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Lesson #181 – The end of summer part 2

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Lesson #181 – The end of summer part 2

Somewhere in the school, (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada is waxing his Cresta while singing praising the features of the Cresta of his (webmaster note: long song spanned a few bubbles actually). Suddenly he hears something from above him, and he sees a female student falling down through the trees. The female student then fall right onto his Cresta, smashing the windscreen, much to the shock of Uchiyamada. The school started to erupt in panic, because a student seems to have tried to commit suicide and for the ambulance to be called, while Uchiyamada himself is looking at the sad fate of his Cresta.

In the next screen, the weeping Uchiyamada is shown swimming in the school swimming pond as he screamed that his Cresta is wrecked again for the umpteenth time. Other teachers are shocked to see Uchiyamada swimming, and screamed to tell him that a student has committed attempted suicide so Uchiyamada should go and tried to fix the problem. Uchiyamada ignored the teacher and continued to swim wailing in his fate. Meanwhile the school is plagued by the news on how the female student Onodera from the second class tried to commit suicide, and how a car saved her life. A student says that she tried to commit suicide because she was embarrassed by e-mail from someone named “Angel” who tells everyone that she is a cheap slut that can be ridden by anyone. Others who heard what the student have said commented on how such things can be known to “Angel” anyway. They then speaks about Oota from the 3rd class who have been accused of cheating in exams and also Misaki who are accused of stealing from a cosmetic store.

Everyone now started to wonder about the real identity of “Angel”, as another victim is crying that she is not someone who like to goof around, and wondered why the e-mail must tried to smear her name. A friend tried to console her, saying that no one will believe the e-mail contents, but suddenly the victim turned around and accused her friend as “Angel”. The friend is shocked, and the victim continued, saying that when she once falls in love with someone calls Mori, she has only told her (the friend) about it. The friend asked the victim on what she is talking about and whether she is suspecting her. The victim then accused on how someone else will know about it, as 2 of the (Misuzu) Daimon’s “Angel” Group members (one is a female tanned student and another one is someone who wears a spectacles) smiled to see the 2 friends quarrels. The unidentified tanned female student commented that the e-mails surely have make waves and her colleague agreed.

As they walked surveying the “damage” they started to speak on why the new religion (unspecified) in Japan managed to get a lot of followers, and the reason is that because humans need to have a belief on something and then depends on it so that they will have the strength to continue living. They then speaks that if anyone doesn’t believe what they are saying, the unbelievers should only take a look around them, and see the current Japan society who only put emphasis on information, differences in opinions and also of not being able to believe on others. Then when the non-believers opened their TV, the adults will surely says that the roots of all evil is actually caused by the differences in examination results, but still parents and teachers thinks that if their children/students are able to enter any of those prestigious education institutions, the children/students will surely become successful in their life (webmaster note: A good point here ). That’s why everyone wants to enter prestigious schools who have a huge gap in their examination results when compared to normal schools. And even if they mixed with their schoolmates/classmates, in the end, they will learn that actually all people in the world is on their own. The “Angel” job is actually to help the students to realize that fact via e-mail sooner than later, because other people only wants to keep after their own interest, and will betray anyone if they have to.

Another e-mail then was sent, detailing the fact on why (Miyabi) Aizawa doesn’t want to come to school, and (Kouji) Fujiyoushi becomes angry when he reads the e-mail, and asked who is the “Angel” anyway that only know making useless gossips. (Shiro) Shibuya started to ask about Aizawa, pretending that he didn’t know anything, and (Noboru) Yoshikawa commented that Aizawa seems to have problem with a teacher named Ogi-sensei, but he didn’t know himself because he was boycotted at that time. Yoshikawa then continued, saying that after an incident happened that he himself didn’t know about, most of the students like (Kunio) Murai and (Yoshito) Kikuchi started to abuse teachers, driving them to the brink of madness. Then, Yoshikawa commented that maybe Ogi-sensei may have done something very serious to betray them all.

Hearing that, Shibuya started to smile devilishly and asked Yoshikawa whether they can go to Aizawa’s house after school and try to persuade her to come to the school. (Urumi) Kanzaki overhears their conversation and started to listen, as Yoshikawa asked him if he really wants to go to Aizawa’s house. Shibuya replied that they should do it as soon as possible anyway, and suggested that (Azusa) Fuyutsuki should be invited too, because after all, she is the 4th class homeroom teacher. Shibuya then exclaimed that since Aizawa’s house is located at the Honchiyo district, they can go there and after that they will be able to go shopping for miniature models. Yoshikawa agreed and then they asked Fuyutsuki to go with them too, and Fuyutsuki agreed.

Looking at them, Kanzaki is very puzzled on how Shibuya, a new student, are able to know that Aizawa lives in Honchiyo district, and Kikuchi also become puzzled when he hears her. He then looks at both Yoshikawa and Shibuya, and suddenly he asked them whether they wants to go to Aizawa’s house, and if they did, he wants to go too. Then Kikuchi asked Fujiyoushi whether he wants to go with Fuyutsuki-Shibuya tourney, and he agreed. Yoshikawa then commented that maybe if more people joined their group, they will have more chances to be able to persuade Aizawa to return to the school. Shibuya reluctantly agreed, but he looks at Kikuchi and Yoshikawa talking with a disdain look on his face.

Back to Aizawa’s house, she is silent as she sees the destruction of her ransacked house. The doorbell suddenly rang and a voice is calling whether Aizawa is at home. She walked towards the door and asked on who is outside, and Fuyutsuki replied that it was she, the new homeroom teacher for the 4th class starting from the new semester who are coming with the rest of the students to see her at home. Aizawa is silent when she hears her, and the opened the door. Fuyutsuki, Murai and Yoshikawa are shocked to see her new blonde hair, but Aizawa asked them on why they must come to her house, and Fuyutsuki replied that they come to invite her back to the school, but Aizawa interjected, saying that she doesn’t have any mood to study now, because her mom has gone missing.

Fuyutsuki and her tourney are shocked to see the ransacked house, and suddenly Fujiyoushi started to smile. They then offered to help her cleaning the house, and also to cook as everyone offered to help. In the next scene, everyone has started to clean the house up as Aizawa is squatting on the corner silently. Her eyes suddenly started to become teary, and she breaks down as she apologized to everyone in the house. Murai tried to console her, saying that they are her best friends, so it’s their duty to help her cleans the house. He then asked Fuyutsuki whether he is right, and Fuyutsuki seconded him. As Fujiyoushi look on at her, Fuyutsuki offered to cook dinner for her after cleaning the house up, and yet again everyone offered to help Fuyutsuki at the kitchen.

In the next scene, everything is going wrong in the kitchen as Fuyutsuki lashed Murai for not being able to differentiate between salt and sugar, also at (Taadaki) Kusano for eating the food and at Kikuchi for forgetting to push the switch for the rice cooker. Meanwhile Fujiyoushi tells Aizawa that they will come back again tomorrow, and cooks for her until her mom comes back. Aizawa doesn’t have to worry about food because they will each bring some from their homes, as Fuyutsuki screamed bloody murder at the incompetence of Murai, Kikuchi and Kusano. Fujiyoushi then commented that Aizawa shouldn’t feel very lonely even that her mom is not at home.

(cryptic parts starts here)

Suddenly he asked whether Aizawa can return to the school, adding that even he knows that Aizawa is blaming herself for what have happened, but what have happened is enough already because he is confident that everyone understands her predicament. Aizawa is silent as Fujiyoushi exclaimed that they understands because all of them are after all, students of the Year 2 4th class who will cry and be happy together. Aizawa’s tears started to run on her cheeks when she hears him...

(cryptic parts ends here)

Meanwhile, Shibuya is ascending the stairs to the second floor, and then entered Aizawa’s room, produced a strange device from his pocket and then plugged it in into an electrical wall socket. Then he opened his electrical receiver to contact 3 of the “Angel” Group members loitering outside Aizawa’s house compound. He asked them whether they can hears him clearly, and the group members replied that they do, to the extent that they are able to hear the noise of someone’s breathing. The group member then declared that the project to destroy the Year 3 4th class will be commenced now, and Shibuya replied that the next step is to make Aizawa to return back to the school.

Suddenly, one of the group members commented that he never knows that Shibuya still wants to use that “method” even that he have send e-mails about why the 4th class doesn’t believe in teachers in the past, and wondered why Shibuya still want to put the eavesdropping device in her bedroom. Shibuya lashed at him, saying that the device is used for added protection. Then he continued, saying that he will surely destroy all of the 4th class students, even if someone have to die (webmaster note: Aizawa is zoomed in here). Shibuya then returned to the first floor, just to be shocked to see Kikuchi at the front door. Kikuchi asked him on why he must go to the 2nd floor, and the sheepish Shibuya replied that he is looking for the toilet. Kikuchi pointed out that he is going the wrong way, and Shibuya sheepishly acknowledged his mistake. He then walked to the toilet as Kikuchi is staring silently at the frequency receiver inside the back pocket of Shibuya…

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