But that chick did some bad stuff and so I thought I would torture her a bit, ah, no, give her a sermon.... - Eikichi Onizuka.

Lesson #122 – The 100th man.


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Lesson 122 – The 100th man.

The 99th challenger is bending a 500-yen coin with his fingers, to the applause of the audience. The teachers are shocked to see his feat, and started to be scared yet again. The 99th challenger commented that (Eikichi) Onizuka’s fate would be just like the coin. Onizuka started to tell him that bending 500-yen coins is nothing to him because he can do better. He the produced a 1000-yen note (which is made from paper of course) and started to bend him. He started to laugh, saying that he is better because he is able to bend a higher denomination of the yen currency compared to the opponent who only able to bend 500 yen. Onizuka then guessed that the opponent doesn’t know that 1000 yen is more valuable than 500 yen, and Onizuka started to ridicule him. The opponent becomes angrier, saying that he will break Onizuka’s neck. Hearing him, Onizuka countered that he will be able to do that, as long as he defeats him first. The 99th contest is now starting.

(Azusa) Fuyutsuki screams to ask Onizuka to stop, and lashed at (Mayu) Wakui to ask him to stop the contest. Suddenly, Onizuka who are in the midst of battle asked Fuyutsuki not to interfere in the contest, because the contest is a war between men and men. He added, that some messages are better delivered through violence. Fuyutsuki protested, as the 99th man started to get into a good position. The opponent then lashed at Onizuka for talking during the contest, and asked 2 other people to get ready to chop Onizuka’s arms off. He then tells Onizuka that he really hates teachers for dashing his hopes of becoming a softball player and he will break his arm, as he pushed for victory.

(Hiroshi) Uchiyamada is panicking now as to see all his hopes go away, the Cresta, house mortgages etc. The opponent started to ridicule Onizuka, saying that his arms is not powerful enough anymore. He then asked his assistants to start chopping Onizuka’s arm, when suddenly Onizuka pushed the opponent’s arms against the desk. Onizuka smiles, as he continued to drive the opponent hand through the desk and into the stage, breaking the 99th man neck. The audience is stunned, and so are Wakui and Ageha. Meanwhile Fuyutsuki started to get happy, as the teachers are silent…

The audience did not believe that the 99th challenger is also defeated, as some people are tending on the defeated opponent. They started to wonder on who will become the 100th challenger, as there are no people left that are stronger compared with the 99th opponent. Some has already making excuses not to go and fight Onizuka, as other wonders on what Onizuka will ask them to do if he wins.

Suddenly, Onizuka pointed to Wakui, and challenged him to come and fight him as the 100th man, shocking both Wakui and Ageha. Onizuka continued, saying that everything has started from him, so it will be a fitting finale if Wakui himself comes and get on the stage to fight with him and not asking for others to fight for him. Hearing him, Wakui started to brandish a weapon, saying that he don’t have any reason to fight arm-wrestling with him and asked the audience to storm the stage and beats Onizuka up.

But, Wakui is shocked to see that the audience doesn’t want to follow his instructions. He is puzzled and asked whether they don’t want to beat the teachers up when one of them replied that his turn has come. Wakui is stunned and another one interjected, saying that it was him who called for the meeting, so he must take responsibility for it. Others started to echo the sentiment, saying that the rest has works hard for the contest, and Wakui's turn to do his part has come. The audience has now started to chant for Wakui to come on the stage and challenge Onizuka.

Onizuka then smashed a bottle on the desk to decorate it with glass sharpnels. He then commented that the war between ‘kings’ is about to begin, so the ‘battlefield’ must be extra special. He then called Wakui to come up and shows some good fights, if Wakui still consider himself as a man. The audience roars in agreement with Onizuka, saying that Onizuka is right and Wakui should challenge him as the 100th man. Wakui started to sweat as the audience has gone wild. He wondered on what have gone wrong, and why all the audiences are on Onizuka’s side now. He stepped onto the stage, as he wonders why he himself has to stand on it, which originally meant as a stage to punish the teachers, but instead, the tables has turned….

Onizuka is waiting for Wakui with impatience, as Wakui started to wonder whom Onizuka really is anyway. He touched Onizuka’s hand shakily, and Onizuka seems to notice something. Onizuka then withdraws his hands, and says to Wakui that he is already defeated, even without trying, as Wakui gnashed his teeth silently. Meanwhile, Onizuka announced to the audience that the game is over, and asked the audience to order whatever drinks they want, and the chained teachers will pay for it. The audience started to cheer, but the teachers are not amused. They lashed at him for forcing them to fork money for more than 200 people but Onizuka ignored them.

Onizuka turned to Wakui and asked him whether he has understand now that if he doesn’t want to take responsibility, nobody will listen to him. He then slapped his own ass, and called Ageha, saying that he want to slap her ass too. Ageha smiles as she remarked that Wakui is completely defeated. Onizuka then announced that the party will start, and not to forgot to thank the teachers who will be spending money for the party. The chained teachers started to protest, as Wakui is holding is chest in pain…


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