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Lesson #104 - The night at Burusu.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 13
Lesson #104 - The night at Burusu.

Meanwhile, (Urumi) Kanzaki and her 3 protectors who are cosplaying their favorite Gundam characters, are inside the abandoned hotel. They ask Salya to be vigilant, as they will commence the attack, as Kanzaki is pondering who is Salya they are talking about. Suddenly (Haruo) Tokida (RX-78-2 Gundam) noticed something, and the others are puzzled, as he tells them that they will be attacked. They asked Salya to take cover behind them, as Kanzaki replied that whatever Salya is, she is not her. From the end of the abandoned hallway, they started to hears screams, and all of them including Kanzaki is starting to sweat.

Suddenly, they see a ghost with long hair (Azusa Fuyutsuki) and a flying head (the old man) started to attack them, and the Gundam fans are terrified!!! The Gundam fans started to disperse to different directions, leaving Salya vulnerable to the attack, and Salya is protesting on them, saying that they had said earlier that they would protect her. But her protest come too late, as both of the ghosts are already on Salya, and Salya' screams when she is 'killed' by the ghosts reverberating throughout the building, and started to scare (Anko) Uehara who are hiding behind (Noboru) Yoshikawa.

*= Salya is Kanzaki anyway. I just like to use that name....

Uehara commented that it must be very scary, after hearing Salya' screams, and started to think that they should turn back. Yoshikawa replied that they should not fear anything, as the ghosts must have been played by the teachers, and if they turned back, they will have to sleep inside the hotel. He added that the ghost house at Disneyland (the one at Tokyo) is scarier. Uehara exclaimed that if they speak about ghosts, the real ghosts would come out, as Yoshikawa is pondering the ways on how to calm her fears. He suggested that they hold hands so Uehara fears can be calmed.

Uehara is silent, as Yoshikawa' hand reaching out for her shaking hand. Then his hand touched hers, and Uehara reacts like she is just seeing a ghost, and starting to lash at Yoshikawa, saying that he is a pervert. Yoshikawa protested, that he only thinks that holding hand can calm her fears. Uehara complained that they couldn’t hold hands because they are not lovers. Yoshikawa replied that they just holding hands, and no more than that, and Uehara protested if they hold hands and walking, it will look like that they are lovers.

Yoshikawa is stunned and silent, and Uehara asked him why he is staring at her. He started to laugh, saying that he never know that Uehara is a little bit conservative, and that usually she is not like that. She started to make excuses, when suddenly they hear something coming at them. Uehara commented that the ghost has come, as Yoshikawa commented that it must be (Eikichi) Onizuka. She doesn't believe him, saying that the ghost is riding a motorcycle.

Suddenly the ghost appears, and Uehara is shocked to see that the rider don't have any head. Yoshikawa exclaimed that it is really Onizuka. Uehara is screaming now that the rider' head is missing, and asked how he knows that the headless rider is Onizuka. He explained that the rider upper body is too long, and the writing style is just like Onizuka' style, and the abdomen is too fat. Hearing that, Uehara started to believe him, and Yoshikawa exclaimed that the game is fun, and they started to follow a signboard. Uehara exclaimed that maybe when the hotel was built, a terrorist must have fallen down into the hotel and killed, and Yoshikawa dismissed her claim. Meanwhile, Onizuka has already taken back the signboard, as he started to smile.

Uehara is starting to doubt that they are following the right path, as they now are outside the hotel in a farm. Suddenly she hears a sound of dog barking. She asked Yoshikawa if he hears the sound of barking, just like a wolf, and Yoshikawa claimed that there are no wolves in Okinawa. She protested, saying that fossils can also be found in Okinawa, and why wolves can't be present in Okinawa. She then hear something moving inside the bush in front of her, as she exclaimed that whatever it is, the thing are moving toward them. They then see the outlines of a dog, and Uehara started to be scared. Yoshikawa looked at the dog, and says that she should not be scared and he walked forward.

Uehara started to stop Yoshikawa, saying that the dog will kill him, and he replied that the dog is just (Kouji) Fujiyoushi. She protested, saying that Fujiyoushi only have 2 feet, while the dog has 4. But only then she looked again at the real face of the dog, and surely, it is Fujiyoushi looking silly with his dog costume with the writing 'Dog From Hell' on it. Uehara started to laugh and started to throw insults at Fujiyoushi, who is weeping from the embarrassment he received, as Yoshikawa asked her to at least act like she is scared.

They then arrived to another place where they are tombstones, and (Taadaki) Kusano is acting like a little girl inside one of the stones, with a radio playing eerie sounds behind him. In an instant, Uehara recognized him, and started to laugh at him, saying that half of his body must be inside a hole, and more insults follows. Kusano is weeping too, as Yoshikawa asked her to stop insulting him.

Walking away from Kusano, Uehara is laughing, and commenting that the ghosts are not scary after all, and Yoshikawa replied that he had told her earlier. Uehara then talked that she is scared at first, and added that she should bring a camera to take their pictures and make them their slave. She continues to laugh when she suddenly realized that she is holding hands with Yoshikawa, and she started to blush. She suddenly turned silent, and wondered when she has started to hold his hand and what she should do, as Yoshikawa is talking about his story. Her heart started to beat faster, as she feels that his hand is warm.

She started to remember when the last time she holds hands with a man, that one day a high school student asked her to watch movies. When inside the cinema, it seems that there's a virtual barrier between her and him. And the 2 hours when she is inside the cinema feels like a very long time. She wonders if she is scared at the time, as she remembers how her brother is bullying her, and that she is scared of being approached by another person, the fear of having her memories being known to others. She then wondered, why if she is with Yoshikawa, she feel that time flies so fast, and also if she should tell him that she love him so much.

Suddenly, she tripped and falls, and her sandal is ruined. As she is complaining about her sandal, Yoshikawa tell her to wear his shoes. Uehara asked her if she can, and he replied that he would manage himself, because he is a man. She started to protest, but Yoshikawa asked her to extend her feet. She inserted her feet inside his shoes, and shocked to see that he have large shoes. She asked what size his shoe is, and he replied that it's 26 (half a size bigger than Onizuka himself). She is shocked when she hears that, and started to say that when Yoshikawa enter high school, he will become taller, because she was told that people with large soles would grow tall. Yoshikawa is silent, as she speculates that Yoshikawa will reach the height of 180cm and she can't imagine how Yoshikawa will look like at that time.

Suddenly he exclaimed that everything is good. Uehara is shocked, and asked him of what he means. He replied that she is silent all the way, thus he thinks that she must be embarrassed when she walked with a person like him. Uehara is stunned, and she stammers to reply that she never felt that way. Suddenly, they hear someone whistling, they turned their heads to see 3 punks are playing with firecrackers. One of them greeted the lovebirds, asking them if they still don't want to return home, and if they can take part too. Another exclaimed that he couldn’t stand to see them so lovey-dovey.

The punks asked Uehara and Yoshikawa if they are middle school students, and exclaimed that the new generations are far more daring, doing everything they want while ignoring everything around them. An angry Uehara started to take Yoshikawa away from them, when suddenly the punks started approaching them and started to ask her to leave Yoshikawa and playing with them. One of them exclaimed that his girlfriend had left him and he is lonely now. As they take away Uehara, she lashed at them asking them if they are stupid, and that she will call her teacher, who will beat them to a pulp. The punks exclaimed that she is really a student, and asked her if she want to call her teacher to join too.

Yoshikawa started to realize that something fishy is going on, and he asked the leader if they are the Gundam fans. The punk didn't answer, instead he punched Yoshikawa on the stomach, and Yoshikawa passed out from the punch. Uehara is shocked, as the leader commented that Yoshikawa is weak, passing out from a single punch. The punk then grabbed her hand, saying that she should ignore the useless Yoshikawa, and instead playing with them, as Uehara is scared and worried about Yoshikawa...


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