If she's wearing a student's uniform, it'll feel like she's an amateur and you can get rid of your virginity right? - Toshiyuki Saejima.
Lesson 155 - Another chance to live again.

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Lesson 155 - Another chance to live again.

(Takeru) Teshigawara explained to his brother (Suguru) Teshigawara that their father and he (Takeru) had lost their power and status a long time ago. Teshigawara is shocked to hear what Takeru had said, and Takeru continued, saying that they are no longer Okura Shiyo officials since a few years ago, because they had been fired. Then Takeru tells Teshigawara that since he and their father are no longer powerful high-ranking government officials, Teshigawara should not feel inferior and lives in pain anymore.

Teshigawara started to question his brother asking him whether Takeru and their father had already been fired, and screams, saying that he doesn't believe such things had happened, because Takeru is a very talented child, the prodigy of Teshigawara's clan. Then Teshigawara's continued, saying that their families had become government officials since the Meiji era, and it's only him who are unable to become one. Takeru is silent, as Teshigawara speaks again, saying that the failure is the reason why their father are so angry towards him, and because both of them are good, it's impossible that they had been fired.

Suddenly, Takeru replied, that 5 years ago, their father and he, and also a member of the parliament had attended an illegal meeting, and when 2 internal groups in the ruling party clashed, the meeting details surfaced. At that time, all the blame had been dumped on their shoulders, and as a result, both of them were fired. Their father refused to accept the reality that he had been fired, because he had nearly be able to become a deputy minister (of Okura Shiyo), counting the fact that he had been raised in a family with tradition that everyone must become a government official. Takeru remembers that their father had always said that Okura Shiyo officialdom is the highest position in the administration, no other jobs are better that it, and the highest position in the ministry is to become a Minister himself. Their father was on the verge to become the most powerful official in Japan when he was fired, and he can't accept the reality as the result.

Takeru then tells Teshigawara that their father still thinks that he is still working at Okura Shiyo, and every morning he will sit outside the building and talks nonsense over the switched-off hand phone he carried with him everyday, and he had been doing that for the last few years because he still can't accept the fact that after a long hard work he had done to achieve what he had got, he had been treated that way instead (the firing). Takeru then tells Teshigawara that there was something important that they (Takeru and their father) never tell Teshigawara. He then proceeds to explain to Teshigawara that his failure in the high-examination for government officials had been purportedly made by their superiors, because their superiors are uneasy with a possible scenario where their father had been fired and his son become a government official instead, as if Teshigawara wants to take up his father's position. Takeru continued, saying that it's the result of such an intense political battle, and that they are only tools that were being used by others higher than them.

Takeru concluded his story, by telling Teshigawara that he should realize that the levels of education are not an absolute factor in life, and that he should not used them as a pillar in his life. Teshigawara started to accuse Takeru of lying, while Takeru tells him that after they were fired, a friend introduced him to a managing director of a company, and now he is working there. At first, Takeru admitted that he feels uneasy to work with the director, who only finished middle school education, but in the end he throws back all his feelings and started to look forward, working hard for his future. Teshigawara can be heard now mumbling that Takeru is lying at him, and while Takeru try to reply, Teshigawara suddenly screams, and reveals lots of his hand-made bombs inside his police uniform, saying that Takeru is just a liar.

Takeru is shocked to se the bomb, and asked Teshigawara on what he wants to do. (Toshiyuki) Saejima exclaimed that Teshigawara had become mad again, and Teshigawara started to accuse Takeru of trying to con him for saying such things. Suddenly Teshigawara suspected something, and accused Takeru of not being his brother. Then he continued, pointing his finger toward Takeru, and accused him as (Eikichi) Onizuka in disguise. Onizuka, (Urumi) Kanzaki and (Kouji) Fujiyoushi can only looked at him with an embarrassed look, while Teshigawara accused Onizuka of being jealous with him, so Onizuka wants to destroy his family by disguising himself as Takeru. Teshigawara then laughed, and asked Onizuka whether he can fool him with such tricks.

He then lighted the fuse of one of his bombs, while commenting that he will show his true powers. (Azusa) Fuyutsuki tried to ask Teshigawara to stop, but he ignored her while saying that he will kill Onizuka for sure. His eyes now sees Onizuka's face on everyone on the roof, and he throws the bomb towards them, and started to light and hurl more towards them, who started to panic. He screams again, saying that if Onizuka dies, his life will become more peaceful.

Suddenly, Onizuka take one of the bombs, while Saejima screams saying that he can't douse the fuse off. Onizuka then bit the fuse so that the fuse will become shorter, and Onizuka lighted the fuse back. Saejima is puzzled to look what Onizuka had done, and asked him on his intentions. Onizuka ignored him, and throws the bomb towards the water tank at the other end of the roof, and he screams, asking everyone to duck. The bomb exploded upon contact with the tank, and a lot of water splashed out from the destroyed tanks, drenching everyone on the roof and dousing the sparks on the bombs.

Teshigawara is stunned to see what Onizuka had done, and Onizuka asked him on why his face looks sour, wondering if Teshigawara had exhausted all the bombs that he had. He then tells Teshigawara that everything is over now, and since Teshigawara had always being pampered with money, ranks and the elite status of his family, the moment they are in now must be the very first time for Teshigawara to experience the feeling that happened to someone that lost everything, just like having zero marks in a test. Onizuka exclaimed that Teshigawara used to have a lot, but now lose them all, and asked Teshigawara whether he feels more comfortable now not to have anything to worry about.

Teshigawara is stunned, he drops the wet bomb he had on his hand on the floor. He started to remember that one day when he is little, the obasan neighbor asked him on what he is doing. He remembers replying to the obasan that he is changing the answers in his test papers. The obasan was puzzled, and Teshigawara replied that he do just that because he only get 87 points in that particular paper. Teshigawara then continued, telling the obasan that he is embarrassed to show the mark to his father and brother, thus he is changing the answers.

The obasan commented that 87 points is good, but Teshigawara replied that if he doesn't get full marks, he is considered failed by his father, and he had to work hard to become just like his grandfather, father and brother who are able to maintain full marks in their tests, or else he will be lashed by his father. Hearing him, the obasan laughed, saying that 87 points is still 87 points, no matter what he is doing. She then added that 87 points is good, and it reflects Teshigawara's true capabilities. Teshigawara tried to protest, but suddenly the obasan asked him whether he had ever considered trying and get zero marks, and Teshigawara is shocked. The obasan then gives him some examples, like deliberately putting wrong answers, or not to answer the questions at all. Teshigawara protested, saying that his father will surely kill him if he do just that, but the obasan replied again that doing such things for once will do no harm to him. She then explained that she just wanted to convey the message that he should not study just to get full marks, and asked him again about his ambitions to become an anthropologist (webmaster note: Is this the name for someone who studies insects?). She exclaimed that he had such ambitions because he feels that studying insects is more fun than getting full marks, and such life is more suitable for him too.

The obasan continued, telling Teshigawara that living according to the path that others had set up for him is easy, but if he wants to sway from the path, he had to become braver, because others may perceive his actions as heretical, but doing such things may enable him to see a different world than the one he sees when he followed the path. She then wished Teshigawara to become someone who is brave and strong, and he must be able to start everything all over again from nothing, and when he puts down the heavy burden, he will surely feels free and comfortable…

Teshigawara is stunned as he remembered the moments he had with the obasan, and he silently called out for her. He now realized that everything that had happened now is caused by the fact that he is not used to starting all over again from the scratch, and he remembers again on how he once wants desperately to throw the burden of being part of Teshigawara's family but he is scared of doing so, and in the end, he have to carry the burden until now, even that he realized that he had lost everything.

He suddenly smiled and laughed as he exclaimed that he really had lost everything, but he is still taking into consideration the feelings of his parents and also the "elite" status the family has. Then he thanked Onizuka, saying that he knows now why he hate Onizuka so much, and as Teshigawara wants to tell the reason, Onizuka approached him and asked him to get down first from the fence before talking, because Teshigawara had wasted too much of his time already. Teshigawara ignored him, and instead starting to lean backwards, shocking Onizuka, Fuyutsuki and (Ryoko) Sakurai.

As Teshigawara falls from the top of the building, he smiled as he silently thinks that he hated Onizuka because he is jealous of him, particularly about his lifestyle. Fuyutsuki screams his name, and so are Takeru, while the free-falling Teshigawara started to smile, while thinking that he actually wants to have similar lifestyles just like Onizuka, who doesn't have any worries about marks, other people's views and everything but still respected by others. Teshigawara thinks of being able to drink with friends everyday, and laughed and cried anytime he wants, and he really hoped to have such a lifestyle. He then resigned himself to the fact that everything is already over, because he will not be able to bring himself to forgiveness, and he doesn't have the will to live again. As he approached the ground, he silently bid Onizuka goodbye, and being able to meet him really makes him…

Suddenly, the rain pipes started to detach itself from the building's walls, and Teshigawara is shocked to see that he is floating on the air, just inches from the ground. He then hears Onizuka's voice lashing at him asking on who gives him permission to die when the "special class" is still not over. Then Onizuka is shown holding Teshigawara's leg with one hand, and Teshigawara looked up to see Onizuka holding the wrecked rain pipes with his other hand. Suddenly, the hand that holds the rain pipes slipped, and both of them fall to the ground unharmed.

Onizuka groaned in pain, saying that his shoulder bones must had been broken, and started to curse Teshigawara again, saying that with such a "special class", Teshigawara not only have to pay for the tuition fees, but also the hospitalization costs. Teshigawara asked him on why he must save him, and Onizuka replied that if Teshigawara dies, no other students will want to enroll in his "special class" anymore, plus the tuition fee had not been paid yet. Teshigawara is shocked to hear him, and Onizuka started to tell him that the fee cost Teshigawara 20 million yen, and Teshigawara must pay the fees without any discount. Teshigawara accused him of blackmail attempt, but Onizuka lashed at him to shut up and just pay, adding that Onizuka will accept payments in interest-free installments too. So before Teshigawara pays the fees, he is forbidden to commit suicide, or else Onizuka himself will step in and kill him.

Onizuka then tells him to work hard to pay for the debt, forgetting all the bad experiences and started to work hard for the future, so he will not have time to think about nasty things. He then continued, saying that Teshigawara will surely succeed and builds a huge building for his business, and he will be able then to show to his father that he earned more money than him. At that time, Teshigawara will be able then to show his father that even that Teshigawara is weak in his studies, he will still be able to create a successful career, because Teshigawara is not a worthless person anymore.

Teshigawara smiled as he heard Onizuka's words, and Onizuka commented that if Teshigawara understands him now, he should surrender himself to Saejima, who coincidentally arrived from the top of the building along with the others. Onizuka exclaimed that a man should take responsibility of everything he had done, and Teshigawara thanked him. Hearing him, Onizuka replied that he should atone for his sins and come out from behind the bars quickly, adding that as long as he is still alive, the chance of him to start all over again will still present. Teshigawara started to have teary eyes, and Onizuka continued, saying that when the time comes, both of them should go out and have a drink together while eating steaks….


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