Uchiyamada himself is being trapped in his Cresta whose collapsed structure trapped him inside the car. The safety air bag started to do its wonders, causing Uchiyamada to be pressed against the collapsed roof. He knows that his Cresta is now history, and he sadly dedicated an eulogy to his Cresta, vowing that he will create a lavish grave for his Cresta at his house’s compound. Just after he finished saying that, the Cresta exploded, throwing Uchiyamada out from his steel cage trap. The students are stunned to see the car explodes, as a commotion started to happen at the site of the explosion…

In the next scene, Aizawa opened her eyes and realized what she is now in a place where everything is white (a downtown hospital). The dazed Aizawa wondered on her whereabouts now, when suddenly a voice answered her question by asking her back whether she feels that she is now in heaven on in a place where perverts roams. Aizawa is stunned to hear the voice, and only that she realized that a heavily bandaged Onizuka is peeking at her panties beneath her blanket. She is so shocked to see him as Onizuka commented that middle school girls are only suitable wearing white panties, and also why there are stains on Aizawa’s panties.

Aizawa becomes angry and tried to smack him with a pillow but Onizuka managed to evade her. She screamed, calling him a pervert who likes to stare at people’s panties and Onizuka laughed, saying that she will not die just because someone have peeked at her panties. He reminded her that she have caused a great ruckus at the school, plus he and Uchiyamada nearly died because of it. He tells Aizawa to look at his bandaged leg, and as Onizuka started to rest back at his bed, Aizawa sees that Uchiyamada has been fully bandaged just like a mummy, complete with neck braces.

Aizawa is now puzzled, and wondered whether she is dead or not, and upon hearing that, Onizuka asked her whether she still didn’t believe that she has been saved from the brink of death. He then suggested that she tired taking a puff from his cigarette-from-heaven so that she can make sure of her situation. He gives the smoky cigarette to her and he tells her that if she is right, the cigarette will taste sweet.

The stupid Aizawa blindly takes Onizuka’s suggestion and started to take a puff. Sure enough, she choked from the smoke and Onizuka started to laugh, saying that Aizawa is so stupid to believe what he have said, and that cigarettes smokes are always bitter, because it’s the smell for the real men. The angry Aizawa lashed at him, asking whether he wants her to die by choking, and Onizuka continued his laugh and asked Aizawa whether she is still thinking about death right now. He then smiled and asked her whether she still remembered that she has declared that she wants to die just yesterday, causing chaos in the whole school.

Aizawa is speechless to hear him, and then she slowly asked Onizuka whether she can ask him a question. Onizuka is intrigued, and Aizawa asked whether what have happened to her is good for her when suddenly Onizuka smacked her on the face. He then tells her that she should have asked the question to the “people” who are waiting at the corridors, puzzling Aizawa. He then takes Aizawa out from their room and shows to her all the students of the 4th class sleeping at the corridor just outside their room.

Aizawa is shocked to see them, as Onizuka laughed saying that everyone is sleeping like a log and asked Aizawa to look at their funny sleeping faces. Aizawa started to have teary eyes, and Onizuka started to exclaim that Aizawa is truly a stupid girl. He continued, saying that she actually has lots of good friends, and that she should try to ask them for help instead of thinking unnecessary things. Onizuka then drilled the message on Aizawa head, saying that she shouldn’t become too big of a worrywart, because after all, she have all of them as her good friends.

Meanwhile, Shibuya is shown standing outside the hospital as Onizuka can be heard screaming at the sleeping students to wake up because Aizawa has awakened from her unconsciousness. The dzed students are shocked to learn that Aizawa has awakened, and started to become happy as Shibuya bites his thumb nail until it bleeds…


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