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Lesson #11 - Onizuka-sensei appears.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 2

Lesson #11 - Onizuka-sensei appears.

(Eikichi) Onizuka' mentor is slowly waking up, after being knocked unconscious in Onizuka dramatic maneuver earlier. Still drowsy, he started to wonder where he is, just to see that he is surrounded by a lot of policemen, all pointing their guns and shotguns to him. He don't even manage to be shocked at the turn of events when the police Special Forces raided into his truck, and arresting him. He then started to ask questions on what have happened and as he realized what have happened, he started to accuse Onizuka as the culprit, but his plea is ignored as he is taken to the police station.

Meanwhile, Onizuka is appalled when he find that the one who will give him the interview is the old woman that manned the canteen. (Ryoko) Sakurai exclaimed that she had been waiting, as she knows that Onizuka will surely come, no matter where he is. She then asked Onizuka to enter and start the interview. Onizuka started to think that he is actually being interviewed for a position in the school canteen, and resigned himself of being an unemployed man until the next teacher' qualifying test. Suddenly he saw the word "Director Room" and then become puzzled as he watched Sakurai is sitting inside the room.

Sakurai then welcomed Onizuka to Kichiyouji Private School, and introduced herself as the school director. The shocked Onizuka then asked about the old women that manned the school canteen, as Sakurai explained that one of her ways of looking around the school. She then examined Onizuka's files, commenting a little on his police records, and declared that Onizuka will be appointed. Onizuka is frozen. Sakurai then asked Onizuka to fill some forms, give him some reading materials, and also to attend a seminar for new teachers later. Suddenly, Onizuka asked her, why he is easily appointed. Sakurai asked him back, whether he have any doubts or not on his appointment. Onizuka tried to answer, but Sakurai tell him that he has to have more confidence in himself, and asked him to prepare for the tedious job ahead.

She then explained, that even Kichiyouji is a prestigious school, it have a lot of internal problems, and it's rising with each passing year, and she can't stand it anymore. Onizuka is stunned. Sakurai continue to say that only he could change the current situation, after seeing his German suplex maneuver earlier. Onizuka then showed the technique again, and asked if this what she means. Sakurai agreed, and then asked to sit on Onizuka in that pose, of which he agreed. Sakurai then say that she wanted to reduce the problems Kichiyouji now have, and only Onizuka who defied today's teaching principles could help her to do it. Then she asked again, if he still want to be a teacher in Kichiyouji. Onizuka smiles, and he agreed. They both stand up, and Onizuka declared that the school will know the power of 22-years old Eikichi Onizuka. Sakurai smiles, but remembered something, and tell Onizuka about it....

In the next scene, Onizuka is walking out of the building, smiling. Suddenly a voice tells him not to show off, and tell him to go shaving. He turned around just to be greeted by (Ryuji) Danma and (Azusa) Fuyutsuki. Both of them congratulate Onizuka for his appointment as a teacher, as Onizuka asked on how they know about his appointment. Danma explained that it was Fuyutsuki who tell him earlier, and then both of are eavesdropping outside when Onizuka was being interviewed. Fuyutsuki congratulate Onizuka, and added that they will be co-workers when the autumn started. Onizuka then commented that both of them must have been waiting for quite some time but they say it is nothing.

At a food stall, the 3 of them are having a late night snack, with the TV station showing the news about Onizuka's mentor earlier. Danma commented that he never expects that Onizuka will be appointed as a teacher in the prestigious school. Onizuka attributed his success to his greatness. Danma dismissed his claim, and begin to tell Fuyutsuki about Onizuka' past life’s, with a pissed off Onizuka behind him. Onizuka then explained, even that he is appointed, he is just a temporary teaching staff, and he also have to do a special favor for it. Fuyutsuki and Danma are puzzled, and Danma want Onizuka to tell what it is. Onizuka, uncertain, tell him that he have to live at the school. Fuyutsuki is stunned, while Onizuka speculates that maybe Sakurai don't want to see him, a teacher of a prestigious school, to live in a squalid apartment. Danma commented that the 'favor' is not a flavor, but an added advantage (webmaster note: he speaks it wrong here). Suddenly, Fuyutsuki interjected, saying that as far as she knows, there's no teacher's quarters in Kichiyouji. All of them are silent now. Then Onizuka suggested that they better drink, and not to think too much.

In the director's room, a man (Itagake) is asking Sakurai whether she is doing the right thing, by appointing a teacher like Onizuka. Sakurai asked him whether he think the appointment is meaningful or vice-versa. Itagake replied why then she wanted Onizuka to teach that 'class', as Sakurai tell him to shut up. She then explained, that she believes Onizuka could change the school and the students, and she wanted to see how he will do it, in the next autumn.....


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