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Lesson 131 - Sins and punishment part 1

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Lesson 131 - Sins and punishment part 1

(Hiroshi) Uchiyamada is having his vegetable juice, and he started to practice his golf swing, exclaiming that the day is really good for drinking vegetable juices. Suddenly Eikichi started to tug his clothes, and Uchiyamada started to lash at the dog, asking whether Eikichi wants to eat. He then lashed at her daughter Yoshiko (Uchiyamada) for losing interest easily with the dog, and he ends up feeding and walking Eikichi everyday. Uchiyamada then wondered whether the new generation has any pity at all with the welfare of pets nowadays.

Suddenly he noticed that Eikichi is not touching its food at all. He started to become puzzled on why Eikichi doesn't eat the food when suddenly Eikichi turned its tray upside down, shocking Uchiyamada. Uchiyamada started to become angry and tries to hit Eikichi with his golf club, saying that he has only recently vacuumed the floor, but Eikichi avoids his blows easily. In the next scene, Uchiyamada gives up and changed Eikichi's foods, and Uchiyamada complained that dogs nowadays are also very choosy when it comes to food. He started to wonder why he as the family leader have to get up early, vacuumed the house, feeds the dog and wash his own pants, as her daughter emerges looking very sleepy and asked for food.

Seeing her, Uchiyamada lashed at her for getting up late, saying that she will surely be late to the school. Yoshiko replied that she planned to skip the first period, and Uchiyamada lashed at her, saying that a daughter to a teacher should not say such things. Uchiyamada grumbles to himself when suddenly Yoshiko asked him whether she is really his daughter. Uchiyamada is shocked to hear her, and replied the she surely is. Yoshiko asked him back why their hairs aren't alike at all, because his hair is so sparse. The nervous Uchiyamada replied that all of this doesn't have any relationship with the amount of hairs they have, because it is controlled by the hormones anyway, and that's why there's only a few women who are bald.

Yoshiko then tells Uchiyamada that recently her seat had been switched so now she has a new neighbor named Hashino. All the students in her class had commented that she and Hashino really resembles with each other, and they wondered whether Hashino and she are a long-lost siblings. Hashino also have the same first name as Yoshiko herself (Yoshiko), and Uchiyamada seems to try and remember where he heard the name 'Hashino' at the first place. Suddenly Yoshiko tells him that it is the name of the meat seller who had always come to their house and sells meat to her mother, shocking Uchiyamada.

Suddenly, Riyoko (Uchiyamada) called Yoshiko because she needs her help in cooking. A stunned Uchiyamada started to process the fact that her daughter Yoshiko resembles the daughter of the meat seller. He started to dismiss his though, saying that Yoshiko is really his daughter. Their ears are of the same shape, and so is their blood group, so it's impossible that Yoshiko is fathered instead by the meat seller. Suddenly he remembers, on how if the meat seller has the same blood group and ear shapes just like him. Uchiyamada then remembers that every man will be suspicious if they were asked the question "This is your son/daughter, am I right?" Uchiyamada started to dismiss his worry again, saying that at the time when Yoshiko is born, Riyoko still doesn't knows the meat seller yet.

But he then remembered that one time when he returns home early from school. He announced his return just to see lots of suspicious things, such as ashtray with cigarettes ashes, tissues and 2 cups with one of them having a lipstick mark on it. But the thing that shocked him the most is that Riyoko at that time seems very tired with her clothes seems to be worn hurriedly. At the same time, he saw the meat seller's truck being driven away form their road. He started to suspect that Riyoko is actually cheating him and that Yoshiko is fathered by the meat seller instead.

In the next scene, Uchiyamada is running to the school as he thinks about his wife possible infidelity again. He then started to strut his usual 'stuff' in the train again, on the very same woman he had fondled for one year, as he think that all the thought he have are just thought after all, because he doesn't have any evidence. He assures himself, saying that he is right, because until the last spring, his life is very smooth; his wife is more polite, Yoshiko is fairer and that Eikichi doesn't exists in the house. He started to wonder on what caused the differences he faced now, and suddenly he realized that since (Eikichi) Onizuka was appointed as a teacher in the school, his life started to being filled with lots of bad luck. He then accused Onizuka of bringing them all to him, and he silently asked Onizuka to go from the school for good, as he fondles another cute chick inside a bus.

After he disembarks from the bus, he is greeted by the sight of a completely black cat meowing at him. He lashed at the cat, for trying to bring him bad luck, and in the very next step he takes, a lot of crows are flying above him, much to his chagrin. He then walked to the school, with a spot of crows' faeces on his baldhead as he vowed that he will do anything to drive Onizuka out from the school. Just as he stepped into the school's compound, he is greeted by the sound of the fire alarm, and Uchiyamada started to think about the worst…

In the next scene, Onizuka is covering his mouth with a hospital mask, and he wears gloves too as he sits inside a lecture hall. In front of him lies a brand new Playstation2 console, and he smiles as he opened the box. He exclaimed that after standing in line for 12 hours at Akihabara district, only he managed to buy one. He then added that after saving for a long time, only he manages to save 40000 yen for one of the console, and he kissed the console. He then commented that he now will be able to watch DVDs in his penthouse, and that he will open an account at the DVD renting center later on.

Onizuka then looks around for something, and then slowly produced a pornographic DVD. Onizuka smiles as he exclaimed that from today, the confiscated pornographic DVDs stolen by (Toshiyuki) Saejima will now be able to return to where it should belong. And when he turned it on, he will be able to see pictures with more than 500 dpi very clearly, and he will be able to see each strand of pubic hair. He then inserted the disc into the console and boots the console up. Suddenly he hears the fire alarm rings, but Onizuka decided that he doesn't have the time to go and investigate it.

Suddenly, (Noboru) Yoshikawa barged into the hall, and screams at him that something nasty had happened. Onizuka sees him, and called for him to see his new toy. The Playstation logo can be clearly seen at the hall's projector screen as Yoshikawa tells him that it wasn't the appropriate time to play with the console, because there is a poster defaming (Urumi) Kanzaki and the whole school is in chaos. Onizuka is puzzled to hear him, asking Yoshikawa again on who was being defamed, as Yoshikawa tries to explain about the contents of the poster. Onizuka is shocked to hear him, but suddenly the title screen for the pornographic DVD emerges at the projector's screen (with the title "Nurse Mamitan's Shots Diary volume 12").

Onizuka started to laugh, forgetting what Yoshikawa had told him earlier as he exclaimed that the movie is about to begin. The hugged Yoshikawa protested, saying that he should watch the DVD later. Suddenly, the sprinkler works, showering the whole school and Onizuka's brand new Playstation2 console started to short-circuit. The image of Nurse Mamitan faded from the screen, as Onizuka screams at the loss of his "Nurse Mamitan". Meanwhile, at another place, Uchiyamada is screaming Onizuka's name…

At the hallway, the students started to go out from their classrooms, complaining that they are all wet, while Kanzaki is standing silently on the hallway. She vowed that she will never forgive the 'bastard' all her life as she started to face off with the umbrella-wearing (Miyabi) Aizawa on the hallway for the final showdown…


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