That kid is a GHOST!!! How can I be talked into going to this useless journey anyway!!! - Miyabi Aizawa.
Lesson #63: My secret.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 8
Lesson #63: My secret.

At a railway station, (Urumi) Kanzaki is walking, as a train approached the station. Suddenly, a stationmaster sees her and tells her that she has to move back. The train approached, as Kanzaki is standing on the edge of the platform, as if she wants to jump toward the incoming train. The stationmaster screamed for her to fall back, as it is dangerous for her there. She started to walk forward, as the train zipped by, and the station master screams, just to see Kanzaki is still standing.

Meanwhile, Fujimori tell (Eikichi) Onizuka that Kanzaki' behavior is caused by her, because she had said something that really hurts her. She started to reminisce, how at that time she finished her studies at a low-class university, and thinks that to become a primary school teacher, she don't need high qualifications. And when she met Kanzaki, she thinks that Kanzaki was just a small child, even that she is good.

She started to tell Onizuka how every time Kanzaki has problems with her studies (mainly high-school problems), she will call her, no matter what time it is. One day, she hanged up on her, because she didn't know how to solve it. By that time, she started to lose her spirits, because even that she was a new teacher, she is required to handle such a bright student. And when Kanzaki corrected her in a class some time later, she snapped and started to lash at her, thus exposing Kanzaki' secret to everyone in the class, including (Miyabi) Aizawa and (Tomoko) Nomura. And from that time, Kanzaki' attitude started to change, and at the end of the semester, Fujimori resigned.

Onizuka is silent. Fujimori detailed that Kanzaki has had some suicide attempts. She added that a teaching job is a very scary job, and that she knows that Kanzaki called her and came to her house everyday because not that Kanzaki really wanted her to teach her, but because Kanzaki has thought of her as her friend. Then she asked for Onizuka to save Kanzaki from her past, or that Kanzaki will do something horrible next time.

Onizuka looked at her, then started to stand up and begin to make the German suplex maneuver, and asked Fujimori to sit on him (webmaster note: just like at the first volume, when Onizuka asked Ryoko Sakurai to sit on him at the teacher' interview). After she sits on him, Onizuka commented that Kanzaki could have such a past memories, and that he now knows why she always has that sorry look. He then started to curse Kanzaki, shocking Fujimori.

Onizuka explained that just because of such small things, Kanzaki started to have such a bad attitude. Fujimori is puzzled, and replied that for a 14 years student, surely it isn't a small thing. Onizuka countered, saying that such thing has nothing to do with anyone' age. He continues, that they have to wash their own ass, so that Kanzaki will understand the situation, because it is his and Fujimori' duty as a teacher. Fujimori looked stunned. (Webmaster note: Don't really understand what they say here). They started to stand up, and Onizuka promised to Fujimori, that he will take care of Kanzaki, and teaches her how to open her heart. He then leaves the park, as Fujimori started to call him back. In the next scene, Onizuka arrived at (Ryuji) Danma' workshop. Danma is surprised, asking that Onizuka should be in school, but Onizuka replied that he has a favor to ask from him, puzzling Danma.

At the 4th class, a teacher is teaching Mathematics, while Kanzaki is sitting and watching the clock in her hands, as the students around her looked at her nervously. The ring bell rang, and the teacher concluded the period. Suddenly, Kanzaki imitates the sound of an explosion, shocking the student beside her, and all the dustbins in the school exploded, shattering all the glass windows. Everyone started to panic, and suddenly, the fire alarm started to go off. Kanzaki is silent with the commotion around her.


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