Ah, also, my type are girls like Matsu Takako - active and from a good family - Eikichi Onizuka.
Lesson #17 - To become a homeroom teacher.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 3
Lesson #17 - To become a homeroom teacher.

(Eikichi) Onizuka was preparing for school, his head is aching after drinking too much, and he's late already. Onizuka then greeted 2 female students, who run away screaming that Onizuka is a sex-maniac. Onizuka wondered what have happened, and started to think whether by having porn magazines and videos will constitute as a sex maniac. Suddenly, he sees the posters of him in an abnormal 'game' all around the hallway, shocking him. Onizuka then tried to remember if he ever takes a picture in such a pose, if he ever plays that 'game' anyway. Then he saw (Azusa) Fuyutsuki looking at the picture, and as he tried to explain, she slapped him and saying that she never thought he have such 'hobby'. By then, a lot of students are staring at him now. Onizuka then tried to explain again; by saying that the picture of him on the poster have a scar on his ass, while the real 'him' don't have any. He then proceeded to show the 'proof', just to be slapped by the female students, and 4 students from the 4th class; Yoshito Kikuchi, Taadaki Kusano, Kouji Fujiyoushi and Kunio Murai are laughing at him.

Onizuka is standing with 2 slap marks on his face, and murmured that he never played that ' SM game'. One of the teachers agreed, saying that the 4th class students are really smart. He said that the picture is doctored, much to Onizuka's shock. The teacher then explained the procedures to him. Onizuka screamed, saying that the poster looked real, but the teacher asked him to see closely and he could see the tonal difference, added that this is their specialty. By then Onizuka knows that the teacher is correct. The teacher then commented that Kahara doctored pictures are more vulgar, and they started to talk about her. Onizuka is now getting angry...

In the class, Murai and the others were laughing when talking about Onizuka' reaction. (Miyabi) Aizawa declared a victory, and talking about how Onizuka showed his ass. Murai then commented about Onizuka stupidity, and Aizawa remarked that he was the most stupid teacher she ever meets. Murai then praised Kikuchi about his skill, and told him to enter the job full time. Fujiyoushi then guessed that Onizuka will be gone within a month, as Aizawa guessed that he will be just like Kahara. Kusano added that they must let the school knows that the class don't need a teacher, and all of them started to laugh, as (Noboru) Yoshikawa is silent.....

Suddenly, Fujiyoushi announce that Onizuka is coming, and told them to be prepared. Onizuka then entered the class just to be greeted by a gay poster of him and (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada. Onizuka watched the poster in fury, as Aizawa and Murai commented that Onizuka will surely be gone by tomorrow, and Uchiyamada will be all alone. Onizuka then asked who make the gay poster, and Kikuchi raised his hand and confessed. The angry Onizuka walked towards Kikuchi, and then asked him whether that he also made the abnormal posters. Kikuchi nodded, and said that he only joking. Kikuchi then asked if Onizuka wanted to beat him, just do it, and he will report him to the authorities. Onizuka then asked for Kikuchi to come to him in front to the class, and Kikuchi hesitates.

Kikuchi then walked towards Onizuka in front of the class, while Fujiyoushi tried to prevent Kikuchi from doing so, but failed. In front of the class, Kikuchi then asked Onizuka about what he wanted to do. Onizuka replied that he wanted Kikuchi to do a favor for him, much to Kikuchi' astonishment. Then Onizuka produced 4 pictures of beautiful women (one of them is Fuyutsuki' picture), and asked Kikuchi to doctor 4 naked pictures from the characters inside a porn magazine. Kikuchi is now shocked. Onizuka then commented that, he once heard that someone is superimposing the head of celebrities to a naked body of others, doctoring those celebrities' naked pictures that looked like real. The whole class is silent now when they heard about it. Onizuka then gave instructions to Kikuchi about whose bodies use what heads, and also the pose. Kikuchi is silent and embarrassed by now. Onizuka then said that he will pay Kikuchi with money and also grade A videos, and Onizuka declared that he pinned high hopes for Kikuchi to make good pictures out of it.

Onizuka then wanted to leave as he has other classes to teach, and asked the student in charge to record the attendance, and asked Kikuchi to finish his job in 3 to 7 days, and went out. Suddenly he entered the class back, sheepishly saying that he forget that the class he supposed to teach is this class anyway. The class is laughing at his stupidity, as Onizuka started the class. He borrowed a book from a male student, and asked him to share with a female student beside him, so maybe in the future; they will fall in love with each other. The class started to laugh as Yoshikawa smiles, while Murai, Kusano, Fujiyoushi and Aizawa are silent...

In the next scene, Murai is beating some of the students. He asked them why they must laugh at Onizuka's class, and accused them as traitors. (Saeko) Iijima then suggested that they skipped his class, but Kusano shot down the suggestion, as Onizuka could make them not to be able to enter high school, so any action must be covert. Aizawa then asked Murai what to do, and reminded him that they bully their teachers because of that 'event'. Murai lashed at her, and told her to find a solution too, because right now he didn't have any. Fujiyoushi is silent, and suddenly he squatted.

Kusano commented how the doctored pictures failed to achieve the objective, and Iijima sighed. Suddenly Iijima felt a tug on her shoulder, and as she turned her head, she screams at the sight of a cockroach on Fujiyoushi' hand. Aizawa lashed at him for joking at the wrong time. Fujiyoushi asked them to listen to him, that he heard about a friend of a friend who dies after eating a cockroach. He eaten one in a party, and died a month later. When an autopsy is done, they found out that his belly is full with cockroaches. Fujiyoushi then suggested that they tried to see if the story is right or not...


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