Anyway, you should give up on being a teacher. It isn't really all that interesting. Instead, how about the black market? Won't you help me out? - Toshiyuki Saejima.
Lesson 140: My life.

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Lesson 140: My life.

Back at (Yoshito) Kikuchi house, the flow of messages suddenly stopped, and (Kunio) Murai asked him whether the message board is already hacked. Kikuchi then replied that a lot of people are surely trying to hack into the forum already, because the counter counts still keep rising. Murai is stumped, but exclaimed that what's happened seems to be very unreal, but fun. Suddenly, after a refresh, they found out that the message board background images had been changed, and Murai asked on what have happened. Kikuchi then declared that the message board had been hacked into. Hearing him, Murai started to celebrate, saying that the images will surely be deleted from the server in a matter of time.

Suddenly, a message appears, saying that the poster had changed the background of the message board. Another post comes in, saying that the password is cracked within 2 seconds. But the most shocking post comes, and it reads that as 'Miyabi' wants to display her private life, there's must be a lot of movie files and JPEG pictures inside the server, and some of that must be the pictures that are 'forbidden'. The message then announced that with the poster's access to the server, the poster will help 'Miyabi' to spread the pictures at other pornographic websites who have more visitors than that 10000 visitor per hour. And the poster will do it now…..

Kikuchi and the others are shocked to read the post, and Murai asked Kikuchi on what they should do. Kikuchi replied that they are in deep shit now, as others wondered whether the poster really wants to put (Miyabi) Aizawa's images at other pornographic websites. They started to ask Kikuchi on what they should do, because Aizawa will not be able to accept the reality if her naked pictures are displayed at other websites. Kikuchi is stumped, when another message appears that asked the visitors to hold their breath, because a hot news is on the way just after the poster cracked the password. All of them started to panic, when suddenly they see something shocking on the screen.

Back to the road, (Eikichi) Onizuka is busy avoiding the chasing (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada who are hot on his heels. As Uchiyamada approached Onizuka in his damaged car, Onizuka kicked the car, shooing Uchiyamada to go away. Uchiyamada screams at him, telling him to stop, but Onizuka replied that he has to save a student, and asked him to stop his nonsense. Uchiyamada replied that everything he have now depends on what he is doing now, but Onizuka replied that whatever his problems are, he doesn't have anything to do with it.

Hearing Onizuka saying that, Uchiyamada started to become angry, and to their surprise, Uchiyamada jumped over onto Onizuka's bike screaming at Onizuka for ignoring Uchiyamada's future just like that. He managed to get hold onto (Noboru) Yoshikawa who are completely shocked, as Uchiyamada's Cresta smashed into a streetlight. Onizuka lashed at the baldy Uchiyamada for boarding his bike just like that, adding that Uchiyamada himself is committing acts against the traffic law. Uchiyamada screams at him, asking whether being bald is an offence.

He started to ramble on how every time he uses trains to go to work, some kids must have commented on how shiny his head are, and he is also targeted by salesman selling hair tonic to promote their sales. Then, he asked Onizuka whether being bald is wrong again, adding that he never make other people unhappy because of it. Onizuka arrived at ZAUS compound, as Uchiyamada asked him whether he is not able to color his hair like him, is a wrong move. He then asked Onizuka again whether he (Uchiyamada) is involved in any wrongdoings, and Onizuka replied impatiently that he surely does.

Hearing him, Uchiyamada asked him on the reason why a lot of people looks down on him, a disciplinary principal who are badly needed by the Japan's workforce. He then continued, saying that he may be fired after enduring a lot of hardship to get what he has now, all because of him. Then, he asked Onizuka again, whether he (Onizuka) have any pity on him, as he asked on how the world will reward him who had served the teaching profession for a very long time with pain and hard work. Onizuka is seething with anger as he hears Uchiyamada babbling behind him.

Suddenly he stopped his bike, throwing Uchiyamada off the bike to one of ZAUS glass counters while Yoshikawa just barely managed to hold on. They then disembarks from the bike, as a guard tells him that ZAUS is already closed for the day. Onizuka lashed at him, saying that a student of him is still inside the building. The guard protested, saying that he had checked the building already but find no one inside. Onizuka lashed at the guard, saying that there's really someone inside the building, as another guard is stopping Yoshikawa. The guard who are talking with Onizuka tells him that he can't enter, because the machine that produces the snowflakes is running.

Suddenly, Uchiyamada launched a rugby tackle from behind onto Onizuka, angering him. Onizuka started to walk away towards the ski slope, punching the guard and dragging the persistent Uchiyamada along with him. Uchiyamada pleaded at Onizuka to return to the school and apologize to (Ryoko) Sakurai, but Onizuka tells him that he doesn't have time for that. Uchiyamada started to remind Onizuka that he have a family, and his mortgages will only be settled in 12 years time. Then he asked Onizuka on how he will support his family and himself is he is fired.

He continued, saying that no corporations wants to hire an old man who doesn't know using computers and software like Lotus 123, plus he never know anything about offshore investing and land ownership, so nobody will ever hire him if he is fired. Onizuka is silent as Uchiyamada tells him that he (Uchiyamada) will ends up sleeping in a tent with his family. Then he started to complain about his bad health; the gallstones and hair problems. Seeing that Onizuka is ignoring him, he tells Onizuka that his dog is also named Eikichi, and the dog will be shot if it become a stray after he is fired. Then he continued, now babbling about how his daughter despised him very much, but she is actually a very nice girl. He then hoped that Onizuka will pity him.

But instead, Onizuka grabbed a fire extinguisher and breaks the glass door that closed the ski slope inside ZAUS. A gust of chilly winds started to blow past him and Uchiyamada, as Onizuka started to march on, dragging him on the process with Yoshikawa following him from behind. Uchiyamada asked on why Onizuka is so cruel not to stop and go to the school, and he started to plead again, calling Onizuka as 'grandfather' to ask him (Onizuka) to save his position as a principal. Onizuka is silent, when suddenly, Uchiyamada tells him on how when he is young, he always have to stay up late at night just to study. Then he continued, saying that he really doesn't want to suck the headmaster up, but he have to because it is his ambition to become a headmaster himself. Then, he tells Onizuka about his promise with his friends, parents and relatives that he (Uchiyamada) will become a great teacher…

Uchiyamada started to have a flashback, where his mom is sending him to an exam. She commented that Uchiyamada will succeed, because his own late father was a great teacher himself when he was teaching at a military school. He then tells Onizuka that he inherits the ambitions of becoming a great teacher from his parents, and for that, his mom have to work extra hard for it, because she keeps saying that he (Uchiyamada) have to become a great teacher someday. Even that she was sick, she feigned that she is healthy and spirited in front of him, as he remembered again how he struggled hard to contain his tears when teaching a class, because his mom asked him to go to the school because the students needs him more that she is, even that she is sick and about to die…

Then he tells Onizuka that he can't just give up like that, because he have to reach the highest position of becoming a headmaster, all for his family and for his mom who was unescorted when she was buried after her death, so he pleaded to Onizuka to save what he (Uchiyamada) have now. Yoshikawa then tells Onizuka that they have arrived at the ski slope, as Onizuka punched the guard again. They then goes into the slope, as Onizuka is screaming (Urumi) Kanzaki's name but they are greeted instead with a very large ski slope, which are full with falling snowflakes.

Yoshikawa wondered on which part in the ski slope Kanzaki could have been, and that a lot of snowflakes had already fallen. They screams again for Kanzaki, but there's no answer. Onizuka then asked Yoshikawa to try and call Kanzaki's PHS, but there's no sound that they can hear. Yoshikawa started to fear the worst, thinking that Kanzaki may not be inside the slope but somewhere else. Onizuka started to push Uchiyamada away, and screams for Kanzaki again, with the guard telling that he had checked every places but found no one. Onizuka lashed at him, saying that if he have the time to be noisy, he (the guard) should go and turned the snow machine off.

Onizuka is confident that Kanzaki is somewhere within the ski slope, but the guard dismissed his claims. Suddenly, Uchiyamada rammed him, and he commented that Kanzaki couldn't be at the ski slope, and if she does, she is already dead. He then continued, saying that Kanzaki must have cheated Onizuka. Then he asked Onizuka to just return to the school, adding that if he believes everything students are saying to him, he will not live very long. He started to make a devilish smile, as he says that a lot of students likes to cheat teachers, because they are looking down on them (teachers). So if Onizuka believes everything they've said, he will be endlessly busy until the end of his life, so it will be better if Onizuka helped him to keep his principal's position instead. Onizuka is seething with anger as Uchiyamada tells him that in 10 years, he have to take care of 400 students, so Onizuka should not put too much pressure on himself, and he will eventually understand after that period.

Suddenly, Onizuka screams for Uchiyamada to go to hell, and he gives him a strong back heel kick onto Uchiyamada's face. Yoshikawa is shocked, as Onizuka exclaimed that his student is dying but Uchiyamada are still concerned about his own interest. He then grabbed Uchiyamada up and punched him again, saying that a person like him is just a society's outcast…


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