Yeah, that's how they are. At times like this women hide the fact that they're having their period. That's how women are - I mean, I don't really mind bloody play, but.. - Eikichi Onizuka.

Lesson 136 - The blades rebounded cruelly


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Lesson 136 - The blades rebounded cruelly

(Kouji) Fujiyoushi arrived at (Miyabi) Aizawa's house, as the voice of (Tomoko) Nomura can be clearly heard begging Aizawa to open the door. He is greeted by (Saeko) Iijima and (Chikako) Shirai and he asked Iijima on whereabouts of Aizawa. Iijima replied that Aizawa had locked herself in her room, and Nomura and Aizawa's mom had futilely trying to coax her out. Fujiyoushi asked her again on why she does that, and Iijima replied that it must be because of the URL, because she and Shirai had already visited it. She then continued, saying if the pictures at the website is released after the time is up, Aizawa will surely become embarrassed to come to the school, and Iijima blamed her for messing with (Urumi) Kanzaki.

Fujiyoushi runs upstairs and banged at the door, saying that she should open the door because (Yoshito) Kikuchi and the others are trying hard to fix the problem, so she not need to worry about it. Aizawa's hands are shown opening the capsule's case. Fujiyoushi started to break the door, and he, Nomura and Aizawa's mom are shocked to see Aizawa lying on the floor, with capsules and pills all scattered around her. Right at the time, her father arrived, and he asked his wife on why Aizawa is locking herself inside her room. She then explained everything to him.

Aizawa's father started to lash at his wife, asking on how Aizawa managed to have those sleeping pills with her. They started to bicker, as Nomura and Fujiyoushi looks at them silently. Suddenly Fujiyoushi screams at them, saying that the time is not suitable for them to quarrel, adding that it's because of their sorry attitude which turned Aizawa to become what she are now. He then started to run with Aizawa on his back taking her to the hospital. He cursed that such things really happened but he vowed that he would never let her die.

Aizawa's father is screaming for Fujiyoushi to stop, as Aizawa's mom started to cry. Suddenly she noticed that the fax machine started to spew a piece of paper, and she takes it up. Her face changed when she reads it, and called her husband so that he can read it too. He reads the paper, which turns out to be (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada poison pen letter, and exclaimed that it must be because of the teacher called 'Onizuka' that turns Aizawa to behave like she are now. Shirai, Iijima and Nomura are puzzled to hear (Eikichi) Onizuka's name being mentioned, and they are shocked to read the fax letter. Aizawa's father exclaimed that a biker gang leader-turned-teacher can't possibly give her daughter good education, and that he enrolled Aizawa there because he thought that the school is a prestigious school. But such things like Onizuka's employment actually happened there, so he will go out to investigate the root of the issue.

Back to the school, the teachers are still answering questions from the parents, when (Suguru) Teshigawara is rolling a huge briefcase along the hallway. He then heard some teachers explaining that the school will investigate the letter's claims, as the headmaster Xavier started to become stressed on the events. Teshigawara silently chuckles, saying that the plan is going very nicely. Suddenly, a fellow teacher greeted him, and asked about the luggage, wondering whether he is going to a vacation. The teacher then noticed a bunch of hair coming out from the briefcase, when suddenly Teshigawara punched him. The teacher falls to the floor, as Teshigawara commented that the teacher is only a year older in seniority compared to him, so the teacher don't have any right to call him, a Tokyo University graduate, by his name. He then vowed that all the people that had belittled him will get their payback, and asked (Azusa) Fuyutsuki, who are inside the briefcase, whether she agreed with him.

The students started to be anxious, because the teachers will not let them go out from the school, and also all the teachers are behaving erratically in the day. They demanded explanations, but a teacher tells them to go to the class first and waited there. (Ryoko) Sakurai can only sees the anxious students, when suddenly a teacher tells her that a member of parliament had called, and wanted to talk with her. Sakurai is silent when she hears the teacher's word.

Meanwhile, at the school's toilet, Uchiyamada is smiling in a cubicle as the PA system is blaring telling the teachers to prepare for an emergency meeting. He started to think that it's been the first time in a week since he is able to release his bodily waste easily, so easy he even don't have to clean his ass. He then wondered why he doesn't think of that 'easy' way earlier, so that he don't have to worry about the low-life graduate from the low-class university, until it affected his health badly. He then remembers, when after the World War 2 defeat to the United States where US$1 is equivalent to 380 yen, he is the one from the group that vowed to turn Japan to become a major economic power in the world, so why he should sacrificed himself because of Onizuka.

Then he remembered on how Onizuka makes him pissing blood (volume5) and also makes his hairline recedes faster. Plus, the identification of her daughter's true father has become shrouded in mystery since Onizuka is appointed; DNA profiling have to be used to determine her father real identity. At that time, Onizuka still keeps his V-shaped fringe, and such people like him don't deserve to live on Earth. If Onizuka doesn't exist, he doesn't have to write the letter after all. He then accused Onizuka of not being able to answer him, and he declared that he has won. He then thinks that the letter is a gift from God to him, and now he will not have to worry about Onizuka anymore, because it will be Onizuka who will be despised by the teaching profession, and not him. He then decided to finish shitting, when suddenly the PA system is calling his name, because Sakurai wanted to meet him. Uchiyamada is so shocked to hear the announcement, the remaining faeces that doesn't go out ye still stays in his colon…

Back to the director office, Sakurai is asking the parliament member for more time, so she can solve the case. She then hanged up the phone, as Itagake the secretary commented that the situation has become worse, and that she will be lashed at the board's meeting. She assured him that everything would be fine, because the most important thing is about Uchiyamada stabbing Onizuka. She then heard the door being knocked, and sees Uchiyamada on the doorway, looking very scared.

Sakurai then asked Uchiyamada to explain everything about the case where he is stabbing Onizuka, from beginning until the end. Uchiyamada's heart started to beat faster, as he calmed himself that he is innocent and that Onizuka is the guilty one. Sakurai and Itagake are waiting for his answer, and when they don't get one from the silent Uchiyamada, she asked him again about what really happened when he stabbed Onizuka. Suddenly, Uchiyamada started to weep, saying that he is being framed. Then, he explained that when the emergency bell rang, he is holding a Swiss army knife to open a canned food, and Onizuka suddenly rammed onto him. He then says that he never intends to stab Onizuka, adding that such things really embarrass him.

Sakurai is shocked to learn that Onizuka rammed onto Uchiyamada, and Uchiyamada replied that what he had said is true, adding that Onizuka must be jealous of him. He started to make funny posses, as he started to guess that Sakurai must have read the anonymous letter that was sent to all students' families. He then exclaimed that Onizuka must be the person who was depicted on the letter, as he wondered on why no one realized about the dangers Onizuka will bring to the school. Then he started to accuse Onizuka as a rival school's spy, and MAYBE HE is the one who sends the anonymous letter to destabilize Kichiyouji Private School.

He started to slap the floor, as Sakurai and Itagake looked at him suspiciously, and asked why everyone is cheated by "Onizuka the spy" who just wanted to make the school falls into chaos, and that not realizing that Onizuka is a rival school spy was his biggest mistake. He then asked for Sakurai to fire Onizuka ASAP, because it's the only way to solve the crisis, plus Onizuka is just a temp. He then suggested that they should put all the blame on Onizuka, and then fire him.

Sakurai asked him whether he wanted her to put all the blame on Onizuka before firing him, and Uchiyamada nodded vigorously. Sakurai asked him again whether he knows that Onizuka sent the anonymous letter, and he does it again, not realizing his mistake of doing that. Sakurai is silent, and then replied that she will give his proposal a thought, and the decision to fire Onizuka will be made at the emergency meeting. Uchiyamada started to be happy after hearing that Sakurai will fire Onizuka, and vowed to reward himself and also takes Eikichi to a pet saloon to remove the annoying V-shape fringe on its head.

Sakurai then rises and asked him on what he should do now to stem the problem that arises from the anonymous letter scandal, reminding him that he is in charge of the school administration. Uchiyamada is shocked to hear her, and he replied that headmaster Xavier is the one who should take the responsibility to solve the problem she mentioned. Sakurai then replied that the headmaster is being hospitalized for diabetes, so Uchiyamada who are next in the line for the headmaster position will take his duties. Uchiyamada is shocked that he has to solve the problem that arises from anonymous letter, and he started to think that his own "secret weapon" had turned back to hit him. He started to curse the headmaster Xavier, asking on how the diabetes suddenly appears when he always like to go pampering himself. The panicking Uchiyamada wondered why the letter that are supposed to oust Onizuka will also gives him a huge problem to solve, and he knows that if he fails to solve it, he will be fired…..


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