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Lesson #150 - Rhapsody of marriage.

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Lesson #150 - Rhapsody of marriage.

(Suguru) Teshigawara entered the room where (Azusa) Fuyutsuki is locked, wearing a white tux with the "Here Comes The Bride" piano rendition playing in the background. As he walked towards her, the song is changed to an announcement that the bride and groom are walking the aisle, with the aforementioned song playing in the background, and all "guests" should give a thunderous clap to them. Teshigawara then is shown holding a bunch of flowers on one of his hand, as he approached Fuyutsuki who are having her back facing towards him sitting on the bed.

He then puts the flowers on the bed, and covered her eyes from behind, commenting that he had come to take her away. He then sees that his "Cricket Diary" box had been opened, and he started to guess that Fuyutsuki must have read the diary. Then he commented that Fuyutsuki must really likes the contents, and is willing to hear what he wants to say to her from now on. Teshigawara smiles as he exclaimed that it was the first time in 20 years that he tells anyone else about his past, adding that he and Fuyutsuki must had had a better understanding about each other from now on.

Teshigawara then explained to her, that from the first time he had seen her at Kichiyouji Private School, he had predicted that the day they are in today will eventually arrive, because at that time, he had already seen their threads of fate being merged into one. He then tells her how he had hired a private investigator, to collect information about her backgrounds and also went to a temple to have their fortunes as a couple told. He added that he knows everything about her since elementary school all through to the time when she was studying at Waseda University, and with knowing everything about her, he is very confident that their threads of fate are really entangled with each other, as if they are lovers in their past lives.

Fuyutsuki is silent as she hears his explanations, and Teshigawara feels that Fuyutsuki is shivering. He started to guess why she is shivering, saying that she must be very happy because they are able to understand each other perfectly, and Teshigawara started to smile, saying that he feels the same too. Then he exclaimed that they should go now to a world where only both of them existed, adding that even birds are blessing their union. He then add that they will live like Adam and Eve in modern era, and he will never let anybody wrecks their happiness, because they will live happily ever after.

Suddenly, Teshigawara started to be puzzled, and he asked on why her skin had become hardened. He apologized, saying that being locked for days in a closed room must have turned her skin to become just like that and he asked her to put her face up so he can help massaging her white pure skin, but he is stunned to see an angry (Eikichi) Onizuka's face instead staring at him wearing the wedding gown.

Teshigawara started to stammer when he sees Onizuka, and as Onizuka removes the wigs from his head, Teshigawara asked him on why he is inside the room. Onizuka ignored him and head butts him on the face. Teshigawara screams, saying that his nose is bloody and asked on why he is inside the room, and where Fuyutsuki is located now. Instead of getting an answer, (Makoto) Fuyutsuki appears, and throws him with her judo martial arts, breaking a panel on the wall.

As he falls on the floor, Makoto turns the cassette player playing the "Here Comes the Bride" and also the bird sounds off, as she asked on how he dares to say that he and Fuyutsuki have blessings from the birds while the chirpings actually comes from a tape recorder. Then she exclaimed that she had thwarted Teshigawara's evil plans, as Teshigawara is puzzled to see that she is also in the room with Onizuka.

Makoto explains that she actually doesn't know what to do at that time when he tricked them with exchanging clothes with the beggar at the toilet, but eventually with the help of the shoes that he exchanged with the beggar, she managed to find where Fuyutsuki is hidden away. Teshigawara is puzzled, and she exclaimed that the concrete on the shoes' soles reminded her about the footprints on the concrete slabs just in front of the building where Fuyutsuki's lives. She remembered that one of the footprints was larger than the other ones, and also unusually deep too. She then deduced that when she matched the footprint with his shoes, she had also guessed that when he is stepping on the wet concrete slab, he must have been bringing with him something heavy, for example, a suitcase filled with a body in it.

Makoto then continues, saying that the footprint shows that Teshigawara walks towards the building when he steps on the concrete slab, so it means that when Fuyutsuki was missing, he took her to the building. With that fact, she knows that he had also rents an apartment at the building where Fuyutsuki lives, and she went to the building's mailboxes to check for utility bills on his name, and she was really shocked to learn that he lives right next to Fuyutsuki's apartment all along.

Teshigawara started to panic, and tried to refute the allegations Makoto hurled at him, saying that he had also reached the same conclusion as hers, adding that he is being framed by the real criminal. Plus, he doesn't have any reason at all on why he must rent an apartment right next to Fuyutsuki's, and also he found the shoes at the train station, so he wears it so he will be able to know how the criminal thinks and stuff.

Suddenly, Onizuka asked him on how he will explain about the "pictures" instead, and Teshigawara is puzzled. Hearing him, Onizuka started to rip the wallpaper on the room, exposing all the retouched pictures of Fuyutsuki and Teshigawara together. Makoto looks at him as Onizuka exclaimed that the room is full with pictures that depicted his marriage with Fuyutsuki. Fuyutsuki suddenly appears, and asked Teshigawara on why he must do all of what he has done.

Teshigawara tried to answer the question, but Onizuka interjected, saying that Teshigawara must have fallen in love with her. Teshigawara tried to deny his allegations, but Onizuka interjected again, saying that even monkeys will know that he is in love with her. He then asked Teshigawara on why he did not tell Fuyutsuki directly about his feelings, but instead of doing that, he secretly takes pictures of her, and then kidnapped her and locked her in a room. Teshigawara gnashed his teeth as Onizuka wondered whether all graduates from Tokyo University acted like him, and he tells Teshigawara that he thinks that Teshigawara is an abnormal person.

Onizuka continued, saying that he knows that Teshigawara is an abnormal person since he was a kid, adding that Teshigawara must never have any close friends, and that he always locked himself in his own world, wrecking his personality even more. He asked Teshigawara whether he is right, and asked again on why he, a Tokyo University graduate, does not tell Fuyutsuki about his real feelings, and now his evil plan had botched big time. Onizuka then concluded that behind the face of a Tokyo University graduate, lies someone who have abnormal tendencies, and Teshigawara is just another coward.

Suddenly, Teshigawara speaks, asking Onizuka whether he really thinks that he is a coward, and he started to back down, approaching the wall behind him. He then continued, saying that someone like Onizuka will never be able to understand him; his tortured past, his feelings, his worries and his pain. Fuyutsuki and Makoto are shocked to hear him, and Teshigawara's hand is shown taking something from a cabinet behind him. He then pulled out a knife from the cabinet, as he screams that Onizuka, who are just a graduate from a low-class university but are able to live his life as he wishes, will never be able to understand his feelings….


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