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Lesson #195 – Cries of bitterness.


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Lesson #195 – Cries of bitterness.
(Onizuka in his Shonen Junai Gumi outfit and his ZII motorcycle posing at a flowery plateau)

At the hospital, (Kunio) Murai, (Taadaki) Kusano and (Kouji) Fujiyoushi are staring at the “Surgery Underway” signal which is still lit, when suddenly (Yoshito) Kikuchi arrived out from nowhere. Meanwhile, (Azusa) Fuyutsuki is shown standing silently as she clenched her fist while (Eikichi) Onizuka himself is shown being put under the knife in the surgery room.

Somewhere else, Kichiyouji Private School board of directors is having a meeting, and a few of them are squirming in their seats as the smiling (Ryoko) Sakurai confronted them with the evidence she gets from (Itagake) Kinoshita, who is standing behind her. Switching to another scene, (Misuzu) Daimon is shown barging out from her apartment in panic, as her answering machine clearly plays a message from one of the board directors telling her about classified information inside the computers in the server room being copied and sent via e-mail to an administrative personnel at another school, including their e-mail messages. The caller urged her to go to the school ASAP and delete all the data because the data is being sent as he speaks, or else they’ll be screwed.

Daimon started to drive her Ferrari, and as she zips along the highway, she started to wonder what went wrong, and how all the events happened even that she is a successful career woman. It shows by the fact that she drives a red Ferrari, lives in a lavish apartment and sports branded handbags and jewelry, but still, she didn’t know what she have done wrong. She started to murmur about exemplary education (webmaster note: rough translation for the phrase “exemplary education” there) as bullshit, and that it is only used as a tool for getting more fees money from the parents.

She arrived at the server room, but she is too late as the computer message tells her that all the information has been sent. She is silent, when suddenly she hits one of the keyboards repeatedly as she tells the computers to stop all the things they are doing. She angrily screamed that running a school is just like running a business, because the school wants to get more money from parents by raising the percentage of students entering institutes of higher learning at the expense of the gap between the have and have-nots widening. She accused prestigious schools for being the root of the problem because it insists of having the best students and teachers, thus she herself have to enforce the policy by expelling non-top of the cream students and teachers. She asked the imaginary Sakurai whether she is right if she says that all prestigious schools have the same policy.

She grabbed a piece of paper and squeezed it as she asked herself on where she has done wrong. She reiterated that having friends is worthless, when suddenly a voice interjected, saying that if she (Daimon) have friends, she will not become a person who likes to think rubbish nonsense. Daimon is shocked to see Sakurai at the door of the server room. Sakurai tells her that she had reported all Daimon’s activities to the administrative personnel, and the probability is high that a serious trouble will start to happen because of it. Sakurai then blamed Daimon for playing with the rights of her own students.

Suddenly, another person entered the room behind Sakurai, and Daimon is shocked to see that the person is Kinoshita. Sakurai explained that she has instructed him to spy on her. Daimon is shocked, and asked whether he is really Sakurai’s man from the start, and Sakurai chuckled after seeing her reaction. She thanked Daimon for unwittingly becomes Sakurai’s pawn as a tool to destroy the rebellious elements inside the school’s board of directors, and upon hearing that, Daimon becomes angry as she asked whether Sakurai really wants to do it after all since the beginning.

Kinoshita tells Sakurai that he have to go now to tell the investigators on how to deal with the mass media, and Sakurai thanked him. She turned around and commented to Daimon that she is pitying the fate of (Shiro) Shibuya, and that Daimon has been manipulated by the rebellious faction in the board, and that she (Sakurai) personally thinks that a few of them are planning to strike back at Daimon too. Daimon stammers, denying what Sakurai have said, and she adds that she comes to the school as a headmaster primarily to take revenge on Sakurai.

Hearing her, Sakurai commented that Daimon has always acted like that for a long time now; and that even she is smart, she will not listen to others when she is concentrating too much on doing. Sakurai continued, saying that even Daimon is a person who has caused lots of trouble, Sakurai has always been able to predict what Daimon will do in the future. Sakurai then started to expose Daimon’s weakness, saying that she didn’t actually knows how to lie, so she has always believed what Daimon has said all along. Suddenly, Daimon screamed for Sakurai to shut up, as she started to have a flashback…

A classmate of Daimon in her school days praised her for her perfect marks in a test, and that what she have done is unbelievable for a middle schooler. Suddenly, another classmate interjected, asking whether the first classmate knows that Daimon’s parents have been jailed for arson, shocking the first classmate. Daimon is now shown standing inside an empty classroom, as the talking classmates laughed at the fact while Daimon herself is staring at her table which has been vandalized with obscene graffiti and curse words.
[Flashback ends here]

Daimon then lashed at Sakurai for saying that she believes in her, and then asked on why she didn’t come when that ‘incident’ happens…

Daimon in her school uniform is shown sitting in a burning room.
[End flashback]

Daimon screamed, asking on why Sakurai didn’t come at that time, and accused her of being a liar.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, the surgery light gone out, and the stretcher carrying Onizuka is hurriedly ferried out from the surgery room as the waiting students urged the semi-conscious Onizuka to hang on. Fuyutsuki and (Naoko) Moritaka asked the doctor who conducted the surgery about Onizuka’s chances, and the doctor sternly replied that Onizuka is bleeding too much, and what they can do for now is to pray and hope for a miracle to happen. Fuyutsuki and Moritaka are stunned by the doctor’s words, when suddenly (Urumi) Kanzaki barged into the room where Onizuka is relocated.

Aizawa is shocked to see her, and Kanzaki walked towards Onizuka’s bed as she asked him whether he is trying to pull a prank on them. She shook his body and accused him of faking his unconsciousness and pretending not to hear what she says. She started to cry and screams telling Onizuka to say something while Aizawa and Fuyutsuki started to panic after seeing Kanzaki acting like that. Suddenly, Kanzaki brandished a paper knife and threatened to commit suicide if Onizuka dies, and that she really wants to do it.

Fuyutsuki somehow managed to restrain her, and tells Kanzaki not to say things like that, adding that nothing will change even if she commits suicide. She continued, as the teary Kanzaki started to calm down, saying that Kanzaki should not act without thinking, and instead all of them should try and pray for Onizuka. Fuyutsuki has started to cry herself, and exclaimed that it’s the only thing they can do for him now. She proceeds to tell everyone in the room, that they should believe on him and waited for him to wake up. Everyone is silent as Fuyutsuki vowed that all of them have to believe that Onizuka will return to them.

In the next scene at the police station, a policeman asked (Noboru) Yoshikawa whether Shibuya has been incited to beat Onizuka, and Yoshikawa replied that the policeman is right. Yoshikawa continued, saying that the police shouldn’t blame Shibuya though, because he is sure that Shibuya has its own reason for what he is doing. Yoshikawa started to remember how Shibuya cried back there, and thinks that Shibuya is just like a lost kid who cries all the time.

Meanwhile, another detective is lashing at Shibuya, telling him not to be silent at all the questions. The detective demanded to know why Shibuya must beat up his own teacher with a baseball bat, and then tried to frame Daimon who supposedly tried to stop him. A shivering Shibuya did not answer the questions, and he continued biting on his thumb, causing the nail to break and bleeds…


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