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Lesson 129 - Memories that hurts.


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Lesson 129 - Memories that hurts.

A female doctor with beautiful legs is tending to (Eikichi) Onizuka, and she asked him on why his head is very bloody. Onizuka replied that he had fallen from the stairs, and he started to laugh. The doctor exclaimed that Onizuka is quite careless, and the she will put some bandages on his head. Onizuka's nose started to bleed as he looks with a perverted face at the doctor, with an angry (Urumi) Kanzaki standing behind him. The doctor is shocked to see that Onizuka's nose is bleeding and started to wonder whether Onizuka have a head shock, as Onizuka tells her that the bleeding is quite common.
Hearing that, the doctor suggested that Onizuka should go to the hospital for a thorough check, but he denies, saying that he only doesn't have 'that' thing for a long time. Meanwhile Kanzaki is looking around for something, and founds it. Onizuka then asked the doctor whether anyone had told her the she have a striking resemblance with Nanako Matsushima (webmaster note: a Japanese actress that plays Azusa Fuyutsuki in GTO drama version) and the doctor replied that there's no one is telling her such things except him. Onizuka is puzzled, saying that she and Nanako Matsushima really resembles each other, and that's why his nose is bleeding.

He then takes her hand, commenting that her legs are beautiful, saying that he really likes women with beautiful legs. The doctor replied that he should not say something like that, and she will continue treating him. Meanwhile, Kanzaki is pasting some plastic tape on the exposed legs of Onizuka as Onizuka commented that his wounds could be treated with saliva. He then asked the doctor for a date, and thanked his destiny for being able to meet a beautiful doctor with very great legs, as he pasted some saliva at his wounds.

He started to ask Kanzaki on what she is pasting at his leg, when suddenly Kanzaki exclaimed that she is ready. She then pulled the plastic tape from Onizuka's leg quickly, removing all his leg's hair as Onizuka is screaming in pain. Onizuka scolded Kanzaki, asking on what she is doing, and Kanzaki replied that she is removing excess hair from his leg. Onizuka lashed at her, saying that he doesn't have any excess hair, and the doctor can just stare at Onizuka and Kanzaki's bickering. Suddenly, Kanzaki exclaimed that Onizuka had been finished treated at the clinic, and started to drag him out much to his protest.

In the next scene, Kanzaki is sitting at an open-air restaurant while Onizuka is buying some hot-dogs. Kanzaki started to become angry when she remembers how Onizuka is bleeding when he saw the pretty doctor, and exclaimed that when she is older and more female hormones are being produced, she will become just as pretty as the doctor are. Onizuka arrived, and gives her the hot-dogs, but she rejected it, saying that there's too much preservatives in it. They are both silent, and an angry Onizuka started to lash at her, saying that if she doesn't want to eat them, she should return home now. Kanzaki refused, saying that she is hungry and can't walk home without energy, so Onizuka should buy her foods that don't contain preservatives.

Onizuka stands up as Kanzaki murmured to herself that she don't want to return to her house, when suddenly she finds out that Onizuka started to put her on his shoulders. Onizuka then remarked that she could return home now, as Kanzaki started to blush. Kanzaki screams for Onizuka to put her down, but Onizuka countered, because she don't want to eat the hot-dogs, she don't have any energy to walk home, so he will have to take her there by himself. The restaurant patrons started to stare at them as Kanzaki relented, saying that she will eat the hot-dogs.

After Onizuka put her down, she stares at a hot-dog as Onizuka exclaimed that Kanzaki is really a pain in the ass. He then gives Kanzaki a special mobile phone as he exclaimed that the phone have video-conferencing capabilities (Webmaster note: Kanzaki called the phone a PHS. If anyone knows the full name for this PHS thingy, please post here. Japanese seems to call such phones with the acronym PHS). Kanzaki is silent as Onizuka explained that it is very expensive, plus he has to buy 2 of them. He then shows his own PHS, when Kanzaki asked him whether he is buying her the phone. He replied that he do, because he had always wanted such phones anyway. He then tells her to call him when she feels lonely, and called him as her no.1 hero.

Kanzaki smiles when she hears him, and Onizuka started to initiate a call to her PHS. She received the call and she can see Onizuka on the phone screen, calling himself as the virtual Eikichi. Kanzaki remarked that his claims are true, and wondered whether the phone can be used to see 'thing', puzzling Onizuka. She then put the phone inside her blouse, showing her breasts (covered with bra) to him, and Onizuka's nose practically exploded with blood! Onizuka started to lash at her for trying to play with him as he exclaimed that he saw something pink inside there. Kanzaki remarked that Onizuka is a pervert, but Onizuka countered that it is she herself who shows her breasts to him.

Kanzaki then puts her PHS into her skirts, and Onizuka is shocked even more as Kanzaki remarked that Onizuka is really a pervert for peeping at her panties. Silently, she thanked Onizuka for playing with her. Even that she is rejected, she still feels that being friends with Onizuka is really fun. Onizuka is now sitting as he wondered on what is the black strand he saw inside her panties earlier, and blamed himself for not saving a screenshot. Suddenly Kanzaki hears her name being called, puzzling her as (Tomoko) Nomura comes from nowhere and hugged her. Kanzaki asked Nomura on why she is coming out at the night, and Nomura replied that she and (Miyabi) Aizawa had boarded the ferris wheel earlier. Kanzaki is shocked to hear Aizawa's name, and turned to see Aizawa eating ice cream. As their eyes met, Aizawa turned her head away, as Kanzaki stares at her silently.

In the next scene, Onizuka is playing an arcade dancing game, as Nomura looks at him. Onizuka exclaimed that he really likes to play the dancing game as a lot of people are marveling at Onizuka's expertise. Meanwhile, Kanzaki and Aizawa are placed far apart when suddenly Kanzaki remarked that she had heard that Aizawa had ran away from home, but she still colors her hair blue. She then asked Aizawa sinisterly on why she looks very distraught, adding that she should be careful with her health.

Aizawa shots back, asking her on why she is going out with Onizuka until late at night, and wondered whether Kanzaki is searching for sugar daddies. Kanzaki looked at her menacingly when suddenly Onizuka emerges from behind and hugged their necks, asking on why they should quarrel with each other, because after all both of them are friends since elementary school, and then wondered whether they are hungry. He then added that humans will become vicious when they are hungry, because he will be too if he does. He then suggested a game that is very good for people who are hungry. Nomura asked him on what game is it, and Onizuka replied that it will be a good game, as Kanzaki and Aizawa are silent…

The game turns out to be a tiger shrimp catching game. Onizuka gets to play first but when he is about to succeed, the shrimp swims away just at the last second. Onizuka cursed and started to punch the aquarium, as one of the owners warned him not to bang on the aquarium. Meanwhile, Kanzaki is sipping her drink at one end of the aquarium and Aizawa is watching Onizuka playing the game form the other side. Suddenly, Onizuka suggested that Kanzaki should try to play the game, and Kanzaki refused, saying that she doesn't know how to play such an easy game. Onizuka started to exclaim that a genius like her should not say things like that.

Suddenly, Aizawa interjected, saying that Onizuka is right that someone with an IQ over 200 should be able to catch the shrimp easily. Aizawa then added that if Kanzaki are not able to do such easy things, it will be very embarrassing. She then wondered that Kanzaki may have IQ over 200, but she can't actually do anything. Kanzaki becomes angry when she hears her, and asked whether Aizawa wants to fight fist-by-fist with her. Kanzaki then started to play the game, as she remarked that if she is able to calculate the degrees of the shrimps' eyesight, she will be able to catch the shrimp. Onizuka then exclaimed that the shrimp will surely become their foods that night.

Just like Onizuka, Kanzaki also failed when the shrimp swims away when she tries to capture it. Seeing her failure, Aizawa started to laugh, saying that Kanzaki is really stupid for not being able to catch the shrimp, even that she have a high IQ. She then tells the angry Kanzaki to step aside, so Kanzaki will be able to see how she will catch the shrimp. Aizawa commented, that catching the shrimp will need the usage of the sixth sense to some extent, that's it, to trust the feelings at the tip of her fingers. Aizawa then manage to catch the shrimp successfully, and Aizawa asked Kanzaki whether she has saw her expertise, adding that in the game, logic is thrown away and sixth sense will come in play.

Suddenly, Kanzaki shakes one end of the aquarium, and the captured shrimp fells from the device Aizawa used. Sinisterly, Kanzaki apologized, saying that she had slipped. Aizawa started to lash at Kanzaki, accusing her of doing it intentionally as both Nomura and Onizuka can only look at them. Kanzaki replied that if Aizawa is really that good as she claims, she should try doing it again, and Kanzaki wondered whether Aizawa is just plain luck back then. Aizawa started to lash at her again when suddenly Kanzaki interjected, saying that Aizawa who are running from home should just shut her mouth. The angry Aizawa asked her on whom she is talking about when she mentioned the word 'running away'.

Kanzaki asked her back whether she is wrong, because it is Aizawa who are running away and then goes to live at the house of the friend that she had always bullied for a long time, and Aizawa is just running away from things that saddens her. Kanzaki then continued, asking Aizawa on how long her plan to oust Onizuka will continue, adding that she had done it just merely because of small insignificant things. Kanzaki then tells her, that she had heard Aizawa is actually fussing over small matters, and then faked her feeling like she is greatly affected by them.

Aizawa is speechless, as Nomura lashed at Kanzaki for saying such things. Then Aizawa started to clench her fist, saying that Kanzaki did not know anything. Kanzaki, Nomura and Onizuka are shocked when Aizawa started to become teary, and say again that Kanzaki really don't know about anything at all. She then runs away from them, and Nomura started to chase her. Suddenly, Nomura turned at Kanzaki, lashing at her by saying that Kanzaki has gone too far. Nomura added that Aizawa does have a very sad past, and Kanzaki should not have doubts about it. She then continued chasing Aizawa, as Onizuka now takes her place, lashing at Kanzaki that she does have gone too far this time. Kanzaki is silent as Onizuka murmured that girls are hard to handle, because boys can settle their differences with fists.

In the next scene, Aizawa barged into her house and into her room ignoring her parents. She then takes out a stack of newspapers as her parents are asking her from outside her room on her whereabouts for the last few days. Aizawa ignored them as she started to make newspapers cuts, lashing silently at Kanzaki for telling her that she is faking her sad feelings. Her father inquired whether she is still angry with the incident at the train station, saying that the woman is just his friend's secretary, as Aizawa is questioning whether Kanzaki is challenging her. She then vowed that she will fight her back, and she will make Kanzaki knows what true sadness really feels like, as she will expose Kanzaki's secret to everyone…


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