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Lesson #81 - The dirty tricks EXPOSED!!!

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 10
Lesson #81 - The dirty tricks EXPOSED!!!

(Hiroshi) Uchiyamada is panicking because of (Kouji) Fujiyoushi disappearance. A teacher tells him that a police report had been made, but still Fujiyoushi's whereabouts is still a mystery. Then he commented that if he really commits suicide, the school would feel the backlash from the media. Uchiyamada asked about (Eikichi) Onizuka, but he is told that Onizuka is missing too, and he cursed that he could be gone at a critical time like this. Uchiyamada started to see everything going down the drain, and he as the disciplinary principal will have to shoulder the blame. Then he will be fired, and his dreams to get the pension money and also opening a chain of tuition centers will be dashed too. After that, the mortgage for the house can’t be paid, and divorce is looming....

Snapping to reality, he suddenly asked for a teacher’s meeting to find ways to solve the case, like bribing the parents so that they will be quiet and stuff, much to the protest of the teachers. Suddenly a teacher barged in, and tells Uchiyamada about the posters pasted on the hallway. Meanwhile, the students are looking at the posters, and Uchiyamada started to panic as the teachers commented that there’s never a case that a teacher will drive his own student to commit suicide. Plus, such cases will surely attracts the media and the upper management will be probed and maybe being fired. Hearing that and seeing the posters, Uchiyamada started to scream bloody murder, cursing Onizuka.

He stormed out from the school, puzzling the teachers and in the next scene Uchiyamada is inside a forest, stabbing a voodoo dolls made from haystacks with Onizuka picture on it. He cursed at himself, because now he have to work hard to cover the mistakes that were done by Onizuka even that he had stressed many times that he should be fired earlier. He vowed now to oust him no matter what, as he started to remember the detective novels (by Nishimura Kiyou Tarou??) he had always read and that he can find ways to kill Onizuka from there, and then put the blame on headmaster ‘Xavier’ (webmaster note: Until now, I still didn’t know his name) so that he will become his successor...

Back to the school, (Urumi) Kanzaki who has only arrived is looking at the posters. Kikuchi asked her about her views and she replied that the pictures look unnatural. First, the pictures posse looked like the last year 4th class, but before she can finish her sentence, (Miyabi) Aizawa appears and greeted them with a wicked smile. She pretends to be shocked to see the poster, and commented that Onizuka will surely be fired, and asked Kikuchi if he thinks that Onizuka’s attitude borders the extreme line. She then excused herself and walked away, as both Kikuchi and Kanzaki looked angrily at her. (Saeko) Iijima asked Aizawa whether messing with both Kikuchi and Kanzaki who are the strongest pair in the school is a good idea, but Aizawa dismissed her fears, saying that they will not be able to fins any evidence after all, and that they can only see Onizuka being fired.

In the next scene, (Kunio) Murai is peeking outside from the computer room and Kanzaki asked him about the reaction of the students. He replied that the students are very angry, and some factions had already started to be formed to force Onizuka's dismissal. Furthermore, the teacher has started to convene a closed-door meeting, as if the whole school is against Onizuka now. Kanzaki smiled, saying that Aizawa plans are pretty good, and she asked Kikuchi to scan the poster at the highest possible resolution.

Murai asked on what they are doing, and Kanzaki replied that she will blow their real face off, and also to find the real culprits that framed both Fujiyoushi and Onizuka. Murai is shocked, as Kanzaki explained that the poster tells that all the money Fujiyoushi collected ended up at Onizuka’ pocket, when Onizuka have told them that the money in his pocket is not in bundles. And the moneybag is also in the poster, when Onizuka never find the bag after all in his penthouse, but only found the money and he brings ONLY the money to the club. Also, Fujiyoushi’s suicide note is strange too because he doesn’t even have a computer and a printer because their family is poor, but the note is written using a word processor software. Murai is stunned to hear her. She continued, saying that there’s must be someone behind all that had happened.

She then pointed out that the room in the poster really looks like their school’s infirmary as Kikuchi announced that the scanning process is finished, and after removing the mosaic mask and putting them all back together they should be finished. Murai wondered if he wants to remove the mask, and Kikuchi nodded. He explained that the mosaic filter used on the poster is a FL filter plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, and they are commonly used to make mosaic for the published porn pictures in magazines and the Internet (webmaster note: It’s legal to distribute porn pictures in Japan, but the private parts must be covered in mosaic or something like that). The blue dots on the mosaic distinguish the filter from the rest of mosaic filters. He then explained that the filter algorithm would only switch the color and the pixel position in selected areas in a fixed way, so they can reverse the filter algorithm and restore the eyes, albeit with some discolorations.

Murai wondered if they really can do it, but Kikuchi asked him to just see the result. He then picked the first face with a mosaic, selected the censored area, and reversed the effect of the FL filter. Kanzaki smiled and both Murai and Kusano are shocked. Murai recognized her as Yuka from the second class as Kikuchi continued to uncover more familiar faces. Kanzaki laughed wickedly, and she commented that they don’t want to see some small fry, as Kikuchi uncovered the face of (Tadashi) Sakurai. She added that anyone who dared to mess with them would suffer for their stupidity, as finally, Kikuchi uncovered the mask on Aizawa’s face. Murai and Kusano are shocked to see her inside the poster, as both Kikuchi and Kanzaki smiled, wondering on what punishment the stupid group will receive.....

In the next scene, Fujiyoushi is being lashed for being late when delivering the newspapers. Apparently, Aizawa has introduced him to that work so he will not go to school temporarily. He apologized, saying that he will do a better job tomorrow, as his partner asked him to be quicker. Suddenly he hears someone driving his motorcycle up the building and he is shocked to see Onizuka. Onizuka doesn’t believe that he will find Fujiyoushi on the building, and started to hug him. He then cursed Fujiyoushi for making him so worried, and Fujiyoushi started to be puzzled. Hearing that, Onizuka lashed at him for leaving a suicide note that scared the hell out of everyone, shocking Fujiyoushi. Fujiyoushi then explained that he never wrote any suicide note, and now it’s Onizuka's turn to be puzzled.

Suddenly, (Anko) Uehara appears from nowhere and interjected, saying that both of them are cheated and started to explain that all the things that happened, including the suicide note and the loss of the money are Aizawa’s plan. She continued, saying that Aizawa’s plan is to drive Onizuka out from the school. Onizuka is stunned to hear Uehara explanations, but suddenly his stomach started to rumble, showing that he is very hungry.

In the next scene, the three of them are eating at a ramen restaurant. Onizuka commented that he is so worried about Fujiyoushi that he had never eaten. He asked them if they are hungry, and started to take some food from Fujiyoushi’s serving. As he eats, he started to curse that the secret club is a fake, and that he will never find another club as good as that. He continued, now cursing Yuka and that he will kill her, and asked Fujiyoushi is he is right. Fujiyoushi is silent as Uehara commented that she thinks that Aizawa had gone too far. She added that she don’t care that Aizawa wants to be enemies with Onizuka, but Aizawa should not sacrificed her own classmates to do what she want because such things are unforgivable. Onizuka seconded her just to be lashed by her.

Onizuka then asked Fujiyoushi to eat fast, so that all of them can return to the school. He promised to Uehara that he will show her how he will drag Aizawa across the town with his bike and hanged her upside down at Inokashira Park’s lake (just like those punks in volume 1). Uehara commented that if he does just that, he will surely be fired, but Onizuka replied that she don’t understand the spirits of a real man. Suddenly Fujiyoushi interrupted them, saying that he doesn’t want to return to the school. Uehara is shocked and started to question him, saying that the reason he have to go delivering newspapers is because of Aizawa. Fujiyoushi replied that he does steal the money, shocking her.

He then shows the Frogman watch; saying that he had used the Yatsugatake money to buy the watch, as Onizuka and Uehara is silent. He continued, saying even that he can return the money back after his mom gives him pocket money, the fact remains that he stole the money for himself. He then says that Onizuka had always said that everyone should take responsibility for every action they take. So he will continue delivering newspapers until he get the 50000 yen he used back. A man must have manly spirits, so he must solve his own problems with his own abilities. Uehara gasped, as Onizuka is silent.

Uehara lashed at Fujiyoushi, saying that he should follow Onizuka’s earlier plan, that’s it, forcing Aizawa to just return the stolen money or be dragged across town (because she wants to see it too). She continued to scold him, asking if he is still protecting his pride even in such a crisis. Suddenly, Onizuka interjected, saying that Fujiyoushi is a good man, because he dared to confess his own sins, and that he will also follow his lead. He then said that he would replace the remaining 1.07 million yen that he spent himself. By now Uehara is giving up after seeing both of them so determined, as both Fujiyoushi and Onizuka bickers on how Onizuka can find such a large amount of money......


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