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Lesson #183 - Mom and dad, they're both the same.


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Lesson #183 - Mom and dad, they're both the same.

The scene switched to (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada's house, where he is being interrogated by 2 insurance claims investigators who wants to know why all his 5 Toyota Cresta were destroyed in the mere span of 5 months. One of them asked Uchiyamada whether he realized that there's a weird pattern had happened in his claims to the insurance company. In the next scene, Uchiyamada is shown kneeling before the investigators, as one of them asked Uchiyamada whether he had realized that he had made claimed totaling more than 15 million yen.

The investigator continued, saying that the amount Uchiyamada had claimed is more than enough to buy a house in the middle of Tokyo, and because of the claims, one of the branch managers for the insurance company had also resigned. Uchiyamada tried to make an excuse, saying that what happened to his car is not his fault but the girl who tried to commit suicide, but the investigator dismissed his claims, saying that Uchiyamada had used that excuse again and again.

Suddenly, a panicking (Yoshiko) Uchiyamada appeared from the main room and tells her father that the TV is showing a live scene of police siege around one of his student's house which has been taken over by a group of terrorists. Uchiyamada and the investigators are shocked when they hears her, and the moved towards the TV to see a female reporter telling the audience that they are now arriving at the scene of the kidnapping; (Miyabi) Aizawa's house.

The reporter then reported that the scene has become more tense, because the terrorists from the Red Army had asked for 2 billion yen ransom money from the government, in addition of the release of their captured gang members and the jumbo jet. She added that the terrorists appeared to have lots of explosive devices and that the authorities are now forming a special combat unit to tackle the situation.

Uchiyamada is stunned to hear Aizawa's name, and exclaimed that she is the student of (Eikichi) Onizuka. He cursed, saying that Onizuka's class always caused trouble when he (Uchiyamada) is busy. Suddenly, the TV reported that their station had managed to record a glimpse of the terrorist's group mastermind using a hi-tech video camera, and the TV proceeds to show Onizuka wearing a mask looking sideways at one of Aizawa's house windows.

Uchiyamada started to sweat and quivering after he sees the 'suspect' as the TV started to give out the profile of the mastermind; 22 years old, golden hair with V-shaped fringe and also seen sporting earrings. He knows straight away that the 'mastermind' is actually Onizuka, and much to Yoshiko and the investigators' surprise, Uchiyamada started to scream, saying that the suspect in the TV is the main culprit who had destroyed his Cresta. Then, Uchiyamada becomes hysterical and laughed madly while screaming that all his problems begin when the 'man' entered his school. He then tells the investigators that the man in the TV is the one that caused everything as Yoshiko tried to calm her. She failed though as Uchiyamada screamed about Onizuka being the rotten core in the school…

Back to the scene, a policeman makes an announcement to the 'terrorists' inside Aizawa's house to release the hostage because all of their requests have been forwarded to the parliament for consideration. Meanwhile, Aizawa's father is pleading for the release of his daughter and as the TV reporter commented that the situation has become grimmer, (Kouji) Fujiyoushi who are watching the siege barrier asked Onizuka on what they should do. Onizuka replied that he doesn't know himself, as another announcement is made for the 'terrorists'.

Meanwhile, more back-ups for the police had arrived, in forms of armored truck, helicopters and snipers sharpshooters as Onizuka tried to calm the rest of the 'terrorists' group members that everything will turn out just fine because they are just joking and that the kidnapping scene is just a fake. Meanwhile, another announcement is made for them to release the hostage, reiterating the facts that their demands has been forwarded to the parliament.

Onizuka is now panicking, wondering what he should do. He stressed that he didn't know that their fake acts will be reported to the police, thus causing them to be trapped inside the house under siege. Suddenly, Onizuka becomes mad and declared that since they have been branded as members of the Japanese Red Army, they should just act like one and then eloped to the north. Fujiyoushi lashed at him, saying that he should not says anything that sound irresponsible when suddenly Onizuka's hand phone rings.

At the end of the line is a panicking (Yoshito) Kikuchi who then asked Onizuka on what the hell he is trying to do. Onizuka is shocked to learn that Kikuchi knows that he is the one behind the kidnapping attempt and Kikuchi replied that he knows because he have seen Onizuka's profile and videos being shown in TV. Onizuka becomes pale as Kikuchi added that after hearing his profile, he knows straight away that the mastermind is actually Onizuka.

Onizuka hurriedly asked Kikuchi whether the authorities knows his identity by now, and Kikuchi speculates that it just a matter of time for police to learn Onizuka's identity if they didn't have the information already. Onizuka asked for explanation of what Kikuchi have said, but he lashed at him, saying that they are now right at the center of attention as violent terrorists, and Onizuka dismissed his claims, saying that they are only putting out an act.

Kikuchi is having enough of Onizuka's claims, and tells them that they now have to find a way out from the house. He suggested that they take the backdoor exit and Onizuka replied that police are also guarding that door. Onizuka then suggested that they dig an underground tunnel and Kikuchi lashed at him to stop making poor ideas.

Meanwhile, in all the commotion and chaos, Aizawa is just staring at the TV showing her father being interviewed, while ignoring everything else. Onizuka realized it and become silent, as (Kunio) Murai is asking for Doraemon (webmaster note: The blue cat-robot in the legendary Japanese manga/anime Doraemon. Onizuka cosplayed as him in volume 4) to come and help them. Kikuchi is calling out for Onizuka, asking whether he is listening to him (Kikuchi) as Onizuka himself started to scratch his cheek.

Suddenly, Kikuchi is shocked after hearing Onizuka commenting that he doesn't care what had happened anymore, and because of the circumstances, he is better off starting to act like a real Red Army member. Onizuka then called Aizawa after throwing the hand phone to the floor ignoring Kikuchi's questions whether he really wants to become a Red Army member. Onizuka then opened the sliding glass window, and everyone on the street can now see a masked Onizuka holding a machinegun in one hand and Aizawa who have been tied up SM-style in the other one. Both Fujiyoushi and Murai are shocked to see what Onizuka is doing.

Onizuka started to laugh hysterically, calling the policemen as government dogs. He then tells the policemen to listen carefully, and he introduced himself as a member of the Japanese Red Army freedom militants which mission is to create a truly free Japan. The panicking Murai and Fujiyoushi tried to ask Onizuka on what he is doing, but he ignored them as he screamed calling for his militant 'colleagues' to stand forward now to create a government that is owned by the citizens, ruled by the citizens and enjoyed by the citizens.

Suddenly, Aizawa's father tried to step forward as he screamed for his daughter to be released, but an armored policeman prevented him from going further. Meanwhile, Kikuchi asked Murai via the phone on what have happened, and a stunned Murai replied that Onizuka has just become a new member of the Red Army, shocking Kikuchi.

Back to Onizuka the Terrorist, he had noticed Aizawa's father calling for her release earlier, and asked whether he is Aizawa's father, and Aizawa's father replied that he is. He then tried to persuade Onizuka to release his daughter but Onizuka cuts him out telling him to shut up. Aizawa is then stunned when Onizuka asked her father that he have heard about him (Aizawa's father) returning late at night everyday and wondered whether it s the main reason why her daughter is kidnapped.

Aizawa's father tried to refute his allegations, but Onizuka cuts him out again, telling him to shut up. Onizuka then asked Aizawa's father whether he really have a mistress, stunning some of the policemen. Aizawa is just silent as Onizuka asked her father whether he really dared to say that he loves her daughter after what he have done. Onizuka continued, saying that if Aizawa's father really loves her daughter, he should not have a mistress, and asked Aizawa's father whether he is right.

Aizawa's father suddenly replied that that Onizuka doesn't have anything to do with what he (Aizawa's father) have done, when suddenly Aizawa's mother appeared, screaming Aizawa's name. She suddenly accused her husband for being the cause of what have happened, specifically because Aizawa's father is a lecherous man. The crowd started to roar when they hear her, as Aizawa's father hastily asked her back about what she have said. He started to ask where she has gone to in the last 4 days, when she is missing. He then continued, saying that a person like her doesn't have any right whatsoever to criticize him.

Aizawa is seething with anger when she hears her parents quarrelling, as her mother accused her father of only knowing going out from the house early in the morning and returns so late at night. She then continued, saying that she really hates him because he only knows venting his anger at others, thinking that he is always right. Hearing that, Aizawa's father countered that he will not tolerant her abuse anymore, when suddenly Aizawa screamed, telling them not to quarrel anymore.

Her parents are shocked, as Aizawa continued, lashing at them for being in denial at the time like they are in now. She then exclaimed that both of them shouldn't blame each other, because after all, both of them are just the same, equally guilty. While Onizuka is still pointing his machinegun at Aizawa's head, she started to scream that if they always quarrel like that, it may be better for them to get a divorce and that will surely makes her (Aizawa) feels better.

She asked her father whether she is right about him hating her mother so much. Her father stammered; when suddenly Aizawa continued that actually her mother too reciprocate the very same actions his father has done. She then says that her mother should stop pretending to act as a victim, because she knows all along what she (Aizawa's mother) have done.

Her mother is shocked to hear what her daughter have said, when Aizawa explained that she knows that she (Aizawa's mother) has been using mobile phone internet services (webmaster note: like I-Mode or WAP) to find male partners via the Net and then sets up a date with them. Aizawa's mother is silent when she hears her, while her husband is shocked and exclaimed on how low she can go.

Aizawa continued, saying that she stole one of her mother's hand phone and then sets up a date with the men her mother have been going out with, and she asked her parents whether they wants to know what the men speaks about her mom is. She then answered the question herself, saying that all the men has told her that her mother is just an exploitable lonely middle-aged woman. Her mother is stunned in silence when she hears her. After saying that, Aizawa asked her parents on whether they can explain about what the men have said about her mother to her.

His father can only utter his wife's name in disappointment as her mother looked down in silence. Aizawa then exclaimed that she knows that because they don't want her (Aizawa) to worry about their deteriorating relationship, they always faked their relationship in front of her. She asked them to stop, because she doesn't want to see her hypocrite parents to continue acting anymore.

Suddenly, Aizawa breaks free from her ropes, takes out a knife from Onizuka's coat and pointed it right at her neck. Both her parents are horrified to see what she wants to do, as Aizawa who started to cry declared that if the situation between her parents continued, it will be better for her to die. Hearing that, Aizawa's mother tried to stop her but a policeman managed to stop her. Aizawa tells them not to move towards her, or else she will really commit suicide.

In the silent that ensues, Onizuka asked Aizawa's father on what he thought about the situation, because after all, he is the one that causes everything that have happened. He asked again, whether Aizawa's father really thinks that he deserved to become a father. Onizuka continued, saying that at least Aizawa's father should try and impose his authority over his family.

After saying that, Onizuka throws a yo-yo towards one of the policemen, grabbing a gun from him and Onizuka pulled the yo-yo back to him along with the gun. He then throws the gun at Aizawa's father, and as he removes his mask, he asked Aizawa's father whether he (Aizawa's father) is able to show his manliness to shoulder the responsibility for what that have happened, for the sake of his own daughter. Onizuka then asked Aizawa's father to shot his own head with the gun, shocking Aizawa.

Hearing Onizuka's request, Aizawa's father looks at the gun in silence, while the panicking Fujiyoushi asked Onizuka on what he is trying to do. Onizuka ignored him as he proceeds to have a puff. Meanwhile, Aizawa's mother recognized the mask less Onizuka, and gasped, saying that the 'terrorist' is Aizawa's homeroom teacher, shocking a policeman right next to her. The media gets wind of what Aizawa's mother have said, and they started to scramble to take video of Onizuka and also to verify whether what Aizawa's mother have said is true.

Back at the house, Onizuka started to pester Aizawa's father to shoot himself at the head, adding that he will kill Aizawa if he didn't do so. He asked her father to be quick, saying that he is the one responsible for bringing his own daughter to act like this. Meanwhile, back at Kikuchi's house, the TV is now showing a picture of Onizuka being identified as the 'kidnapper' as Murai is asking a stunned Kikuchi on what they should do. Kikuchi himself knows that he can't do anything, as he exclaimed that Onizuka is very stupid….


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