It's about time that I really get one ~ If I stay a virgin like this, my reproductive organs are going to degenerate. - Eikichi Onizuka.

Lesson #197 – Please… give me wings.


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Lesson #197 – Please… give me wings.

(Misuzu) Daimon is shocked to see the scar on (Ryoko) Sakurai’s back and learning that she had also came to save her back then. Daimon accused her of lying, and that Sakurai has never believed on her even at the time when Daimon had told her that she is about the torch a school down. Sakurai is silent looking at Daimon’s response, as Daimon continued, telling Sakurai not to lie to her, because at that time, only the firemen comes to the school. Suddenly she started to have a flashback…

[Flashback mode on]

A crying Daimon is kneeling inside a room engulfed in a huge fire when suddenly someone approached her, calling her name. The mysterious person tells her that a friend of hers has come to her, and as Daimon looks up to see who is talking to her, all she can see is a silhouette of Sakurai standing near her…

[Flashback mode off]

Daimon still refused to believe that the silhouette is Sakurai, but if that silhouette is really Sakurai, then…

[Flashback mode on]

The mysterious person asked Daimon whether she is okay, and urged her to hang on for a little longer. Daimon brushed the mysterious person aside, saying that the person should just ignore her, because someone like her doesn’t deserve to live anyway. Hearing that, the mysterious person replied that Daimon should not say something like that, because Daimon can’t simply gives up and adopt a defeatist attitude. The mysterious person then hoisted Daimon on that person’s back, and the person tells Daimon that from now on, Daimon should consider herself ‘died’ once, and now she is a new reborn person. The mysterious person then chuckled, and exclaimed that since Daimon has ‘died’ once, she will not die again. Then the person declares that the old Daimon has ‘died’ in the fire, and the new reborn Daimon should now become someone who is braver and more resilient. Later, at the hospital, someone is telling Daimon that the person who saved Daimon in the fire is badly injured because her back is hit by a falling pillar. That someone is being asked about the name of the person who saved Daimon, but that someone replied that it’s still a mystery. Daimon is silent as she overhears the conversation…

[Flashback mode off – to the dense ones, the silhouette is really Sakurai after all]

Sakurai started to smile while Daimon started to go hysterical, saying that she has been reborn, thus Sakurai should shut up. She then wondered about how she should face herself that since Sakurai has told her everything, and asked whether Sakurai can answer that question for her…

[Flashback mode on]

In a lavish restaurant, an old man laughed when he learned that the now-older Daimon is working as a GRO (webmaster note: Guest Relationship Officer, that’s what a shady waitress job bordered on prostitution is called at my place, may vary between places because I KNOW this term is NOT used in countries like United States or even Japan) by night and studying at a university at day. He asked her whether she does not fear that she will die from exhaustion. Daimon laughed when she hears him, and as she poured beer into the old man’s glass, she tells the old man that he doesn’t have to worry. The old man is puzzled as Daimon continued to tell him that she has ‘died’ once. Daimon smiled, adding that someone who has saved her in the past has told her that as long as she continued to think that way, she will be able to steel herself to continue living. The old man laughed, saying that he is touched with her story, and decided that she should accompany him every time he comes to the restaurant. He also tells her to come and see him if she ever encounter any trouble whatsoever.

Daimon is now shown counting the money she gets from the old man. Then after some time, the old man introduces Daimon for a job at his workplace. There she courted anther man, which then introduced her to his superior. With the same tactic, she then managed to replace the first old man from his job, much to his surprise…
(webmaster note: my interpretation on what have happened)

[Flashback mode off]

She then tells Sakurai that she should shut up, because she (Daimon) has once swear that she will continue to live with a strong heart, and that she will not believe in anybody anymore, thus she will use lots of dirty tactics to harass other people. Daimon then started to cry, asking her what is the meaning of the life she has been living for the past 20 years, if the mysterious person who saved her from the fire is actually Sakurai. She asked her again, about what is the meaning of her life after all.

Sakurai hugs the crying Daimon, as Daimon asked about what is actually her priority in her lives, and Sakurai replied, saying that in course of their life, they can always started life anew, and she learned it all from (Eikichi) Onizuka. She exclaimed that he has once said that someone can start a new life countless times as long as that someone is still alive and kicking. Sakurai commented that Onizuka is right, thus both of them should start a life new, and that Daimon can really become a real angel this time around.

Unknown to them, (Shiro) Shibuya is listening to them from outside the room, and suddenly he asked, much to shock of Sakurai and Daimon, about what 'reborn' crap they are talking about. He accused Daimon of being out of her mind, and that he never thought she will do what she is doing right now while he himself always listened to everything she commands him to do. Daimon is stunned, as Shibuya reminded her that she has once told all the “Angel” group members that they should not believe in others, thus causing him to do ‘everything’. Only now Daimon realized what Shibuya wants to do, as Shibuya swears that he will not forgive her. He started to pour oil from the gasoline tank he is holding, as he declared that he will not let Daimon to live life easy while leaving him alone just like a stray dog living on the streets.

Shibuya then laughed, saying that he doesn’t wants to be left alone anymore, when Sakurai suddenly noticed smoke coming from the slits under the door. Shibuya declared that he wants to take revenge, and he will burn everyone who has cheated him, including the shameless Daimon and the person right next to her (apparently he doesn’t recognize Sakurai). He then shouted that everyone will be burned down to ashes.

Meanwhile somewhere else in the school, (Hajime) Fukorada is puzzled to see smokes, and he then is shocked to find out that the school is engulfed in fire. He panics, not knowing what to do, and he started to do pushup in the fiery teachers’ room as he wondered on what to do. Outside the school, (Noboru) Yoshikawa is also shocked to see the school on fire.

Back to the hospital, the monitoring system started to beep, and the nurse panics as Onizuka’s breaths started to abate. The doctor instructed the nurse to install additional life support devices and also to inject him with more drugs. (Kunio) Murai, (Azusa) Fuyutsuki and (Taadaki) Kusano are also panicking at the turns of events, while (Urumi) Kanzaki can only stare at them from the background. She then looks at the medical equipments and the doctors and nurses who tried to nurse Onizuka back to health, and the teary Kanzaki started to smile. Suddenly, she brandished out a paper knife and severed her right wrist, much to the shock of (Ryuji) Danma and others who sees blood oozing out from her wounded wrist. Everyone now switched their attention to her leaving Onizuka all alone as they tried to prevent Kanzaki from dealing more damage to herself…

Onizuka, who on the verge of his death, suddenly hears someone calling his name, urging him to awaken himself from his sleep. Onizuka is puzzled to hear the voice, asked about who the voice is, and voice asked him again whether he has forgotten everything about ‘him’. Only now, Onizuka managed to recognize the voice, and he spiritually awakens from his bed and sees Masaki-sempai (of Bad Company manga) riding on a Kawasaki ZII bike. Simultaneously, back to the ward room, the life support system beeps showing that Onizuka is now officially dead, much to the shock of everyone who tried to stop Kanzaki. Everyone panics, as the doctors and nurses tried to revive Onizuka back to life…


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