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Lesson 145: Buddy, Let's Go Adventuring Part 1

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Lesson 145: Buddy, Let's Go Adventuring Part 1

Some students are talking about why (Miyabi) Aizawa is still at the hospital after a week even though she is perfectly healthy. One comments that she doesn't want to return home. Another suggests that someone rich like her can do anything she wants, and she is rumored to live in first class wardroom. Then another student remarks that (Kouji) Fujiyoushi always visits her everyday to make her return home. Others are surprised to hear that, and the student asks whether or not the others knew that Fujiyoushi has had a crush on Aizawa for a long time now.

Aizawa is looking down from the window of her wardroom when Fujiyoushi enters her room, commenting that the weather in the summer this year is unusually hot. He then greets Aizawa, exclaiming that her hospital room has a cool air-conditioner, just like the ones available at shopping complexes, not like his house where he and his siblings have to fight for the single desk fan when sleeping. Next, he shows her a packet, saying that he had brought a packet of Cinnabon for her. Aizawa is just silent as he explains that he had to wait in line for 30 minutes before he managed to buy a packet.

Aizawa then replies that she doesn't want to eat it, but Fujiyoushi argued that, as a patient, she should eat it because the sweet Cinnabon can raise her blood's glucose level so that she will become more spirited. He then adds that the Cinnabon is still hot and asks Aizawa to eat it, but instead Aizawa swipes it from his hand, which causes the Cinnabon to fall to the floor. Fujiyoushi is shocked to see Aizawa throw the Cinnabon onto the floor and he reminds her that he had to wait 30 minutes to get the Cinnabon, but Aizawa retorts that she had also reminded him that she doesn't want to eat it anyway.

Then she starts to criticize him for coming and bringing her strange and useless things everyday, and a sheepish Fujiyoushi replied that it would not be nice if he came to visit her without bringing anything. Aizawa scolds him again, saying that he is disrupting the harmony in her room and asks him to get out and return to his own place. Fujiyoushi answers that he doesn't want to, but Aizawa yells at him, saying that the room is hers and he doesn't have any right to stay.

Suddenly, Fujiyoushi counters that she should return home too because a nurse has told him that Aizawa doesn't have any physical health problems anymore, and the problem that remains is much more mental in nature. Aizawa is silent as Fujiyoushi exclaims that the website problem may have disturbed her deeply, but in the end everything turned out fine, so she should return home because the summer holiday has started.

Aizawa lashes at him, saying that he should not try to pretend that he knows everything, and no one knows what her problems are. Upon hearing that, Fujiyoushi asks her to tell him about her problems. Aizawa screams at him to mind his own business and to just leave so she can be alone. Fujiyoushi then asks her to just tell him if she has any problems because they are friends anyway, but Aizawa laughs, saying that they are not friends because he is on (Eikichi) Onizuka's side and therefore, their friendship is severed now.

Fujiyoushi rebukes Aizawa and tells her she should not think about her own face/pride because Onizuka himself had saved her on several occasions, so Aizawa should just tell him about her problems. Aizawa is silent again and Fujiyoushi comments that Aizawa is too stubborn now when just a year ago she was just a nice girl. Upon hearing that, Aizawa asks him whether he is befriending her because she is nice. Fujiyoushi starts to stammer. Looking at him, Aizawa exclaims that Fujiyoushi misperceives her because she is not what he imagines and that she is just a filthy woman who is unfit to become friends with him.

Fujiyoushi is stunned, and Aizawa tells him to just return home and stop thinking that they are friends. But Fujiyoushi replies that he will always thinks of Aizawa as his friend no matter how she treats him and he will always believe in his friends. He continues by saying that Aizawa should start believing in him and just tell him about her problems, reminding her about the strong friendships that existed when they were in Year 2, 4th class and he will do anything for her.

Aizawa is silent when she hears him and suddenly she replies that she will tell him her problems if he takes her to a beach. Fujiyoushi is puzzled and starts to think if they go now, they will only be able to go to Daiba beach or else they will miss the returning train. Aizawa counters saying that she doesn't want to board any trains because all of them stink and also she doesn't want to use motorcycles either because of the smoke. She remembers something and tells Fujiyoushi that she only wants to go to the beach in a sport car that is roofless, imported, and red. Fujiyoushi is silent as Aizawa declares that if he brings a car that matches her description she will tell him everything.

Fujiyoushi tells her that it's impossible for him to get such a car, and Aizawa starts to throw things at him, saying that if he can't bring the car he should just get out of her room. She then asks whether he understands now that she is evil and not that nice girl that he remembered. Fujiyoushi is silent and exclaims that he understands now. He leaves the room as Aizawa hurls more things at the closed door, saying that he should not visit her again.

After unleashing her fury, she sits at her bed silently and she starts to remember what she was really like before, just as Fujiyoushi remembered. She then starts to have a flashback of when she visited a mysterious teacher's house (vol.16 lesson 126). The teacher greeted her and Aizawa told the teacher that she had brought food for him because he probably can't really eat good foods since he lives alone. She then asked whether she can enter his house, and the teacher replied that she could as he looks at her silently. She started to unpack the foods she brought with her, commenting that it takes her a long time to cook them all when suddenly a box falls on the floor. She is shocked to see that the box contains a lot of unused condoms. The teacher commented that her cooking surely looks very tasty. Since some tasty foods are already in place, the teacher had invited a friend to come over. The teacher's friend suddenly appears and the teacher exclaimed that "good things" must be enjoyed together with friends as he started to laugh at the stunned Aizawa.

Back to reality, Aizawa wakes up as if she just had a bad nightmare. She sits silently on the bed and, in the next scene; she is shown washing her hands and her face as she silently thinks that she is a "dirty" person. She doesn't know why she has to exercise such a bad "attitude". She then called herself "dirty" a few times and that she is just a "dirty' girl, so everyone should just avoid her.

Suddenly she hears a strange sound and she opens the toilet door just to see a bloody hand on the wardroom window. Aizawa is very shocked to see the hand and next she sees a very bloodied man trying to enter her wardroom. She starts to scream. She takes the nearest thing she can grab and starts to hit the man, asking him to just return to his grave (she probably thinks that she is seeing a ghost) and be reincarnated. Suddenly the "man" asks her to stop, asking her to calm herself and take a hard look at him. Aizawa realizes that the bloodied man is really Fujiyoushi.

She asks him why he must enter from the windows late at night. Fujiyoushi exclaims that Aizawa must have thought that he was a ghost because she looks very pale. Then he tells Aizawa that he climbed through the window because the front door had already been closed and comments that he thought that he would die. Aizawa then asks why he is all bloody and wondered whether the blood is caused by her hits earlier. Hearing her, Fujiyoushi responds that it wasn't her fault and shows her a key, saying that he had already fulfilled her wish, puzzling Aizawa.

She looks out the window and sees a convertible car below and asks Fujiyoushi how he got the BMW. Fujiyoushi tells her that it's easy for him to find a convertible red sports car, but he had to be rammed by the car first to get the chance to steal it. At that time, he thought that he would surely die. Aizawa asks him if he staged a fake accident. She berates him for being so stupid, but Fujiyoushi asks her to change quickly so her wish to go to the beach will be fulfilled. Aizawa is stunned, but she starts to call him stupid.

Outside, she admonishes Fujiyoushi and informs him that he is not a monster like Onizuka and he will die if he does such things. Fujiyoushi responds that it's nothing for him because he is still alive anyway. Hearing that, Aizawa reminds him that he is a human unlike Onizuka, and if any part of his body is amputated it will not grow back plus his blood is not green either. Fujiyoushi exclaims that he never knew that Aizawa worries about him, and if her words are true, Onizuka seems not to originate from Planet Earth. Aizawa replies that she feels that because a car rammed him, anyone would naturally become worried.

As they enter the car, she exclaims that no one will believe him and asks why Fujiyoushi only learned bad things from Onizuka anyway. Suddenly Fujiyoushi says that Onizuka did not influence him, but he did it because he wanted to see her smile. Aizawa is silent, and Fujiyoushi declares that they will go to Shonan beach now. Aizawa answers that they can go to the beach, but the problem is whether or not Fujiyoshi knows how to drive the car. He replies that he surely can, after countless hours of practicing in GTA2 (webmaster note: GTA2 - Grand Theft Auto 2, a driving simulation game for PS console). He then tries to start the car, but after the engine starts, the car suddenly moves backwards and rams into another parked car, shocking both of them.

Aizawa yells at him, saying that he only just started the engine and they have already encountered a problem. She wonders whether he really knows how to drive the car anyway. Fujiyoushi apologizes and says that he will do better from now on, but Aizawa wonders again whether or not she will reach Shonan beach alive. She warns Fujiyoushi that she doesn't want to be in the headlines next morning with the newspapers telling a story of a death of a beautiful girl in an accident. Fujiyoushi replies that she should just sit tight as he stepped on the accelerator. The car jerks forward, shocking Aizawa and she screams for him to stop the car. Fujiyoushi protests that they are going forward now, and Aizawa screams for him to look forward at the red light.


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