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Lesson 151 - The cricket diary

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 19 - Cover: featuring Eikichi Onizuka

(Onizuka and Azusa Fuyutsuki in a posse - like the Onizuka-Aizawa posse in volume 13).
Lesson 151 - The cricket diary - featuring: Volume 18 cover in BW

WARNING: This one can become very confusing at times.

(Suguru) Teshigawara screams as he stabbed a pillow, destroying it. He continued to swing the blade, narrowly missing both of the Fuyutsuki sisters, while screaming again at (Eikichi) Onizuka asking him on what a worthless person like Onizuka know about him anyway. Teshigawara continued, saying that Onizuka is just like worthless polystyrene being brought up without any hopes placed on him, and that Onizuka is just someone who will destroy nature, so Onizuka will never understand his torturous predicament.

Teshigawara continued to swing the knife, stabbing aimlessly, as he tells Onizuka and the Fuyutsuki's sisters on how he had always been compared with his brother who is able to use chopsticks when his brother was 2. He then tells them that when he (Teshigawara) was 3, he had started to learn the alphabets, and then had to memorize the GNP of each country in the world when he was 4, as he asked Onizuka again whether he understands the stress of being born under such a demanding family. He continued, saying that when he was at class, he doesn't even dared to fart, and he have to contain it in his stomach until the class ended. Sometimes he forgot to bring things to school, he become so scared even the teachers are worried to see him.

He swings the blade again, and he asked Onizuka the meaning of the words like "feelings" and "friends", adding that such words are only said by heartless bastards. Onizuka is silent as Teshigawara tells him that he (Onizuka) is just like a fly that says everything he wants at the time of his own choosing, and also he can always do things that he desired, thus he will never understand him (Teshigawara). Teshigawara stabbed at a picture of Fuyutsuki, as he recounted that Onizuka is just like a cockroach that frequented video rental stores to rent pornographic videos, and he asked Onizuka again whether he understands him that much to call him a coward.

He then tried to stab Onizuka, when suddenly Onizuka appears in front of him, shocking Teshigawara. Onizuka then asked Teshigawara on why he stopped, and reminding him that he (Teshigawara) is the one who really wants to stab him that, and asked Teshigawara whether he had become scared. Onizuka then lashed at him for trying to blame pressures in life as the source of his problem, and then tells him that if he really doesn't like to live the life he is in now, he will always be able to choose to live his life the way he wants it. Onizuka continued, saying that he really hates people like Teshigawara who pretend that he is a victim of the so-called cruel society. Then, Onizuka smiles as he exclaimed that if Teshigawara considered himself as a man, he should take responsibility with what he have done in the course of his life, not to try and find faults from others, and then asked again whether Teshigawara still wants to make excuses for himself for the rest of his life.

Hearing his questions, Teshigawara started to shiver, and suddenly he screams, telling Onizuka to shut up and stabbed the knife at the wall behind Onizuka, shocking him. He then turns around, to (Makoto) Fuyutsuki's surprise and proceeds to jump from the window all the way to the bottom of the building where (Azusa) Fuyutsuki's apartment is located. He lands on a treetop and into a bush, and while both Onizuka and Makoto started to peer from the window, they see Teshigawara emerges from inside the bush and runs away from the building.

Makoto screams, saying that Teshigawara had gotten away, while Onizuka vowed that he would surely arrested Teshigawara and put him in jail. He then started to try and jump from the windows too, as Makoto screams asking on why he also jumped from the windows, and Onizuka replied that if Teshigawara can do such thing, he would be able to do the same too, while Fuyutsuki looks at them silently. Onizuka screams while he falls to the ground, and Fuyutsuki sees the Teshigawara's diary on the floor and started to pick it up to read it…

The diary reads: - (webmaster note: Contents in italic, literally translated)

How do you do, my beloved Fuyutsuki…

I'm sorry for doing such a harsh thing on you, and I'm really sorry for doing it. Only with this way, I will be able to let you know about my feeling for you. Maybe you are shocked to learn the differences between me who are teaching at the school and the one who do such a crime, but this can't be helped (Teshigawara is shown running in the darkness). This happened because "me" who are teaching at the school was merely a little cricket who hide itself beneath the ground.

The few generations in my father's family works as high-profile government workers, including my father, and they also tried to shaped me to become one when I become an adult (Teshigawara is shown running over a road with traffic-jam). This is my family background; my brother, 2 years older than me and I have to endure strict education system since we are little so we can become the best among the best, and continued forward to become high profile government officers in the future. My brother had never disappointed my parents, he is very smart since he is little, and he managed to enter a prestigious tuition class since he was 4 and when he started studying at elementary school, he had already mastered basic arithmetic.

He is also good in music; everyone thinks that he will become the next Tetsuya Komuro (webmaster note: - A famous music producer) or to become a famous musician that are known worldwide. Then he entered high school with the best result in his examination, plus he is also a key player in his team, his co-curriculum activity mark is also the best. He also knows how to dig the ground so he can plant flowers by himself, and then when he was at Year 3 in high school, he managed to get a distinction in a law examination, and also passed the high examination to become a government officer. Now he is a high-ranking officer at Okura Shiyo (webmaster note: this name is either for Japan Finance Ministry or the Home Minister, I lean to the latter one. I don't have any idea at all how Japan political system works) and he is the next in line to become the chief secretary. His future is so bright…he is surely one of the best ever person you can find.

(A police car is shown, and the car stopped at a back alley where Teshigawara is squatting) Compared to him, I am just…(Teshigawara is shown squatting between trash bins, while a stray cat is looking at him suspiciously. He then started to imagine the times when he makes a butterfly specimen). Since I am little, I always like to make bug specimens. My results are OK, but still deemed weaker when compared with my brother. My father are not satisfied with it, and sent me to 3 tuition centers. In other words, I was forced to study hard since I am little. My father also told me to learn how to swim so I can have a better physical health, in line of our family motto that says, "A healthy body will produce a productive soul"(Teshigawara is shown looking at his father). But it takes me 7 years just to cover 25 meters (Teshigawara is shown swimming).

I always lashed at myself, even that my brother and I have the same genes, why I was weaker than he is. Aren't the law of natural selection says, that the best genes will be inherited by the next generations of progenies? This world is Godless. I've once suspected that my weakness is caused by the lack of length for "genius line" on my palm, so I take a drawing knife to make the line longer (Teshigawara is shown wounding his own palm with a drawing knife).

(Teshigawara is shown being lashed by his father, who told him that marks below 98 are deemed weak. He then wondered whether Teshigawara inherit more of his wife's genes, and started to slap Teshigawara's mother, while Teshigawara screams silently in his heart pleading for him to stop hitting his mom. In the next scene, he is back on making his bug specimens.) I've considered of committing suicide, and at that time, only the obasan who lived at the traditional Japanese house next door will talk to me like a friend (Teshigawara is shown being asked by the obasan whether he have been scolded again by his father, and the obasan continued, saying that everything will turn out OK, because Teshigawara is still a little cricket progeny by now. She then told Teshigawara that progenies would hide beneath the ground before appearing on the surface. The progeny will wait for the time when it will have the ability to chirp whenever it wants, and Teshigawara was just like it now. Then, she continued, telling Teshigawara that his day will also come, just like a butterfly who escaped from its silky cage after a long time).

(Teshigawara then shown being bullied by some students who warned him not to reports their illegal activities anymore, when suddenly Teshigawara staged a fight back, and stabbed a pencil inside the bully's thigh. The bully panics and flees. In the next scene, his father scolded him for doing that.) Sometimes, I will do such things to take revenge on anyone who are against me, but revenge is not allowed in such a society like ours. Why? The bully is the guilty party. Why it was me who must be punished for that? Is it because that I am only a progeny now? Can't a progeny do just that? (Teshigawara is shown trying to go to the obasan house to talk with her because he can't take the pressure anymore, but he instead finds out the corpse of the obasan, who had accidentally slipped, banged her head on a pillar, and died). The obasan just kneels there without moving. No matter how I pushed and screams at her, she never moved, just like a shell that had been abandoned by a now-adult cricket progeny. (A few policemen, who are called to the death scene, commented that the obasan died after suffering a brain hemorrhage, while another asked whether she is living alone. The police replied that it seems that the obasan have a frosty relationship with her in-laws. Upon hearing that, Teshigawara commented silently…) they are wrong. The obasan is not dead. She had simply gone out from his shells and started the metamorphosis cycle. Obasan, I promised you that one day I will become just like you, who are able to fly freely on the sky.

Since that day, my attitude had completely changed, no matter how the bully group bully me, I will simply ignored them to concentrate in my studies (Teshigawara is shown being bullied like Yoshikawa in the drama version). To be able to be nominated as a prefect, I studied 8 hours a day; to arm myself better before my own metamorphosis cycle comes. Nevertheless, I still reported the names of the naughty students to the teachers, putting female student's faeces that are supposed to be sent to the infirmary inside the drawers of the students I hated and other stuff. Then when my metamorphosis cycle comes, I will be able to proudly become one of the Teshigawara family members, just like his grandfather, father and brother.

(Teshigawara is shown looking at the result of the high-examination for government officers, with head tilted to one side, like headmaster Xavier in a fix. He failed in the exam apparently) But, it seems that God still thinks that I am not good enough yet to enter my metamorphosis cycle. (Teshigawara is now shown tutoring (Hidemi) Oota, when suddenly she asked him on what have happened to make him looks so gloomy. Teshigawara replied that nothing had happened except that he is shocked about a setback, and in the next session, he will surely be OK. Oota looks at him silently, and she suddenly smiled, and asked him again whether he needs her help to calm himself. Teshigawara is shocked, and asked her whether she is willing to help him calm himself as Oota touched his head. Suddenly, he kneels before her, taking her leg and puts it on his head. He then asked her to step on him, shocking her. He tells the shocked Oota to just step on him, a cricket progeny who are still unfit to start his own metamorphosis cycle, and can only hide beneath the ground).

I then applied to become a teacher, and while working as a teacher will not permit me to control the clueless Japan citizens out there, I will at least still be able to go on stage and looks at the stupid students from above (Teshigawara is shown teaching). Only by doing that, I will be able to cover what I am feeling deep inside my heart. I, who had been chased out from the family, can only live my life this way (Teshigawara is shown putting water on some ants). At that time, coincidentally, I first lay my eyes on you (Teshigawara is shown looking at Fuyutsuki, and sees an imaginary butterfly wings on her back).

(Suddenly, a policeman emerges and asked Teshigawara who are squatting at the back alley on what is the purpose he is squatting at the back alley. The policeman then tried to ask for more details from the silent Teshigawara. He is shocked to see Teshigawara wearing a wedding tuxedo, and starting to turn around to radio for a back-up squad, when suddenly Teshigawara stands up and hit him from behind.) At that time, I know that the time had come, when I first see the butterfly wings on your back. I know now, that my metamorphosis cycle had come (Teshigawara is shown taking the policeman clothes and equipment). Waiting for that day to come, I don't know how many bug wings had been broken up by me, but now the time for my appearance from underneath the ground had arrived. Hohoho, Fuyutsuki, you must wait for me. I will arrive for you any minute now. Surely.

(Teshigawara, wearing the policeman clothes, appeared in front of a store and sees 3 people loitering outside the store. He then started to lash at them, asking on why they are loitering outside the store, blocking other people's way in. Meanwhile, back at the apartment, Fuyutsuki closes the diary as she wondered whether he would do "that" thing, while Teshigawara is holding the baton to hit the loiters, screaming that people like them deserved to be punished.)

I want to be a cricket now.
End of diary.


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