"Teaching aptitude test results", "references", man this is worse than a public school. Man, this is just like job hunting for a regular job. "Dream Job" my ass. - Eikichi Onizuka.
Lesson #106 - The super teacher (Great Teacher Fuyutsuki)...?

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 13
Lesson #106 - The super teacher (Great Teacher Fuyutsuki)...?

(Azusa) Fuyutsuki is very angry because she was left all alone in the abandoned hotel, scaring dogs until the sunrise. (Eikichi) Onizuka tried to calm her by saying that he will treat her a drink, and Fuyutsuki become angrier, saying that a glass of beer will not calm her. Onizuka try to add ramen to the 'calm Fuyutsuki' package, but she retorted that he must at least treat her to Italian food 'Acqua Pazza' and wine. Onizuka mistook the Acqua Pazza phrase, and replied that at Kichiyouji, there is a branch of 'Acuwapakuwa', and he will take her there, and Fuyutsuki corrected him.

Suddenly, Onizuka see some of Fuyutsuki' students being punished. Fuyutsuki asked a teacher on what have happened, and the teacher replied that her students has broken the rules by entering male student' room. Meanwhile Onizuka is filming her student’s breast. The teacher explained that they have made a party at 1am, and the guests next door had made a report about the noise. When the teacher went to the room, they have found out a bottle of beer, which they used to add into the their Coke. He added that (Hajime) Fukorada is punishing the male students.

Fukorada is punishing the male students by making push-up. He preached that good body will make good minds, and forced the students to make more, as 168 times are still not enough. The student protested about human rights, but Fukorada shot back saying that students who break the rule don't have the right to talk about human rights. The students protested that they don't do anything except watching videos, but Fukorada replied that the students is lying, and that they want to use the video as the first step to have sex with them. He then asked if the male students has had their hands inside their panties, as the teacher and Fuyutsuki looked on.

The teacher commented that they will not do it again, and started to blame Fuyutsuki for not managing her students properly. The teacher asked her where did she go last night, saying that teacher and students are the same. Fuyutsuki started to explain, but the female student interjected, saying that Fuyutsuki must have been taking part in the 4th class activities again, asking her if she don't feel ashamed of always going to the 4th class like she is that class' homeroom teacher, and forgetting her own class. Fuyutsuki and the teacher are stunned.

The student added, that a teacher who wears back-revealing attire is not a good teacher, and asked the teacher who is with Fuyutsuki to continue with his punishment, saying that they will not want to hear what Fuyutsuki says. Fuyutsuki is stunned, and asked them why they hate her so much. The students replied that they don't want to talk to her. Suddenly, Onizuka called them, and started to fart, making the female students panics as his fart stinks. Onizuka lashed at them for not respecting adults, and they started to lash at him, saying that he should not meddle in the affair of their class.

Hearing that, Onizuka wanted to punish them with more farts, but Fuyutsuki stopped him, saying that she will take care of them later. The female students run as they cursed Onizuka. Onizuka asked her why she didn't fight back, and she replied that she has been accustomed by them. She explained that all the female students hated her, but she mixed freely with the male students, and that probably make them hate her. She then added on how the female students had her things concealed, and more. She continues, that she didn't know what to do, and asked Onizuka, who didn't pay any attention to her, for some advice.

Seeing him, Fuyutsuki lashed at him ignoring her, but he countered saying that he hears him, and suggested that Fuyutsuki fondle they breasts. Hearing such a stupid advice, she lashed at him for not listening, but he countered again, saying that he is right, because a relationship between teacher and students should be that way. Onizuka then asked her on how she wants to communicate with her students. Fuyutsuki is stunned. Onizuka explained that there are many types of relationship between teachers and students, and for him, he like to have a natural bond between them, so it will be easier.

Onizuka explained that he feels that Fuyutsuki and the students are just the same, so that's why they didn't see her as a teacher. So he thinks that Fuyutsuki should not force herself to act like a teacher, but treated them just like she are now. Fuyutsuki is silent, as (Kunio) Murai is calling Onizuka. He left, and Fuyutsuki is starting to think what Onizuka had told her earlier. She realized that she always think old-fashionly about the relationship between teacher and students, and that at middle school, she herself just acts like her students do now. She then decided about something, as Onizuka is trying to catch a fish....

In the next scene, the punished female students are on their room, when Fuyutsuki entered, taking with her a bag full with beer cans. The students started to talk about her being drunk, and also that she is not fit enough to advice them if she herself is just like them. They asked if she wants to claim that she is doesn't have any shortcomings, and that teachers like her will make Japan' future look bleak. They then asked for her to resign and get married, for the sake of Japan' education. Fuyutsuki is angry with them, so she smashed the can in her hand, and put the bag on the table.

She produced the cans of beer, and asked them to drink it. The students are puzzled. Fuyutsuki asked them on where are their bravery, that they showed earlier when they insulted her. The students become angry, and started to open the cans. But to their surprise, the beer started to spurt out to their face after they opened it (just like if you shake a can of cold Coca Cola right before you opened it). The students are shocked, as Fuyutsuki is laughing at them. The student shot back, asking her of being arrogant just because the male students like her. She exclaimed that she is now satisfied that she has taken her revenge on them, because she knows it were them who always make her life like in hell.

She shut the door and locked it, saying that she will take care of them who always like to bully her. Then she asked them if they are scared, and the students become angry, saying that they will make Fuyutsuki pay right now, and she will kneel and apologize to them. They started to bicker, making noise that so loud that a teacher started to knock the door asking on what have happened inside, but no answer. Fukorada and (Hiroshi) Kochiyatani passed by and asked the teacher what has happened, and the teacher explained that Fuyutsuki has entered the room where the girls are, and hasn't come out since then. The teacher added that she hears strange sounds inside too. Both of them started to knock the door, and Fukorada speculates that male students must have attacked Fuyutsuki, making the teacher nervous.

Meanwhile inside the room, all of the students and also Fuyutsuki, are already drunk, with one of them fainted. Fuyutsuki complained that they can't open the door now or all of them will be expelled, and she will be fired too....


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