What would happen if we started out doubting our educators? Or should we believe in them and wait patiently? That's the attitude of an educator. - Ryoko Sakurai.
Lesson #94: Fuyutsuki changing her image.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 12
Lesson #94: Fuyutsuki changing her image.

(Naoko) Moritaka is shocked, after (Azusa) Fuyutsuki tell her that the Okinawa trip is on. She exclaimed that she wanted to ask at the headmaster so that she can go too. Fuyutsuki commented that the trip is happening because of (Eikichi) Onizuka, and that with little money, they can stay inside 5-star hotel, and watching the snake shows, and she wondered if she should go to the snake shows anyway. Fuyutsuki added, that the students are the one who pushed Onizuka to the limit, but he seems not to care, and she wondered how hard for Onizuka to shoulder all responsibilities by himself, making the student who wants him to be fired feels sorry for him.

Moritaka is silent, as Fuyutsuki continues talking, that even if it's wrong for Onizuka to keep it all for himself, but he is surely have some magnetic touch that was beyond comprehension, and that she must work harder to match Onizuka. Suddenly, Moritaka is laughing, saying that maybe that's why Fuyutsuki is trying hard to select a good swimming suit. Fuyutsuki is puzzled, and Moritaka replied that she knows that Fuyutsuki has fallen in love with Onizuka. Fuyutsuki is shocked, and started to deny it, but Moritaka ignored her, saying that she will keep it as a secret. She added that she will help her select a good swimming suit for her, adding that women sometimes have to present themselves, or risked not being marketable to the men. Moritaka give her some bikinis, and asked her to try it. Fuyutsuki try to deny her again, but is retorted by Moritaka.

Back to her house, Fuyutsuki is trying a one-piece bikini, as Moritaka looked on. Fuyutsuki asked about her opinions, and Moritaka replied that the bikini is not good, that she is lacking something that attracts men. Fuyutsuki complained about the bikini being too sexy, when suddenly Moritaka exclaimed that what Fuyutsuki lacked is that her breast is not large enough, and that the one-piece will surely make her just looked like an airport runaway. Fuyutsuki is shocked, and Moritaka exclaimed that she should wear bra-pads to project the impression that she has larger breasts.

Fuyutsuki protested, that such moved is akin to cheating. Moritaka replied, that it isn't wrong, unless that she want to remove the bra and having sex. Fuyutsuki try to protest again, but Moritaka interjected that summer is a season where women should change their image, so she will go out and buy another of those inflatable bra. After she went out, Fuyutsuki started to think about what Moritaka had said earlier.

She then remembered that her breast has stopped developing when she at high school. Then she started to look for something in a drawer, and take out a pack of balloons. She started to inflate 2 of them, and inserted it inside her bikini. She looked at herself, thinking that she is a devil with very big breast now. But she realized that the balloons being inflated too large, so she reduced the air inside both balloons, and tried it again. She looked at the mirror again, and seems to be satisfied with the size. She started to move around just to see that one the balloon started to slip. She commented that the balloons would not be very effective to enlarge her breast. She turned her head to see the inflatable bra Moritaka has left and started to dream...

She is now at Okinawa' beach, with Onizuka. Onizuka commented that Fuyutsuki is quite thin when wearing bikinis. Fuyutsuki is blushing as Onizuka give his encouragement to the 'thin' Fuyutsuki, as Fuyutsuki stammered.....

Fuyutsuki started to ditch herself into reality, saying that she should not have such thought. She looked at the inflatable bra again, and decided that there's nothing wrong if she want to try it. She opened the pack, just to be shocked to see that is far sexier; with silver T-shaped panties with string, and complained if she wear it, she will be arrested. But she wants to try it anyway, and started to change. After she does, she looked at herself at the mirror, and commented that it is very sexy indeed, and somehow it makes her look more mature. She commented that her cleavage is also revealed, so that may have made her more attractive, and that Onizuka may be...(another dream sequence)

Back to the beach, with Fuyutsuki wearing the sexy inflatables, Onizuka commented that she is beautiful. She asked him back if she really is. Onizuka acknowledge her, saying that she is especially with some hairs sticking out from her panties, shocking her...

Fuyutsuki started to hurry to the bathroom, and started to shave her excess pubic hair. After that, she looked herself at the mirror again, saying that there's no hair anymore. She turned to see the air pump lying down, take it and started to inflate it. Her breast is larger now, and she started to become happy, exclaimed that the breasts at the mirror is just isn't like hers. She then looked at the silver color of the bikini, and decided that her hair must be colored a little to match the bikinis. She then started to color her hair blonde, and looked at the mirror again, saying that she looked like Sharon Stone now. By now, she started to go over the line; to color her hand, wearing blue contact lenses, and much more...

Moritaka entered her house just to be greeted by a very different Fuyutsuki. Moritaka is shocked and wondered if she has entered the wrong house. She asked if the blonde woman in front of her is really Fuyutsuki. Fuyutsuki asked her about her new looks, but looking at Moritaka' reaction, she started to cry, saying that with this Eurasian looks; she will not want to go to the Okinawa trip. Moritaka asked her to calm down, and how she ended up like that. Fuyutsuki replied that she just wanted to try, but in the end she has become just like a Caucasian woman. Moritaka replied that they still have time to repair the damage, and asked her to be calm...

At the school, all Year 3 students have already boarded their respective buses. (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada and another teacher started to wonder why Fuyutsuki is so late, and Uchiyamada started to complain about her. Suddenly, they could see Moritaka, who exclaimed that she has bring Fuyutsuki to the school. As Uchiyamada started to lash at Fuyutsuki, he and the teacher are shocked after they looked at very weird looking Fuyutsuki. Looking at them, Moritaka started to become embarrassed, as Fuyutsuki started to break down. A teacher commented that Sonoko Suzuki has come to the school, as Uchiyamada and the teacher just looked nervously at Moritaka consoling Fuyutsuki....


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