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Lesson #103: Anko's reformation plan.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 13
Lesson #103: Anko's reformation plan.

(Eikichi) Onizuka is waking up all his slaves from the 4th class by hitting a steel pan, screaming that the 'granddad' wanted to hold a midnight party. Everyone started to wake up from (Kouji) Fujiyoushi to (Urumi) Kanzaki. All the 4th class students started to go out from their room, and Kanzaki complained that he should have done it tomorrow, and Onizuka lashed at the students for being so weak, as (Anko) Uehara is startled by Onizuka' action. Onizuka started to make noise again, as Uehara asked him on what he intends to do. He replied that she don't have to worry, and he started to herd his slaves out of the hotel.

In the next scene, an old man, with a false tooth on his hand and a torchlight in another has emerged. The students are wondering on what games Onizuka want to play, and guessing about the old man. The old man started to tell a ghost story, as the students are listening silently. The old man started to make faces, making the student nervous. Meanwhile, (Azusa) Fuyutsuki is asking Onizuka of his intention and if he has already get the permission, and Onizuka replied that the summer has come, they must play the game, and that he will never get permission. He explained that they would play 'bravery test' game.

Fuyutsuki is shocked, and asked him if they must play the game inside the abandoned hotel. Onizuka acknowledged her, saying that the hotel is very suitable. Fuyutsuki replied that she was scared, and Onizuka assured her that she will not be scared by the 'ghosts', but he want her to play the 'ghost' role herself. Fuyutsuki denied, saying that she has to wait inside the hotel, and Onizuka replied that she will not be alone, and that the old man will accompany her. The old man started to make faces, and Fuyutsuki started to scream, as she is been dragged by the old man inside the hotel.

The students are in an uproar after hearing that they will play the 'bravery test' game, inside the abandoned hotel. One of them wondered what will happened if ghosts appears and another student tell them to shut up, as Uehara is silent...

Onizuka started to explain the rules. He started by saying that in a team consisting of 2 people, have to enter the hotel, signed a book located underground, and get back out, and that's it. Anyone who runs away will be sleeping inside the hotel for the rest of the night. The students started to talk about the rules, as (Mayuko) Asano exclaimed that she hates such things, and (Naoko) Izumi assures her that they will find a cute genie, and Asano denies her, while Uehara is starting to get nervous. She asked Onizuka why he must hold the game, and he replied that he wants to nurture the love between her and (Noboru) Yoshikawa. In the game, Uehara will be able to hug Yoshikawa openly, and that she must thanked him for that.

Uehara started to lash at him, saying that he is wrong, but Onizuka replied that she don't have to pretend, and she denies him even more. Onizuka ignored her, and Yoshikawa is puzzled to see Uehara covers her face in frustration, and Onizuka started to decide about the group. He announced that the groups' creations are of his own opinions, so nobody can't protest with his decision. He then paired Fujiyoushi with (Chikako) Shirai, and then (Yoshito) Kikuchi with (Saeko) Iijima. He then makes the grand pair; Uehara and Yoshikawa, and Uehara started to blush, while Yoshikawa exclaimed that they would be together again.

Onizuka then paired Kanzaki with all of her roommates (4 in a team), shocking her, and started to pair the rest of the class. Kanzaki approached Onizuka and asked why her team must have 4 people when the rules stipulate for 2. Onizuka replied that the Gundam fans have vowed to protect her, because her blonde hair is just like Salya (Mass) (webmaster note: Then again, I am not a Gundam fan). Onizuka started to laugh, saying that Kanzaki has become a goddess to the Gundam fans, and that in the next autumn cosplay conference, she should dress like Salya and attend the conference. The angry Kanzaki started to hit on Onizuka, but he avoided her, and started to give up when her roommates started to call her Salya and they vowed that they would protect her.

A puzzled Murai asked Onizuka about his partner, and Onizuka replied that a female student from another class wanted to be his teammate, so he will put them in a team. Fujiyoushi and Kusano are speculating that it may be (Aoi) Fukada. Suddenly Fukada appears, and both Kusano and Fujiyoushi are stunned, praising Murai for his luck. But Fukada is starting to drag another girl, saying that Murai is present. It turns out that the girl is (Fukada) Kumiko, and Murai is stunned. Kumiko started to smile, as Onizuka introduced her to the rest of the class and paired her with a very embarrassed Murai, as the rest of the class are ribbing him.

Uehara is looking at the fun silently and blushing, as the game started. Suddenly Yoshikawa greeted her, shocking her, and asked on why her face is red, and guessed if that she is scared. Yoshikawa started to explain that ghosts are only an illusion and continues talking like he is Kanzaki, as Uehara silently commented that he is wrong and she isn't scared of ghost, as she feels that she is too close with him.

In the next scene, it is Kikuchi and Iijima turn to enter the hotel. She looked scared, as Kikuchi walked on. She screams at Kikuchi not to leave her, and he replied that it is she who wants to break their friendship. The angry Iijima replied that she will, but suddenly Kikuchi exclaimed that a white hand is on her shoulder and she started to panic, as Kikuchi replied that he is just joking. She started to lash at him, asking him not to play inside the hotel, as Kikuchi is laughing, saying that she always like to bully teachers earlier.

Suddenly, they hear people running, and they screamed that they have looked at a ghost, and Iijima is hugging Kikuchi by now, saying that the ghost has come out. She wondered why Kikuchi isn't scared, and he replied that the ghost is Fuyutsuki, and he feels pity for her because she has to roam the dark room by herself, and maybe she is scared more than Iijima herself. Iijima protested that Kikuchi should at least act like he is scared too.

Meanwhile, Fuyutsuki with her ghost attire is wondering why there are no students entering the hotel, as she herself started to become scared. Suddenly she hears somebody coming, as Fuyutsuki started to become sinister, saying that she must scared the student to death. She pounced at the coming student, just to see eye to eye with another ghost....

Back to Kikuchi and Iijima, Iijima started to remember the last year summer holiday, where they also hold a similar game at Inokashira park, and that the participants must take the squid snacks on the table and eat it. She remembers that at the time, it was both of them too who are in a team. She then remembers, when Kikuchi wanted to reach for the snack, suddenly a lot of cockroaches went out from the snack, and it is the first time that she saw Kikuchi become very scared, and that he went to wash his hand countless times, and that his face had became pale too. She remembers that both Murai and Fujiyoushi don’t know that the snacks were infested by cockroaches, and they ate the snacks. At that time, she feels that the 4th class is so full with fun, and the ties between everyone is so close.

Kikuchi is silent when he hears her. Suddenly he speaks that the 4th class can return to the times full with happiness, as long as all of them wanted it. He asked her not to pretend anymore, saying that she know how happy she can be if everyone can mixed freely with each other. But Iijima replied, if she does just that, (Miyabi) Aizawa would be left all alone. Kikuchi is silent, as she added that Aizawa still couldn’t forget the case, as Fuyutsuki is being chased by a flying head. They entered the room where the book is located, an as Kikuchi are signing the book, he exclaimed to Iijima she don't have to worry, shocking her.

Kikuchi added that Aizawa will return, and reminded Iijima about the game she had talked about earlier, and asked her about the person who is crying in the first minute, and laughing in the second. Kikuchi asked her again about which person in the class who didn't like pretending the most. Iijima is silent. Kikuchi commented, that they should be happy, and waited for Aizawa to return, because Onizuka will bring her back to them.

Meanwhile, outside the hotel, Fujiyoshi, Kusano and Yoshikawa are commenting about the screams they can hear from the hotel. Suddenly, Onizuka announced that Uehara and Yoshikawa' turn has come. He approaches Uehara, and asked her to take advantage to hug Yoshikawa as hard as she can. She started to hit Onizuka, but avoided again, and she go off angrily with a puzzled Yoshikawa. Onizuka smiles when he looked at them. He called both Fujiyoushi and Kusano, telling them that they will be exempted from the game, and asked them to change clothes and follows him. Onizuka exclaimed that he will start a better game from the bravery test game, and that he will show it to both of them....


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