Not just that, but they might even come as far as the Japanese educational system. If the future of Japan is to have more moron teachers like this guy.. - Ryuji Danma.
Lesson #31 - Cucumbers and eggplants.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 4
Lesson #31 - Cucumbers and eggplants.

(Chikako) Shirai, (Miyabi) Aizawa and (Tomoko) Nomura could already hear footsteps walking to them. Aizawa reminding Nomura not to screw up, or else they relationship is off. Nomura tried to hide her fears. An embarrassed (Eikichi) Onizuka is now outside the room, holding the box. Suddenly, the door opened, and a glimpse of a man could be seen entering the room. Aizawa commented that Onizuka have arrived, and told Nomura to get started. The man then thanked Nomura for the letter, saying that he always wanted to bed Nomura. Nomura then stammered, saying that she is ready, as Aizawa and Shirai are giggling.

The man remarked that age is not important, as love is a power that could eclipse every obstacle, and added that Nomura and him will have a good future. He then said that his body could fulfill her sexual need, and Nomura started to blush. Aizawa then whispered to Nomura to make the initiative. Nomura then take the man' hand, and started to put it on her breast, as Aizawa and Shirai looked on. The man called her name nervously, when suddenly he tried to throw himself onto Nomura. Suddenly, (Saeko) Iijima switched on the light, and Shirai and Aizawa spring out of their hiding, as Aizawa remarked that Onizuka is finished.

But to her shock, it was not Onizuka who were there, but the man is (Hajime) Fukorada instead. He was naked, and his penis is erected for all to see. Everyone is silent, as Fukorada is shocked and become nervous, as he knows what have happened. He then started to smile, as a chair was thrown to him. Everyone started to scream as Fukorada is rounding them up, while Onizuka who is outside is silent, not knowing what have happened.

Onizuka the entered the next room which is the medical room where (Naoko) Moritaka is working. Moritaka looked at the sheepish Onizuka who was bringing the box with him, and greeted him. She then asked if he had brought 'it', and was relieved as he has. Moritaka then asked for 'it', the Onizuka' poop. Onizuka then opened the box to show a large and long line of poop, complete with the flies coming out of it. Moritaka was taken aback, asking him what he had brought instead. Onizuka the replied that he had brought his shit just like Moritaka have asked him to, and he was skeptical at first. Moritaka then asked him to flush it at the toilet, but Onizuka objected, because that he had bring it all the way from the toilet, and Moritaka lashed at him and saying that he should only take a little of it, using the plastic she provided.

Suddenly (Azusa) Fuyutsuki went inside the room, calling at Onizuka. She then told him that some of his female students are in trouble, shocking Onizuka and Moritaka. They then went out of the medical room to see now-clothed Fukorada dragging Aizawa, Shirai, Iijima and Nomura to the teacher's room. Aizawa then threatened to report to the education board, but Fukorada replied that he would bring them first to teacher's room, and make a report for framing him.

Moritaka then asked Fukorada what have happened to him. Fukorada, angry, explained that these 4 students have tried to frame him, explaining that they wrote a letter to him to come to the room next to the medical room, and tried to take his naked pictures. Aizawa then denies his allegation, saying that he is already naked when he entered the room, and they have proof in the tape. Fukorada destroyed that tape, much to their protests. Fukorada then declared that these girls must be expelled, and asked for their opinions, as Onizuka, Fuyutsuki and Moritaka looked suspiciously at him.

Fukorada, seeing that, started to question why everyone, especially Fuyutsuki must suspect him, and started to throw tantrums around. Suddenly, Onizuka remarked to Moritaka how Fukorada is faking his emotions and wanted to stole time, and Moritaka agreed, as Fuyutsuki still stare suspiciously at him. Fukorada in anger, asking what Onizuka is saying, and throw a punch towards him. But Onizuka raised the box which contained his poop in it to block Fukorada punch. Everyone are silent, when suddenly flies started to fly out from the box, shocking everyone but Onizuka and Moritaka. Fukorada then asked if this was shit, as others started to back off, and Fukorada screams that the shit had find it's way onto his face.

In the next scene, Aizawa is beating up Nomura, blaming her for putting the letter in the wrong box, and making them to watch Fukorada' erected penis. Aizawa was fuming that in the end it was Onizuka who had saved her ass, and she was embarrassed for it. Nomura tried to apologize, but Aizawa slapped her, and told her that their relationship is over now, and they left, leaving Nomura sitting at the locker' area. She started to cry, blaming herself for being so stupid, as Onizuka looked at her from afar.


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