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Lesson #101 - Love Love GO!

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 13
Lesson #101 - Love Love GO!

The panicking teachers are telling the headmaster about the missing students in Iriomote Island. The headmaster asked the teacher to repeat what he is saying, and asked the headmaster if he is listening, but he already put down the phone, as he is busy groping a bar girl. One of the principals, who are also present, asked the headmaster about the caller, and he replied that the teacher from the Okinawa trip has called, saying that there's an emergency, but he can't really hear it because of static. The bar host started to announce that happy hour will end in 3 minutes, and the headmaster tell the principals that (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada who are also at Okinawa will take care of it, and that they must savor the remaining happy hour to the fullest.

At the boat that the teachers have rent to look for the missing students, the calling teacher is cursing because the line has gone dead. He wonders if the headmaster is on the underground pub, and they started to become jealous of him. Meanwhile the students are calling for both (Anko) Uehara and (Noboru) Yoshikawa, and (Azusa) Fuyutsuki is praying that they will return safely. Suddenly, a student tells her that they have seen a fire, and it may be them.

Rightly so, it is Uehara and Yoshikawa who made the fire, as both of them started to dry their clothes, laving them only on their underwear. Yoshikawa commented that he didn't know that Uehara is smoking, as Uehara tell him to be quiet, or someone might overhear them. She looked at Yoshikawa who struggled to dry his shirt, and ask him to give her his shirt and she started to dry it easily. Yoshikawa is stunned, saying that she is strong. Uehara replied that it is he who is weak, and not that she is strong. He asked her if she is training, but she denies, saying that she always get into fight with her neighbors.

Suddenly he asked Uehara if she has a brother, and that she is always fighting with him, thus making her strong. Uehara is stunned, and asked him how did he know. Yoshikawa replied that he hears her talking in her dreams when she is fainting, and that she always called for her brother in her dreams, adding that he is weak because he is the only child in his family. Uehara is silent, and Yoshikawa noticed it, and he started to apologize if his words earlier hurt her somehow. Uehara replied that he did not, grabbed her shirt and started to wear it, just to find out that it is infested with sea bugs, and she panics and jumped into Yoshikawa' arms.

By then, the boat arrived at the fire, and (Kunio) Murai exclaimed that he hears their voice. He started to greet them, saying that they had make the class worried, and asked on what they are doing, but he is silenced by the view of both Uehara and Yoshikawa in a compromising position, wearing only their underwear. The whole class is gasping when they looked at Uehara and Yoshikawa, as Uehara started to realize on what have happened.

Suddenly someone is screaming that Uehara and Yoshikawa are hugging with each other without any clothes on, and the students started to talk about it, as Uehara pushed Yoshikawa from her arms, and started a futile attempt to deny the hottest news. A shocked (Naoko) Izumi asked her if she really jumped into the water with Yoshikawa so that they can be together, as (Chikako) Shirai commented that Uehara is really shrewd. Uehara started to deny again, but the students is not buying her story. The panicking Uehara then asked Yoshikawa to help her explaining the real situation, but he just laughed. Uehara started to become very angry, as Murai commented that the 'lovebirds' is fighting, and Uehara warned him that she would kill him.

Fuyutsuki smiles when she looked at them, as the students are still ribbing Uehara. Yoshikawa has started to board the boat, as Uehara is still fighting off the news. Suddenly, (Yoshito) Kikuchi asked him if he really jumped to the sea, and if he thinks that he is (Eikichi) Onizuka. Kikuchi commented that Yoshikawa could die, if he try to do things Onizuka' way. Yoshikawa replied that he couldn’t just let her go like that, because after all, Uehara is still a girl. Yoshikawa added that he also found something unique. Kikuchi asked him about it and Yoshikawa explained that he and Uehara has found a cave with a cross-shaped hole

Kikuchi is shocked, and tried to look at where they found Yoshikawa and Uehara, but he didn't found the hole. Yoshikawa explains that there's a lot of treasure on the floor, and that he thinks that the cave is a former church. Murai asked Yoshikawa if his story is real, and Yoshikawa replied that he is not quite sure. Yoshikawa asked Kikuchi why he looked shocked, and he replied that there's nothing he has to worry about.

Kikuchi sits down, and logged on to the Internet with his laptop, and started his chat program. He called to the net friend, and tells the net friend that his friend has found the treasure, but there's no gold is there anymore. The net friend started to comment that the treasure is only a legend. Kikuchi writes, that his friend has found another treasure instead, and it was spirit, puzzling his net friend. Kikuchi smiles.... Meanwhile, Murai is pestering Fuyutsuki to go find the treasure, as Kikuchi looked on at the island. Fuyutsuki declined to go, as Kikuchi began to notice the cross-shaped hole at the island. He smiles, as Murai is frustrated with his failed attempts to find the treasure.

Suddenly, Fuyutsuki realized something, and she asked Yoshikawa and Uehara if they had met with Onizuka. They are puzzled, and Fuyutsuki explained that Onizuka had gone off to find both of them earlier. Yoshikawa and Uehara looked at each other, and they replied that they haven't met him. Fuyutsuki is puzzled. Meanwhile, Onizuka, (Urumi) Kanzaki and (Mayuko) Asano are dangling on the waterfall via some woods. Onizuka is showing a leaf spinning when touched by the water, as the pissed off Kanzaki is silent. Then Onizuka started to make a posse of a monk praying under the waterfall, and he started to laugh. Kanzaki is giving up, asking Onizuka to play any games he wants.

She started to scream at Onizuka, that instead of playing, he should thinks of ways to get out of their predicament, and not doing stupid unnecessary moves. Onizuka replied that he just wanted to entertain her, just in case she is bored. Asano complained that she could not stand it anymore, as Kanzaki blamed Onizuka for saying that if they follow the river, they will arrive at the sea, but instead they end up hanging at the waterfall. Onizuka replied that he thinks such way is faster, and Kanzaki accused him of being a very crazy teacher, and Asano is screaming for someone to take her off the hook. Onizuka warned them not to move, or they risk exposing their bra, and he started to laugh. Both of them accused him of being a pervert, and screamed for anyone to take them down.

Back to the hotel, Asano is complaining about her pain of being under the waterfall, and also that the teacher has punished them to kneel for a long time. She commented that if the teacher should punish Onizuka too, adding that she will report to the TV station. She asked Uehara if she thinks the same too, and a shocked Uehara acknowledged her. Asano started to blame Yoshikawa for what she had gone through, and that she will throw all his things off the hotel. Uehara just looked at Asano and Izumi planning on how to throw his things down, as Asano commented that she will replace his things with dog shit.

Suddenly, a sheepish Uehara asked them to stop, shocking them. Uehara added that Yoshikawa will report to Onizuka again, and they will not know what punishment Onizuka will do to them. Asano and Izumi are silent, looking at the embarrassed Uehara. Asano then changed her plan, now to put chili inside his pants, so when he wear it, his dick will become hot. Hearing that plan, Uehara asked them to stop. Asano asked why she must stop, and Uehara replied that it would be awful if he can't use it. Hearing that, Izumi started to whisper at Asano, puzzling Uehara.

Asano started to ask Uehara whether is it true that she is unclothed and hugging with Yoshikawa when the search team found them. She asked again if Uehara love Yoshikawa. Uehara started to deny it, saying that it's impossible that she will like him. Asano then asked why they are naked and why they must be hugging. Uehara replied that she wanted to throw him. Asano wondered if she must be naked if she wants to throw Yoshikawa, and Uehara replied that in wrestling, the exponents must be naked. Asano is stunned when she hear that answer, while Uehara realized that she had screwed up again. Uehara suddenly feel thirsty, and that she wants to go out to find some juice, as Asano and Izumi look suspiciously at her.

Outside her room, Uehara is relieved and wondered why she have to cover for Yoshikawa, when suddenly she see Onizuka, who are being punished presumably by Kanzaki, staring at her, and Uehara started to get nervous. She asked him what he is looking, and started to beat him, but Onizuka evades her effortlessly. In the next scene, Uehara is smoking outside the hotel, and starting to wonder what have happened to her, when suddenly she sees Yoshikawa and Kikuchi talking with each other, and she found herself hiding in a bush. She is shocked on why she must hide when she see Yoshikawa, as Yoshikawa already knows that she is smoking. Suddenly she realized that she have fallen in love with Yoshikawa.

Uehara started to protest by herself why she had fallen for him, as he is not her type. But she started to wonder about the attitude at the hotel room, and she started to become panic, as Onizuka who are eating instant noodles in the same bush, started to smile.

In another scene, Uehara, Asano and Izumi are taking bath in a luxury room. Uehara is bathing under the water fountain, and Izumi and Asano are playing with themselves. Suddenly Izumi asked Uehara if she wanted to return, and why she must stay under the fountain just like a monk. Uehara tell them to return first, as she is thinking about what she have to do...


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