Sometimes it's ok man - for teachers to ditch class ~ ! Let's just take off! Take off! Like when we were students. - Eikichi Onizuka.

Lesson 117 – The tattooed girl.


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Lesson 117 – The tattooed girl.

Ageha is pouring tea into a cup and offered it to (Eikichi) Onizuka. She asked him to drink it, as she commented that she is not very good at making tea. A sheepish Onizuka thanked him, saying that he feels guilty to ask her to make tea. Ageha then stared into his cup and commented that his tea leaves are standing tall, a sign of good omen. Hearing her, he started to become angry, asking on what a spy like her wants to do anyway. He added that if the tealeaves can stand tall, he also could. Ageha ignored him as she sips her tea while commenting that Japanese people are very good in the art of tea drinking.

Onizuka asked her again on her real intentions of coming to his penthouse. He started to guess that she is a spy sent by the larva (Mayu) Wakui (webmaster note: Actually, in previous chapters, Onizuka had already called Wakui as larva numerous times, but only now I’ve mentioned it). Ageha smiles, and Onizuka lashed at him for smiling like a certain famous actress.

Ageha reiterated that she really comes to ask for forgiveness from him. Onizuka countered while acting violently across the penthouse, saying that if forgiveness can solve all problems, the police force won’t be needed anymore. He added, that if Ageha have really repents, she should go and become a prostitute, and the salary should be given to him. Then he says, that 100000 or 200000 yen alone are not enough for forgiveness.

Suddenly, Ageha started to have teary eyes, and Onizuka’s heart started to beat faster. Onizuka dismissed her tears as a fake, saying that he will not be cheated. But instead, Ageha started to hug Onizuka tightly, pressing her breast against his chest. She started to ask for Onizuka’s help to get out from Wakui’s control, as Onizuka asked her to let him go.

In the next scene, Ageha is telling Onizuka that she is actually Wakui’s slave. Onizuka’s mind started to go astray, and he asked if she means about being that kind of ‘slave’, and she nodded. Onizuka is shocked, as silence ensues. He started to laugh, saying that her story is ridiculous. He then asked her whether she thinks that she is Tani Naomi (Webmaster note: she is the king of SM games in pornographic videos. Or so the manga says). Onizuka commented that such thing in her videos can’t be happening in Tokyo, and Ageha replied that she could show him the proof.

She exposed her breast, showing the butterfly tattoo, and tells Onizuka that it was Wakui who made the tattoo. Onizuka canned drinks spilled to the floor, as he is shocked to see the butterfly (and her breasts). She continued, saying that because he is a larva, she should become a butterfly, thus the tattoo. Then he will ask her, the butterfly, to fan her wings every night. Onizuka is puzzled about that part, and asked her on what she means anyway. Hearing him, she started to cup her breast and groped it to create an illusion of a butterfly fanning its wings.

Onizuka is so stunned to see her groping her breasts like that; he falls to the floor and he started to run outside to his kiddy pool, while screaming the word ‘butterfly’. At his kiddy pool, he started to wash his head with the little waterfall, as his hands are full with mantra wordings. He commented that all of the things he has seen are just a trap, and she can’t possibly think the way Dan Oniroku does (Webmaster note: this author is a famous author of SM short stories in Japan. Or so the manga says). Onizuka vowed not to be cheated again, because she is only a girl with cup-E bra. He started to change his mind, saying that her bra size must be cup F, or maybe cup G!!!!

Suddenly, Ageha appeared and leans against him from behind. She asked him whether he will save her or not, adding that when he takes her out from inside the car boot yesterday, she instantly knows that Onizuka is the chosen one, the one who will be able to save her from the clutches of evil. Onizuka started to smash his head against the miniature rock garden, and Ageha noticed that he is bloody now. Onizuka lashed at her to keep quiet and not to talk with him anymore. But Ageha takes his head, and she started to lick on his wounds. At this point, Onizuka’s last defense snapped...

He started to imagine a very badly beaten Wakui sprawling on the floor with graffiti all over his body. He warned him not to bother Ageha again, or else he will punish him. Ageha started to jump with joy, thanking him for releasing her from the clutches of evil. She declared that she is now his, as she pulled her skirts to show her panties (complete with a faint outlook of the vagina) and a tattoo of Onizuka on her thigh. She tells him that he can do anything with her body as Onizuka squeals in delight...

Snapping to reality, Onizuka hugged the puzzled Ageha, saying that he believed her, and he will help her.He then declared that he usually would not be cheated that easily because he knows that 90% of money-spending men at the pub usually do. But if they waited at the bar long enough, they may eventually find true love. He started to cry, and says that he will surely takes care of that SM larva Wakui, then he will save her before he do that ‘thing’ with her. Ageha is silent...

In the next scene (Kunio) Murai is complaining about the extreme ways Wakui have done in setting up Onizuka in the kidnapping case. He then wondered on why Wakui suddenly wants to come to school after a long absence, as some students are talking about Onizuka’s shoes being laced with faeces. (Yoshito) Kikuchi is silent as Murai is asking him, that apart from (Miyabi) Aizawa’s case, about the reason why Wakui turned from a harmless student early last year to become what he are now.

Hearing his question, Kikuchi started to have a flashback...In a messy room full with broken debris, Wakui a is standing on a rail handrail overlooking from a tall residential building when asking Kikuchi whether the purpose of human living on earth is just to leave his or her genes before he or she dies. He continued, asking Kikuchi again whether everything the human do in the world should be centered on that very reason alone. He then commented, if the answer to that question is true, even that someone has a long life, then that life will be utterly worthless. Back to the reality, Kikuchi muttered that Wakui have really become.........

Suddenly the silence is broken by the sound of Onizuka’s motorcycle leaving the school compound. He screams, lashing everyone to give the right of way to him or get killed. Both Murai and Kikuchi are stunned, and they are completely stunned to see him wearing biker gang’s attire, complete with a note on his mask that written “The strongest” and a notice behind him that reads “Killing Mayu”. Murai started to wonder whether Onizuka really wants to kill Wakui, when suddenly Ageha appears from behind them, exclaiming that Onizuka is really stupid to be tricked easily.

Seeing her, Murai recognized her as the girl from inside the car boot, and cursed at her. In an instant, Ageha grabbed his collar, lashing him for cursing her, who is their senior. She then added that she would teach her a lesson for doing that, shocking Murai. Suddenly, she started to laugh, saying that she is only joking. She then asked Murai whether her acting as a punk is good, adding that she learns it from Onizuka.

Kikuchi interjected, asking her to tell Wakui not to become enemies with Onizuka, because his actions will surely backfire. He added that Onizuka is different from the past teachers. Ageha replied, that she never believed that Kikuchi is still on Onizuka’s side, adding that Kikuchi must be really pampered, to believe adults. Then she tells him that they only invite Onizuka to go to a party, and asked Kikuchi to come if he really worries about him. She explained that underage kids can’t enter the place, but she will make an exception, and give a bunch of tickets to Murai. As she walked away, she commented that the teachers who attended the party will like it because the party is a ‘stimulating” party

She walked away as Murai tried to ask about the meaning of her statement earlier. Suddenly, Kikuchi noticed something on the ticket and was shocked. In the next scene, a bar is full with people, and Wakui is shown eating the pills again. A friend asked him whether the party will become a sex orgy party, and offered to take some pills for the occasion. Suddenly, Wakui punched him, and lashed at him for bullshiting, adding that what he wants to do is against the law. He explained that the party is not a sex orgy part, but the party will become the field of a ‘holy war’. Then another friend notified him that his ‘guest’ has arrived, and Wakui looks at Onizuka from a closed-circuit TV, saying that he will make Onizuka feels one of the best ‘night’ in his life.


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