All men have something a bit like a bad seed in them. - Eikichi Onizuka.
Lesson 139: Another different value.

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Lesson 139: Another different value.

Back at (Urumi) Kanzaki's house, her mom is slumped on the floor, with ail the computers in ruins. She started to dial a number, as she eerily murmured, asking about the whereabouts of Kanzaki. She started to plead for Kanzaki to return home, because only she can help her now…

At the highway, (Eikichi) Onizuka is trying to outpace (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada, as he screams to Uchiyamada to see how he will avoid him. But Onizuka failed as Uchiyamada is still able to keep his position just beside him. Onizuka cursed at him with the baldy curse, while commenting that he is very good indeed. Uchiyamada denies that he is a bald man, and instead saying that he only have a hair loss at the middle region his head. He then tells Onizuka that he was the fastest bicycle rider when he was young.

He then asked Onizuka to just surrender and returns to the school, and then confess all his mistakes in front of (Ryoko) Sakurai. Onizuka started to lash at him again, saying that he is busy of trying to save a student life, but Uchiyamada misinterpreted it and he thinks that Onizuka had already killed someone. He then commanded Onizuka, the teacher who had killed someone, to return to the school, confess all his mistakes and resigned. Onizuka is very angry by now, and he screamed at him asking whether he wants to be killed or not. Hearing him, Uchiyamada started to be scared, saying that Onizuka really wants to kill him all along, pissing Onizuka in the process. Suddenly, (Noboru) Yoshikawa tells Onizuka that they are approaching the building Kanzaki is supposed to be in. He then started to call Kanzaki again with Onizuka's PHS, as Onizuka grit his teeth and vowed to save her.

Back to (Yoshito) Kikuchi house, (Kunio) Murai is puzzled on why Kikuchi's friend could have such a weird name, and guessed that his friend must always been bullied at school. He then asked about Kikuchi's friend gender, and Kikuchi lashed at him for talking too much, adding that gender is not important in cyberspace. Then he started to type, asking for his friend's help, and he explained about (Miyabi) Aizawa's fiasco to the online profile. As the 'friend' takes its time to answer, Murai started to make noise again, commenting that if Kikuchi who have IQ of 180 can't solve the problem, his 'friend' will surely not being able to do it either. Hearing him, (Taadaki) Kusano lashed at him for being so noisy.

Suddenly, a reply comes, and it reads that Kikuchi should ask for help from the hackers' community. Kikuchi and (Mayu) Wakui are shocked, as another message arrived saying that hackers will not usually help anyone to particularly hack a particular website, so Kikuchi had to use some methods to manipulate them. Kikuchi asked the 'friend' on how he actually has to do it, and the reply reads that Kikuchi should try and provoke them. The 'friend' asked Kikuchi if he is a hacker, what kind of websites he will really hates. Then, someone's hand (presumably the 'friend' hand) is shown typing on a laptop keyboard, as the 'friend' started to grin and enjoy himself. Meanwhile Kikuchi and Murai are puzzled to see the 'friend' message, when suddenly Kikuchi smiles as he understands on what the 'friend' messages really means.

He started to go to the website, and started to post a message at the website message board, under the nickname "Miyabi". The first post greeted the visitors, thanking them for visiting. In subsequent posts, Kikuchi started to make fabrications about Aizawa life; that she have a dog, and she lives a luxurious lifestyle and also have a boyfriend-cum-hacker, who helped her to make the website and also protecting it from wannabe-hackers. Kikuchi then left a message (posing as 'Miyabi'), warning anyone who can't wait until the time is over not to try and hack into the website, because their location can be tracked easily.

Murai and the others are puzzled to see the messages from Kikuchi fabricating Aizawa's lifestyle, and the 'dog' posts dumbfound Murai the most because Aizawa don't have one. Suddenly, a reply appears, asking the 'bitch' Aizawa on why she must be very arrogant. Other posts started to come, one lashing at 'Miyabi', while another commented that he never hears the nickname 'Miyabi' had mentioned. Kikuchi smiles and posted a message, asking the posters that replied on what they are talking, and warned them that 'she' will attack their computer with viruses. Kikuchi then posted another message, saying that her website is also made by 'her' boyfriend, and if anyone guessed the password wrong, a virus payload will be executed.

Kikuchi started to explain to Murai and other, saying that he wants to portray Aizawa as an arrogant girl, with the intention to provoke certain people out there. Suddenly, another message appears, cursing at 'Miyabi' for the virus. Another messages appeared, saying that such website like 'hers' can be hacked in 10 minutes, and the poster then posted a very long message with the sentence "Go to hell" repeatedly written in the post. In a flash, others started to follow suit to do the same thing, posting messages with long repeating sentences in it.

Murai is shocked to see the huge amount of messages in such a short time, and Kikuchi explained that the angry visitors wanted to fill the message board with posts with long sentences to break into the server. He declared that he had succeeded to provoke hackers out there to get into the website. As more messages appears, Kikuchi exclaimed that no matter how good Kanzaki's design is, someone out there will be able to hack into it…

Back to the road, both Onizuka and Uchiyamada are passing a tollbooth, and Uchiyamada still have the time to pay before chasing Onizuka again. He managed to get to Onizuka's side again, and he screams for Onizuka to stop. Onizuka lashed at him, asking him on when he will stop, as Yoshikawa commented that even that they are approaching the building, Uchiyamada may catch them before they arrived. Onizuka replied that he knows, and he challenged Uchiyamada to follow him if he can. Onizuka suddenly darted across a very busy street, and managed to escape a passing truck by inches.

Uchiyamada arrived at the street Onizuka had crossed, and as he stared into the busy lane, he screams at Onizuka not to look down at him. Onizuka then hears a loud crash with debris flying all over and Onizuka is shocked to see that Uchiyamada had also escaped the busy road and continued to chase him, even that his Cresta is badly damaged. Yoshikawa is stunned too as Onizuka exclaimed that Uchiyamada is very good…


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