You've been blinded by the promises of rewards, just like 'them' - Ryuji Danma.
Lesson #171-The Punishment for an Angel

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Lesson #171-The Punishment for an Angel

(Eikithi) Onizuka confronts (Ai) Tokiwa saying she’s too naughty.He takes out a large plastic hand written with the words ‘For Naughty Students’ on it and says he’ll punish her.Tokiwa acts puzzled and says she’s innocent and asks why she should be punished as she didn’t do anything bad.Onizuka then calls in the three guys beaten up on the school roof after receiving fake love letters and asks them who beat them up.They replied they were beaten up by Tokiwa and her gang and revealed the truth after knowing that Tokiwa had taekwando lessons.Tokiwa denies it and says how could she beat them up.Suddenly,another two guys that were beaten up by her earlier comes up and says she also beat them up.

Onizuka then asks Tokiwa her if legs are really strong and tells her to show them to him.Tokiwa then kicks Onizuka but he evades it.He catches her legs and lifts her upside down.He then uses the plastic hand to hit her ass.Tokiwa is surprised and tells Onizuka that his marks will be deducted if he hit students.He tells Tokiwa he doesn’t care and continues to punish her.Her gang members try to stop him but are hit in the ass too.

The teachers then tell Onizuka to stop as he is going overboard by punishing the students like this.Onizuka tells them that punishing students that have commited bad things is a teachers responsibility and asks them do teachers have to look at people’s faces to teach students.He asks them how to teach to teach students and asks if they call teaching by copying the textbooks on the blackboard,teaching them how to bootlick their bosses and getting high marks as teaching.He scolds them they are not qualified to be teachers at all and tells them students don’t like to learn as the schools are teaching useless things.

He then goes out with (Azusa) Fuyutsuki following him.The teachers try to calm the students down.Tokiwa is angered by Onizuka hitting her butt in public and runs off with her gang members following her.She goes in the home economy room and takes a knife.She runs out again and her gang members try to stop her.But they are surprised to see the Devil Animals Club members.They tell them they’ve been looking for them and they want to have revenge.Meanwhile,(Sakurai) Tadaashi is looking for Daimon to tell her that Onizuka has created an offence.He shocked when he sees the Devil Animals Club beating up the two ‘Angels’.The leader of the group asks Sakurai where is Tokiwa and tells him to tell the truth or he’ll be beaten up.

Fuyutsuki is chasing Onizuka while telling him she wants to quit as she’s not qualified to be a teacher.Onizuka stops and hugs her.He tells Fuyutsuki not to give up as she’s a good teacher because she made him realise that he was going to be like the other teachers only thinking about marks.They are surprised to see Tokiwa holding a knife coming suddenly.Tokiwa then tries to slash Onizuka with the kinfe.

Fuyutsuki asks her to stop but Tokiwa tells her to shut up as she didn’t feel her pain.She then tells Onizuka she can’t forgive men like him that used brute strength to bully women.Tokiwa has a flashback of her being raped by a group of men in a storeroom.She then asks Onizuka does he understand the feelings of a woman who was betrayed by the men she trusted the most and tells him that because of men like that,women are being used as toys.She then tells Onizuka that men should be wiped off the face of the Earth while she tries to stab Onizuka .Onizuka stops the stab by using a phone directory.Onizuka that tells Tokiwa whatever bad memories she went through she shouldn’t hurt other people.

Tokiwa tries to stab Onizuka another time but she is interrupted by Sakurai running towards them shouting.He is then hit in the head by something an falls down.The Devil Animals Club members then arrive and tells Tokiwa to take off her clothes to satisfy them before she is beaten up.Tokiwa is surprised at seeing them.


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